Couponing Workshop Tutorial: Internet Printable Coupons-Getting Started


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Getting Started: Internet Printable Coupons, step by step instructions,

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Couponing Workshop Tutorial: Internet Printable Coupons-Getting Started

  1. 1. Getting Started:Internet Printable Coupons
  2. 2. Email Account For Coupons Set up a new email account specifically for coupon websites Many websites ask you to register with your email address before printing coupons. Important to keep personal email account separate from the email account you use for coupons. Check account periodically, you’ll start to receive coupons via email.
  3. 3. Internet Printable Coupons Check daily for New Printables Coupons may be printed in black & white„don’t have to be in color. You can recycle paper and print coupons on the back, just don’t print coupons on the back of coupons. Online Coupon Database Click Coupon Database in the right side bar of our blog Do not Google or search “Coupons.” Many of those sites are scam and will try to take advantage of you.
  4. 4. Where T Find Printable Coupons oBlog Address www.time2saveworkshops.comClick “Coupons” on the Black Horizontal Navigation Bar for a listof various printable websites.To view the latest updates, hover your mouse over “coupons” for drop down menu to appear. Click “New! Printables.”
  5. 5. Both of the screen shots you see contain the sameinformation as the previous slide. To help guideyou further we wanted to include the example above .
  6. 6. After clicking “coupon resources” the list to the left will show. List of various websites include: Manufacturer Printables Coupon specific websites Links to Store Coupons Links to Coupon Database Most sites reset coupons the first day of each month Typical print limit is 2 per computer
  7. 7. Wha to Expect t Before printing, you will be prompted to download a small software program. The software enables your printer to print bar codes. The prompt includes detailed instructions. Having Trouble Printing Coupons? 1. Adjust firewall / spam settings 2. Enable Java 3. Smartsource – look below coupons for “Get Help” 4. – look below coupons for “Help” 5. Redplum – bottom of website click “contact us” to send email.
  8. 8. Major Printable SitesEach website typically limits coupons to (2) prints per computer. Most websites reset every 30 days at the first of the month.
  9. 9. Click “Clip” to print the coupons you want. After scrolling through several pages click “print.” As coupons hit their print limit, new coupons are added. Resets every 30 days.
  10. 10. SmartSourceSelect Coupons you wantto print by checking box.
  11. 11. RedplumSelect Coupons you wantto print by checking box.
  12. 12. Manufacturer’s WebsitesA great resource for printable coupons.May require you to create an account to access coupons.Remember to use the email account that you created for thispurpose. (Free Email Account for Coupons)Having trouble finding the coupon? Look for the followingwords: coupons, savings, promotions and/or register/log-in.Following slides show specific examples.
  13. 13. Manufacturer’s Websites - Printable Coupons1. Navigation – “Coupons” are a menu option on the home page.2. Tag line – “Have you printed your free coupons?” Required to sign up or log in. (See areas outlined in Black with arrows)
  14. 14. Manufacturer’s Websites - Printable CouponsSidebar Menu Option – See “coupons” circled with arrow.
  15. 15. Manufacturer’s Websites - Printable Coupons Navigation Top of Website 1. Left Side Bar – “Register” for coupons 2. Navigation – “Coupons” are a menu option on the home page. 3. Tag Line - Save $100 a year in Free Coupons. Required to sign up or log in. (See areas outlined in Black with arrows)
  16. 16. Manufacturer’s Websites Printable Coupons Same Website Shown in Previous Slide Left Side Bar Navigation (Bottom of Website)Bottom of Website1. Left Side Bar - “Coupons Delivered to your In Box and Start Saving”2. Navigation – “Coupons/Promotions” are a menu option on the bottom of the home page.
  17. 17. Manufacturer Websites - Printable Coupons Top Navigation Navigation Menu Right Side Bar1. Navigation – “Promotions” this area may show additional ways to save2. Top Navigation – “Coupons” are a menu option on the3. Right Side Bar – Tag Line “Get Coupons” and Register or Log In