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  1. 1. Gunawirra is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation working side by side withAboriginal young women, men and children from the ages of 0 to 5.We work at the interface of healing trauma and giving education.Gunawirra
  2. 2. Gunawirra offers projects and programs that encourageyoung Aboriginal mothers and fathers to avoid the dangersof alcohol, substance abuse, domestic violence andsexual abuse through every encouragement, selfempowerment in the community, group activities andindividual psychotherapy. We work in targeted areas of Sydney inner and outersuburbs and provide highly specialised programs thathave the immediate purposes of prevention and earlyintervention for the protection of the infant, child andfamily unit. Gunawirra creates projects, programs, booklets in 35preschools across New South Wales. It provides training,consultation and emotional support to Aboriginal and nonaboriginal preschool teachers and workers in Aboriginalcommunity areas.
  3. 3. GunawirraOur VisionAboriginal children will assume their full and rightful place in Australian society as resilient,empowered people; aboriginal children will have the kind of early childhood which allows them todevelop to their full potential.Our MissionGunawirra’s works towards a world where respect and dignity of personhood matters. Where equality of opportunity matters, regardless of race, color or creed. Where wrongs perpetrated are acknowledged but with a focus on redress for the future. Where mothers and infants are given a “fair go” so they can do a better job with their kids thantheir parents did with them. Where the terrible trans-generational cycle of poverty, violence and abuse is broken. Where dads lift their heads in dignity, and no man, woman or child need ever be ashamed of whoor what they are. Where Aboriginal people of many cultures may find again their spiritual core and cultural base ina way that gives them pride. Our continuous work is the prevention of violence or violation of each Aboriginal’s person-hood. We hope as a result of our early intervention, loss of self esteem will be replaced by increasingconfidence, instead of serious disorders we will have increased understanding and self care -that suicide ideation will be replaced by a pride in self. This stands at the center of all our work.
  4. 4. Norma TraceyMAASW NSWIPP –CEO and Board Director“Our continuous work is the prevention of violenceor violation of each Aboriginals person-hood. Thisstands at the centre of all our work. We hope as aresult of our early intervention - loss of selfesteem will be replaced by increasing confidence.Instead of serious disorders we will haveincreased understanding and self care and thatsuicide ideation will be replaced by a pride inself.”“The goal we developed is to break the cycle oftrans-generational trauma and abuse in individualAboriginal families and so mitigate and, in somecases, eliminate the dangers of further abuse andtrauma.”Norma Tracey with The Governor of NSW - Professor Marie Bashir
  5. 5. WHY DONATE TO GUNAWIRRA? Gunawirra is independent and not-for-profit charity. Gunawirra is not a government or church agency and receives no government funding. Gunawirra relies on donations and grants to fund 100% of all programs, staffing and day today expenses. Gunawirra has launched 12 programs which have been designed to give infant, toddler andpreschool Aboriginal families the support and skills, for as long as is needed, to help thechildren feel safe, loved and cared for – both at home and at preschool. Gunawirra’s vision is to give nurturing and emotional support from pregnancy through toschool age - with a particular focus on 35 preschools across NSW.
