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This is a test

  1. 1. iHOUSEweb, Inc. 2030 Franklin St., Ste 220 Oakland, CA 94612 Res ell er Program Frequ ently Aske d Qu estions 1. What advantages does the iHOUSEweb Reseller Program offer? The iHOUSEweb Reseller Program is the easiest hassle-free way to get paid for referring your clients to the best real estate website and/or IDX services. ELITE Websites™ are powerful, sleek, customizable real estate websites that provide the best set of features. IDXPro can be easily integrated with any website and with over 350 MLSs nationwide, IDXPro has the widest MLS coverage of any third-party IDX provider. 2. How much do I get paid for my signups? You will be paid 20-35% of the monthly cost of the ELITE Website and/or IDXPro service for each of your accounts for up to 24 months. The more accounts you have, the higher the percentage payout for each account. 3. Why is there a Reseller Program setup fee? The $200 setup fee for joining the Reseller Program is used to produce your Reseller Kit and set up other tools necessary to track your signups. This is a one-time fee and once paid, there are no additional costs for participating in the Reseller Program. 4. Does iHOUSEweb provide me with any marketing resources? Yes! As part of your Reseller Kit, iHOUSEweb will provide you with your own co- branded Marketing signup page. This page will have your branding and will allow your clients to Take a Free Test Drive of ELITE Websites™ and/or IDXPro or to signup directly for the service(s). In addition, iHOUSEweb will provide a co-branded marketing flyer and other useful tools to help you become a successful Reseller. 5. How do you know that a signup came from me? Once you have successfully enrolled in the Reseller program, you will be given a unique Reseller ID and signup page. Your signup page has an embedded code that is used to automatically track your signups. It is important that you always use your unique signup page when signing up new clients for either a Test Drive or active account. If you do not, we will not be able to track you as the source of the signup and you will not receive payments for that signup. Each month you will also receive a detailed account and payment report showing any activity on your accounts, new signups, and your monthly payment. 6. How and when do I get paid for my signups? On the 15th of each month, we will calculate your monthly Reseller payment based on your total number of accounts, commission bracket, and account type (Agent orReseller Program FAQs CONFIDENTIALiHOUSEweb, Inc. Page 1
  2. 2. iHOUSEweb, Inc. 2030 Franklin St., Ste 220 Oakland, CA 94612 Office, etc.). If your monthly payment exceeds $100, we will send your check. If your monthly payment is less than $100, your payment will rollover to the next month and will continue to do so until you accrue the $100 minimum for the check to be sent. 7. Does iHOUSEweb provide Customer Support for my signups? Of course! Both you and your signups will have full and unlimited access to our Customer Support Department, which is available via telephone and email 7 days a week. Our Support Department will also handle all aspects of activating your client’s MLS, so you don’t have to worry about the tedious paperwork. 8. Will I be billed directly or will my client be billed? That depends. We will bill either you or your client, depending on how you want to handle it. If you wish to be billed directly and bill your client separately, that is fine with us. However, we do ask that your client be listed as the Administrative Contact (separate from the Billing Contact) for the account so we can contact him or her regarding the MLS approval process. 9. Do you provide a white label IDX? No we do not. All ELITE Websites™ and IDXPro® pages must show that they are services provided by iHOUSEweb. Due to MLS regulations, the IDX we provide must have the IDXPro branding at the bottom of the page. 10. Can I change the design of the IDXPro pages? We provide various designs and colors and each of these allows some editing of the layout. However, the designs of IDXPro pages themselves are not customizable. Due to contractual obligations with the MLSs we service, we cannot allow manipulation of our templates and the data contained therein. 11. Is there a Reseller Administrative Menu that will allow me to access my signups’ accounts? iHOUSEweb will not provide additional administrative tools for resellers. You can access the standard Admin Menu of your accounts if your client so wishes. 12. Will you contact my signups? Yes. If your client signed up for an IDX enabled service (IDXPro or ELITE Pro Website), we will be contacting your client in order to assist with the MLS’s approval process. Once the customer has been approved by his or her MLS, we will not call the customer again unless an unforeseen issue arises. 13. Will iHOUSEweb be marketing to my signups?Reseller Program FAQs CONFIDENTIALiHOUSEweb, Inc. Page 2
  3. 3. iHOUSEweb, Inc. 2030 Franklin St., Ste 220 Oakland, CA 94612 We will never proactively call your signups to offer upgrades or specials on other products. However, upon signup your customer will be considered an iHOUSEweb customer. We do periodically send product updates and information to our active customers via email. 14. Who can I contact if I have questions about my signups or payments? Simply send an email with your question to We will get back to you by the end of the next business day, if not sooner. 15. I’m ready to become a Reseller! Where do I begin? To get started, read and complete the Reseller Agreement provided and IRS form W9. Return them with a high-resolution copy of your logo to (530) 231-7544 or Once we have your completed Reseller Agreement and authorization to bill the $200 Reseller setup fee, we will provide your Reseller Kit and you will be on your way to getting paid for providing your clients with the best IDX Search available!Reseller Program FAQs CONFIDENTIALiHOUSEweb, Inc. Page 3