2012 SXSW Interactive Summary


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A brief summary of my key takeaways from the 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival

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2012 SXSW Interactive Summary

  1. 1. 20 How do you connect? 12South By Southwest Interactive Imagination Summary March 2012
  2. 2. 2012 South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive FestivalKey Takeaways  People before Tech – Good content, cool technology, great connections  Connect or Perish – Brands must build and enable ongoing relationships  Digital and Social are only part of the portfolio – Offline still essential
  3. 3. SXSW: Where is Social going?  Mobile  More people are accessing content on mobile  Mobile first, web second?  We all have “Mary Poppins bags” in our pockets  Social Business  Social is moving beyond marketing  Customer Service  Crowdsourcing creative  Shift from selling to building relationships  Niche Networks  Interest Graph vs. Social Graph  Social media fatigue – Dunbar’s numberThe Opportunities:• Content has to be mobile friendly• Integrate social customer service – be responsive• Create relevant, quality content that builds the community
  4. 4. SXSW: Where are Brands going?  Purpose  Moving beyond a product – purpose  Meaning over utility – customers want a mission  Relationships  Social has enabled two-way communication with brands  Consumers want to deal with a human, not an organization  Trust, reliable, honest, empathetic  Decentralized  Brand lives out there – Food Truck  Brand as API  Tribal  Make sure you’re talking with the CoreThe Opportunities:• Lean into a purpose – give people a mission• Scale ongoing relationships with the Core• Explore outreach – bring the brand to the people
  5. 5. SXSW: Where is Marketing going?  Real-time  Agile – no sessions on Pinterest  Moving from campaign to always-on  Lean  Build, Measure, Learn  Minimum Viable Product – smallest experiment to success  Pivot = a change in strategy without a change in vision  Storytelling  Brands as publishers – Red Bull, AP, BMWThe Opportunities:• Iterate, small experiments• Portfolio approach – think like an investment manager• What about original content?
  6. 6. SXSW: What are other brands doing? Dell  Crowdsourcing video content for commercials RadioShack  Using Pinterest to connect with loyal fans Chevy  Meeting people at the point of need – solving problems and making people happy Patterson Dental  Sharing the social media love – giving away knowledge, gaining loyalty
  7. 7. SXSW: Other Trends and Ideas Location-based tech is still very young  Check-ins and discovery apps are interesting, but not widely adopted  Challenges – Privacy and Power IRL is still huge  Oversold SXSW sessions  Box Tops University  People want to connect Calm Technology  Watch for more apps/tools to run in the background  Helping you live your life
  8. 8. For more information contact: Tim Bursch Sr Social Media Strategist 612.770.9573 tbursch@imaginepub.com