The Great Office Escape Podcast Episode 2: How Kelly McCausey Runs a Focused Business and Travels Almost Every Month


Published on - Kelly McCausey is an online entrepreneur and business coach who incorporates outsourcing into her business plan so she can travel to business conferences almost every month. Kelly and host Melissa Ingold talk about the importance of outsourcing, planning and staying focused on your business goals so your business can continue to grow even if you decide to travel.

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The Great Office Escape Podcast Episode 2: How Kelly McCausey Runs a Focused Business and Travels Almost Every Month

  1. 1. Episode 2 Special Guest, Kelly McCausey
  2. 2. • Wife & mother to 2 active About Melissa kids and one crazy dog • Loves to watch her kids play sports and is their #1 cheerleader • Successful product creator & JV partner • Runs 5 different membership programs • Blogger & podcaster
  3. 3. About Kelly • Working online full time since 2006 • Podcasting is the cornerstone of her business • Successful product creator & JV partner • Blogger & mentor • Find Kelly at
  4. 4. “You’ve been traveling a lot this year. What are some of your challenges?”
  5. 5. • When I first started, I was a single mom so I didn’t travel by choice. • Now that he’s grown up, I have the freedom to travel. • Prior to this year I only travelled a couple times each year.
  6. 6. • I didn’t realize when you travel you lose a lot more than travel time. • You lose time planning your trip but when you come home you need time to recover. • This June I went to Florida, then Las Vegas, then Atlanta. • It was fun but I found some things I need to change in my business.
  7. 7. • I realized I was holding on to a lot of projects like extra baggage & they were taking away time from the rest of my business. • I made up my mind to sell all the extra side projects & I did it. • Best decision I made all summer!
  8. 8. Now that you have less baggage, have you thought about ways to outsource more or to put systems in place?
  9. 9. • I’m saying YES to how I do things in general. • I do outsource but I’m still productive in my business. • But this summer I had a stack of to-do lists that piled up because of my travel schedule. • Then you asked me about outsourcing a few tasks at SoloMasterminds & I said YES.
  10. 10. • You can hold onto things you’ve always done but if I want to travel & keep my income growing, I need to outsource those tasks.
  11. 11. I’m all about making it a simpler, more systematized, automated process… and let someone else worry about the details.
  12. 12. • Letting go of the boring, repetitive tasks has given me the freedom to pursue other fun projects. • And has given you more time to travel!
  13. 13. • Tell me about this beach retreat you have coming up! • Yes! Beachpreneurs! • I’ve wanted to do something big all year so Nicole Dean & I are hosting.
  14. 14. • We are doing a beach retreat for female entrepreneurs at the end of October. • The impromptu brainstorming & conversations are wonderful. • There are only 15 of us there, no planned message, just getting to know each other & our businesses.
  15. 15. Are there any tools you use to manage things?
  16. 16. • I use really good forms and TimeTrade. • With TimeTrade there’s no more back and forth scheduling issues with my coaching clients or podcast guests. • They see exactly when I’m available & they choose the slot that works for them.
  17. 17. • I also use Formidable Forms to collect information from my coaching clients prior to their coaching call. • Now we don’t waste that time during the call & my coaching calls are 30 minutes, half of what they used to be.
  18. 18. Any other tools you’d like to share?
  19. 19. • It’s not a tool, it’s a mindset. • I let go of my gut reaction. • I ‘m trying to be more open to things & different ways of doing things. • If you’re going to stretch out & do new things, you have to let go of doing the old things.
  20. 20. Absolutely! I try to make decisions based on where I want to be, not from where I am now…
  21. 21. Want to Learn More About Building a Business that Supports Your Need for Freedom? Go to Melissa’s Website at: