Couponing Workshop Tutorial: Getting Started #1


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Learn why most people get frustrated with Coupons and feel like they don't work. Honestly we know it's our story we didn't either, now we are saving hundreds of dollars a month!!

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Couponing Workshop Tutorial: Getting Started #1

  1. 1. How We Learned T Fly: oGetting Started
  2. 2. Has Y our F amil Fy aced Financial Crisis? We can relate - we’ve been there too. Thank you so much for coming along with us on this exciting journey to saving money!!* Coupon trends began to rise in October 2009 coinciding with the US Financial Crisis
  3. 3. Will It W ork For Me? Standard Couponing did not work for us! 1. We’d forget to bring coupons with us to the grocery store. 2. If the coupons ever saw the light of day, they expired before we used them. 3. Before going to the store we tried to match up the coupons with things on sale ourselves„.. this was very frustrating! 4. After all that preparation, we sometimes only saved $2. It just didn’t seem worth it!We are excited to show you a new way of shopping that will work for you! Are you ready?
  4. 4. How Did We Get Started?Completely by accident. Our families had to find a way to savemoney. We started researching many different ways we couldcontribute to our families’ budget. None were successful untilwe discovered couponing.However we didn’t know how to use coupons effectively, so wewere very frustrated with the whole process!We taught ourselves. There were no classes. At first wethought the stores must be making mistakes. But week afterweek we noticed several items that cost pennies - or were Free!It took about 6 months, but we finally started getting it!
  5. 5. It All Started With The Ketchup.....The first deal that really got our wheels spinning, was ketchup for $0.16.If we could get ketchup for that cheap, why not buy MORE THAN ONE?We didn’t know anything about the 10-12 wk. sales cycle then, we justknew we didn’t want to pay full price for it again. It was exciting to leavethe store saving money instead of busting our budgets.
  6. 6. Y Don’t Ha to P Full Price ou ve ay Don’t worry about understanding the details listed below. Simply check out the final prices! Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese/Deluxe Mac & Cheese $1.99 BOGO (99¢ each) Use $2/3 From Dollar General Booklet (makes it 33¢ ea!) Sprout Organic Baby Food 99¢ BOGO (49¢ each) Use BOGO from Publix Smart Savings Booklet (makes it as low as 24¢ ea!) Soft Soap Liquid Hand soap $1 Use 50¢/1 PRINT (makes it FREE!) Country Crock BOGO @ 99¢ Use 40¢/1 PRINT or from August ALL*YOU (makes it 19¢ ea!)
  7. 7. Regular Price vs. Lowest Price Item Reg Price Sales Price Kraft /Velveeta $1.99 $0.33 Deluxe Mac & Cheese Sprout Organic Baby Food $0.99 $0.24 Soft Soap Liquid Hand $1.00 FREE Soap Country Crock Butter $0.99 $0.19 Total Cost $4.97 $0.76This table shows the kind of savings you can expect. Wehighlight the best deals each week for you on our
  8. 8. Price Tracking: Comparing Store PricesThe following slides are examples of how prices vary from store tostore. The store with the highest price one week could have thelowest the next.As you begin to see how much the price can vary, remember that allgrocery stores follow a sale cycle which is typically 10-12 weeks.It’s important to remember that store prices will vary from week toweek based on THEIR INDIVIDUAL Store Sale Cycle.
  9. 9. Store Price Tracking Store Week 1 Week 2 Bi-Lo $2.50 $3.26 Target $2.54 $2.54 Food Lion $3.99 $3.29Ritz Crackers Publix $3.39 $2.50 Store Week 1 Week 2 H.E.B. $2.66 $1.99 Wal Mart $2.08 $2.25 Kroger $2.49 $1.25 Fiber One Yogurt Meyer’s $2.50 $2.50
  10. 10. Store Price Tracking Wal-Mart $3.74 $3.74 Kroger $1.99 $2.50 Target $2.84 $3.19 Food Lion $4.39 $2.49 Publix $4.29 $3.99 Wal-Mart $2.28 $2.28 Bi-Loo $2.50 $2.00 Safeway $1.66 $2.19 Harris Teeter $2.50 $2.79 H.E.B. $3.19 $2.00
  11. 11. Price TrackingHave you found yourself tracking prices in a similar way for itemsyour family regularly uses?It would be impossible to compare individual stores prices of everyitem on your list each week. If you have tried using coupons in thepast and haven’t been successful, you see why now.Since we match the sale items at various grocery stores with thecorresponding coupon, we take the work out of it for you!
  12. 12. Same Store Price Tracking6 55 44 33 22 110 0 6 5 The items above were randomly chosen 4 to price track at the same store over a 4 3 week time period. Not only do prices 2 vary from store to store, but also at the 1 same store from week to week. 0 $2.89 $2.69 $1.49 $2.99
  13. 13. Same Store Price Tracking Price Comparison + + Purchased at the highest price = $12.27 Purchased at the lowest price = $5.98 And that’s before adding in coupons!
  14. 14. Shopping Tip: Let us go ahead & address 2 common questions we get asked: • Do you go to the grocery store everyday? • Do you shop at every store each week? Our answer: No & No! • We typically go to the store once a week. The exception would be a daily deal that you must go multiple times to get. • We read the deals at each store and decide which store has the best overall deals. That’s the store we go to. Shopping out of what we USE, verses what we NEED gives much more flexibility!!
  15. 15. Secrets to SuccessCombining Store Sales with Coupons = Lowest PriceStockpile - Buy enough of an item to last until it goes on sale again.(typically 10-12 weeks)Be patient! Set aside $5 to $10 each week to start building your pantry.As you begin to accumulate items your family needs you will noticeyour grocery list getting smaller and smaller.Choose your “buy price.” You can now choose the price you arewilling to pay. When you have a full pantry, you are able to wait untilitems reach your buy price again.