  6. 6. Gunawirrasprograms Inner Suburbs ProjectMothers with children under 6 months are referred by choice and participate inAboriginal art, cooking, baby care and massage, nutrition, photography, DVDmaking, leadership in community projects. Web site activitiesOver 50 preschools with Aboriginal children can access information on the five bigideas of the our Young Doctor’s Program: health and hygiene; nutrition;identity; trauma; culture and environment. Tom Davis Foundation CampParents and children go on a three day camp from country centres and citycentres, focusing on their children, parenting, getting to enjoy and know eachother.   Art TherapyAs a means of healing trauma. Gunawirra has carried out over 100 one hourinterviews with traumatised children in preschools, their parents andteachers. From this we are creating a program to train preschool teachers inthe support and healing of these children. Eingana gardensGardens grown in over 30 preschools. Each community designs, builds and tendsa garden with traditional bush tucker and a vegetable patch. Strongman InverellWe employ a young Aboriginal sportsman to act as a role-model and play sportswith the children in the preschool where many children have an absent orabusive father or a father in jail.For more information onthese programs andmore please
  7. 7. Goorong Karadjji (Child Doctors)OUR FIVE BIG IDEAS  MY Health and hygiene MY Nutrition MY Coping with trauma MY Identity and my culture My environment and the world I liveinGunawirrajoins handswith Malpa
  8. 8. How you can HelpEvery little bit counts…You or your company can help Gunawirra by making a simple financial donation. This can beallocated towards one area of our work (e.g. education) or to a particular welfare project.Gunawirra can offer a range of benefits that will recognise your contribution. This is also atax effective way of supporting the community in which you live and work.The donation doesnt necessarily have to be financial. It could include;Gifts in kind (products or services)BackpacksWater bottlesSun hatsStationery packs – pencils, scrapbooks, notebooks, crayonsUnderwearClothesShoesFirst Aid kitsHygiene Kits – including toothbrush, toothpaste, washer, soap, wipes, cotton buds,tissues.Toy Donations - 2,000 Toys are distributed to 35 Aboriginal preschools eachChristmas and clothes and other needs of a medical nature during the whole year.• Provide access to resources that can help us to create posters or DVD’s that assist ineducating the children on health, hygiene etc.
  9. 9. PROGRAMS NEEDING URGENT FUNDING $25,000-$30,000 - Young Doctor’s ProgramHealth and hygiene; nutrition; identity; trauma and culture andenvironment. This will sustain our work in giving out culturally awarematerial and training to isolated centres for a year. $10,000 - Inner Suburbs ProjectFunding for one year, includes bus pick up and drop off. $5000 - Art Therapy (per school)Funding assists us to visit, train teachers and supervise this fivesession module program using art as its central medium.“Paint me your story, tell me your story” $2500 - Casula projectSupport a mother and child in this program for a year.
  10. 10. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIEScorporate $10,000 Nutritional Program (in four preschools)Develop a garden of bush and veggies and fruit trees etc. These gardensare a bit costly because they have to be raised to protect against foxes,bunny rabbits etc. Also included is herb in a pot for each child to takehome and later report on, usually mint as it can withstand anything.Cooking day for mums to come and make lunch - this is a great success asit also involves going grocery shopping.  As most families live on “take-away” they do not shop or know how to cook basic meals.Introducing the kids to packed lunches is a great achievement in itself -also included will be a poster on nutritious food. $10,000 Breakfast Program for 1 year (three preschools)o Fresh fruit for lunchtime and afternoon tea for three preschools.o These children often turn up having had no food that morning and more often thannot also no dinner the night before. $10,000 Camps with Parents (two preschools)o Camps where the parents accompany the children and they aretaught how to cook healthy, fresh food together. We like to putthree of these on a year and it is so much pleasure for the mothers
  11. 11. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES$2500 Sponsor an Aboriginal child for one year to attend preschool. Funding includes;o Bus to and from school.o Clothes and school gear such as books, paints etc.o Breakfast at the school (where there is a program).o Family support.$120 Cooking session - help nine mums with infants under 9 months to buy and eat healthyfood and learn how to cook it.$100 Sponsor a child for a month who would otherwise not be able to attend preschool.$50 Underwear (one term) for the pre-school to distribute when needed. Weekly breakfast for children arriving hungry to preschool.$25 Weekly fresh fruit package to give to the children in the afternoon before they go home. Books for children as they do not have a single book in their home. Preschool clothes for one child. Stationery pack for one child - backpack, pencils, scrapbooks etc.
  12. 12. How to donateELECTRONIC TRANSFER (EFT)Commonwealth BankAccount name: Gunawirra LimitedBSB: 06 2151Account No:1029 7042CREDIT CARDVisit and click on the “Donate Now” buttonor telephone Norma Tracey on (02) 9427 2028CHEQUEGunawirra LimitedMail to: PO Box 827, Lane Cove NSW 1595
  13. 13. Thank you very much for taking the time toconsider donating to Gunawirra.For further information, please contact:Norma Tracey – CEOPhone: 0448 419 079Email: