Rethinking the Holocaust


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  • IntroductionInterested in how factual evidence and context affects how we look at history
  • Personal, emotional connectionsTop facts
  • We must know who they are if we are to say they died?
  • We must know who they are if we are to say they died?
  • 6 million is a goal to reach60 years after Holocaust is over we still only have 3 million names – not we have 4 million – suddenly – like magic
  • This solves the problem of how to come up with the namesWhat about the records from the villages? No one has those records! They were destroyed! Jennifer Lipman says so!
  • Facts and fiction
  • Diagram from the US holocaust museum website
  • Understand the significance of this
  • Rethinking the Holocaust

    1. 1. Rethinking the Holocaust
    2. 2. Rule Book• Concentrate on facts, logic, history & science• Ignore the anti-semitic approaches• Apply same principles as to any historical event• Historical Context 1939-50• Facts
    3. 3. Fact: Numbers
    4. 4. Fact: NumbersWhere does the 6 million come from?
    5. 5. Fact: The Numbers Don’t Add Up By Jennifer Lipman, December 22, 2010 Two-thirds of the Jewish victims of the Nazis have now been identified. Since the Holocaust ended, there has been an ongoing effort to identify the six million Jews and millions more non-Jewish people slaughtered by the Nazis. But 65 years on, there are still two million whose identities are not known. Although the Nazis kept meticulous records during the Holocaust, many documents were destroyed during the war and whole families were wiped out. Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum is dedicated to finding the names of as many as possible. The museum said this week that an online database containing the names of victims now includes the records of four million people – one million more than when it was launched in 2004.
    6. 6. Fact: The Numbers Don’t Add Up By Bill Broadway, December 11, 2004 “A Catalogue of Genocide” With the introduction of the $22 million database, contributors can sit down at a computer, type the address into a Web browser, enter the database and click on "submit new pages of testimony." Up comes a form for the victims name or names, place of birth, profession, wartime "travails" (deportation, ghetto, camp, death march, hiding, escape, resistance), approximate age at death and other details.
    7. 7. Fact: The Numbers Don’t Add Up• Significant variation in estimation of number of Jewish deaths ‘39-’45 ~1.5m – 12m+• It is a fact of war that many lives are lost• We have little factual evidence to support 3m, let alone 6m
    8. 8. Fact: The Leuchter Report
    9. 9. Fact: The Leuchter Report “Scientific investigation into the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings at Nazi concentration camps”Main Premise: If these gassings took place to such amagnitude, there should still be some trace of the gas in thechamber walls 43 years later.Science tells us that this would be the case.
    10. 10. Fact: The Leuchter Report
    11. 11. Facts: The Leuchter Report• Zyklon B is the trade name for Hydrogen Cynanide• Poisonous and explosive gas• “Used at Auschwitz Birkenau, Majdanek, Sachsenhausen”
    12. 12. Findings: The Leuchter ReportThe gas chambers were just too close to the crematoria for an explosive gas like Zyklon B to be deployed in such quantities.
    13. 13. Findings: The Leuchter Report Scientific fact disproves the Zyklon B theory.From 31 samples in Kremas 1-5 at Auschwitz-Birkenau, almost alltested negative for the presence of Zyklon B.The ones that did were close to 1mg/kg.If the gas chambers were used as claimed, it should be at least1050mg/kg, probably much higher.
    14. 14. Conclusion: The Leuchter Report“After reviewing all of the material and inspecting all of the sites atAuschwitz Birkenau and Majdanek, your author finds the evidence as overwhelming. There were no execution gas chambers at any of these locations.” “The alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not havethen been, or now, be utilised or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.” Scientific fact does not support the gas chambers premise.
    15. 15. Fact: Testimony Isn’t ReliableJohn Demjanjuk, 90, second from right, is taken from his home in Seven Hills, Ohio by immigration agents, Tuesday, April 14, 2009. Demjanjuk is being deported to Germany to face charges he was a guard at Nazi death camps.
    16. 16. Fact: Testimony Isn’t ReliableJohn/Ivan DemjanjukAccused by Israelis in 1986 of war crimesDeported to Israel and sentenced to deathbased on his identification by ‘survivors’.In 1993 his conviction was overturned bythe Israeli Supreme Court.Five Israeli Supreme Court judges ruled that survivor testimony was notreliable enough evidence to be used. …Conscience?
    17. 17. Fact: Holiday CampAuschwitz had a swimming pool…and a brothel… and a bar. Does that happen in many extermination camps?
    18. 18. Fact: Nazi OrdersThere was not one direct order signed by any of the Nazi hierarchy that called for the extermination of the Jews. Across: A signed order to “euthanize” the handicapped
    19. 19. Convinced?
    20. 20. Truth: Leuchter ReportLeuchter purposely overlooked one key fact.
    21. 21. Truth: Leuchter ReportLeuchter purposely overlooked one key fact. The victims weren’t poisoned…
    22. 22. Truth: Leuchter Report Leuchter purposely overlooked one key fact. The victims weren’t poisoned… …They were asphyxiated Poisoning was far too expensive and too dangerous. So… the gas chambers could be next to the crematoriaand after 43 years there would be no remnants of Zyklon B gas (especially considering the extreme Polish weather).
    23. 23. Truth: Leuchter ReportPLUS - Leuchter was not a toxicologist - He did not have an engineering degree as claimed - He lied under oath about his credentials - His entire findings were labelled “ridiculous” and “preposterous” by a Judge in the Zundel trial.
    24. 24. Truth: The Six MillionClaims leveled by deniers are sweeping statements – trying topiece together a genocide on this scale is virtually impossible.Yad Vashem started with 1 million names – from Nazi records.This grew to 2 million through survivor testimony (etc.).The Russian authorities handed over 1.5 million more in 1990s.This latest 1.5 million is the culmination of 15 years work.
    25. 25. Truth: The Six MillionAyatollah of the RAF: Nazi gaschambers were British propagandaBy IAN GALLAGHER Last updated at 11:42AM on 7th August 2011Dr Hayward has previously appeared toclaim that far fewer Jews were killed by theNazis than generally thought and that thegas chambers of the Holocaust were Britishpropaganda.In another article recently he likenedChurchill to Mohammed.
    26. 26. Truth: Survivor Testimony The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that survivor testimony was not reliable…
    27. 27. Truth: Survivor Testimony The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that survivor testimony was not reliable… 40 years after the event.
    28. 28. Truth: Camp LuxuriesThere was a swimming pool, brothel and bar in the camp. … to motivate the Kapos and Nazis.
    29. 29. Truth: Nazi Orders Mein Kampf? Neuremburg Laws? Hitler’s speeches? Wannsee Conference 1942?There was no one single order to eradicate the Jews …but we have the facts to prove it happened
    30. 30. Who Are The Deniers?
    31. 31. Who Do They Champion?
    32. 32. Why?Delegitimisation