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Birds Eloquent



A presentation given at a video conference with Rochester Institute of Technology

A presentation given at a video conference with Rochester Institute of Technology



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Birds Eloquent Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 2. Birds EloquentBirds EloquentAn Approach and Philosophy
  • 3. Birds Eloquent“Thoreau’s theme is not the remote and stupendous, but the daily andhourly miracle of the usually unnoticed beauty that is close at hand.”“What we need is, he felt, not the unfamiliar but the power to realisethat the familiar becomes unfamiliar once we really look at it, and thatevery aspect of the natural world is in its own way “awful”.”Joseph Wood Krutch - From the Introduction to “In Wilderness is the Preservation of theWorld’ -1962 - Eliot Porter / Henry David Thoreau
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  • 6. Birds Eloquent
  • 7. Birds Eloquent“Birds live in habitats.When seen in the field, they are part ofthe great world around them which is their haunt”“A photograph that is all bird - even if one or two close upportraits are desirable in a series - and gives no impression of theenvironment fails to achieve its full purpose”G. K.Yeats 1947 - Bird Photography - 1946
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  • 20. Birds Eloquent
  • 21. Birds Eloquent
  • 22. Birds Eloquent“The object of the bird-photographer should not only be to secureportraits of the creatures he loves in stiff statuesque postures - theliving prototypes of the dwellers in glass cases.Though such are useful,he should go further and try to portray the living bird in somecharacteristic pose or action suggestive of its daily life, or else in someunwonted and peculiar posture telling its own particular story.”Bentley Beetham - Photography for Bird Lovers - 1911
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  • 35. Birds Eloquent
  • 36. Birds Eloquent“To express dynamic motion through a static moment became for melimited and unsatisfactory.The basic idea was to liberate myself fromthis old concept and arrive at an image in which the spectator couldfeel the beauty of a fourth dimension, which lies much more betweenmoments than within a moment. In music one remembers never onetone, but a melody, a theme, a movement. In dance, never a moment,but again the beauty of a movement in time and space.Ernst Hass - 1950
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  • 43. Birds Eloquent
  • 44. Birds Eloquent
  • 45. Birds Eloquent
  • 46. Birds EloquentWilliam Fiennes - The Snow Geese - 2002“Sometimes whole flocks circled over the roost, thousands of geeseswirling round and round, as if the pond were the mouth of a drain andthese geese the whirlpool turing above it. Nothing had prepared me forthe sound, this dense, boisterous din, the clamour of a playground atbreaktime, a drone-thickness flecked with high pitched yells, squeals,hollers and yawps - ....”
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  • 52. Birds Eloquent
  • 53. Birds Eloquent“If the goal of art is Beauty and if we assume that the goal is sometimereached, even if always imperfectly, how do we judge art? Basically, Ithink, by whether it reveals to us important Form that we ourselveshave experienced but to which we have not paid adequate attention.Successful art rediscovers Beauty for us.”Robert Adams - Beauty in Photography - 1996
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  • 60. Birds Eloquent“The worst of it all is, that when a good photograph of any bird hasbeen obtained - as good, that is, as can be reasonably expected - oreven when it is the very best that can be possibly done byphotography, it falls so lamentably short of the beauty of the original”R.B. Lodge - Pictures of Bird Life - 1904
  • 61. Birds EloquentCollaboration - Dr. Mike
  • 62. Birds