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Tim bridwell ia_strategy_report Tim bridwell ia_strategy_report Document Transcript

  • E-Commerce Information Architecture Strategy Report Tim Bridwell Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 2Audiences 2Mission 2Goals 3Competitive Analysis 3Content Analysis 4User Testing Plan 4Information Architecture Strategy 6Primary Persona 8Primary Persona Scenario 8Secondary Persona 9Secondary Persona Scenario 9User Interaction/Navigation Flow Diagram 10Blueprint 11Metadata Scheme Table 12Metadata Record Example 13Thesaurus Record Example 13Wireframes 14  1  Tim Bridwell  
  • Executive Summary Windy City Fishing Hole (WCFH) “exists to provide fresh water fishing anglers withquality gear and information in one convenient and regionally targeted Web destination.” WCFHis first and foremost an e-commerce site dedicated to serving its clientele by making availabletop of the line gear at reasonable prices. Being a smaller company of twelve employees theypride themselves on individualized customer service and expert knowledge of the sport andproduct lines. Since inception (2000) they have seen the company experience slow but steadygrowth and expect an expanded web presence to propel the company to the next level. It isBridwell Associate’s aim to enable WCFH to reach their website goals by implementing thefollowing information architecture strategy. This proposal provides background information, research, and informationarchitecture recommendations that will help WCFH achieve its objective of becoming a one-stopshop for gear, information and community for the Midwestern freshwater angler. By identifyingthe audience, goals and mission of the new WCFH website, analysis of the website architectureof several competitors, completing a content analysis of the proposed WCFH website content,extensive user research, and development of the organizational system outlined below, BridwellAssociates has developed an information architecture strategy that will aid WCFH in reaching itswebsite goal of becoming the only website the freshwater angler needs to be successful on thewater. The following summaries and diagrams outline this proposed strategy.Audience The primary user of WCFH is the avid, recreational fresh water angler. This user groupknows and wants quality at a reasonable price. They are also very knowledgeable about the sportand the particular regional aspects of the sport. This user group wants solid, reliable informationabout the products. Their web knowledge is across the spectrum from novice user to expert. It isthus imperative that the website be easy to navigate, but also allow for more advanced featuresthat the experienced user can take advantage of. Browsing is an important aspect of the shoppingexperience and has played a big role in past success. Secondary users are those who may be looking to purchase an item as a gift. They havelimited knowledge and are in need of assistance in finding items they have limited and basicknowledge of. WCFH anticipates, and is hoping for, a new user group, complementary users, to use thenew website. This demographic will be users who are not in the market for new gear, but whoare actively seeking information and guidance related to fresh water fishing. They are not currentor former customers, but through the use of the informational aspects of the new site they maybecome future customers. The wiki pages and links are the main entry point for this user.Mission Statement Windy City Fishing Hole (WCFH) “exists to provide fresh water fishing anglers withquality gear and information in one convenient and regionally targeted Web destination.” WCFHis first and foremost an e-commerce site dedicated to serving its clientele by making availabletop of the line gear at reasonable prices. The site began as an e-commerce site and that willremain its primary focus. In an effort to expand their business WCFH added an informationalaspect to their product line by offering lake maps, books, and videos about fresh water fishing.They hope to expand on this informational aspect further with the “Info Lodge” as part of thenew website. The primary stakeholders, the owners, are avid anglers who love the sport and the  2  Tim Bridwell  
  • community of sportsmen. Being a smaller company of twelve employees they pride themselveson individualized customer service and expert knowledge of the sport and product lines. Sinceinception (2000) they have seen the company experience slow but steady growth and expect anexpanded web presence to propel the company to the next level. They understand their customersto be WCFH’s real primary stakeholders, the true bosses of their business. It is thereforeimperative that this website make it easy for customers to access the products they are interestedin, information about those products and their purposes, and how to use those products formaximum results. Hence WCFH has a dual vision of being an e-commerce site coupled with aninformational hub for anglers.Goals WCFH is primarily an e-commerce website. That has been the emphasis since inceptionand remains the backbone of the site’s success. They sell all product lines related to freshwaterfishing, from rods and reels to line and lures. They present the user with various price and qualityoptions, but emphasize high end merchandise from well-known manufacturers. As stated above,they have expanded into book, video and lake map sales. However, sales we’re initiallydisappointing and it is hoped their new website would provide better awareness of and access tothis product line. Additionally, WCFH has decided to add a wiki sub-site that will contain topicalarticles initially produced in house and later expanded and maintained cooperatively with siteusers. This area will also contain categorized links to well-known authorities off site, as well asarticles produced in-house and by regional fishing experts. It is believed that by doing so theywill generate more traffic and greater customer loyalty.Competitive Analysis Bridwell Associates investigated three competitor websites, Bass Pro Shops(www.basspro.com), Gander Mountain (www.gandermountain.com) and Dick’s Sporting Goods(www.dickssportinggoods.com). While all three websites each have their unique focus and target audience, Bass ProShops is the closest match to WCFH in target demographic. Being a site dedicated to fishing,Bass Pro Shops has a well-structured and easily navigable information architecture that is refinedto include our target domain, freshwater fishing. Both Gander Mountain and Dick’s fail to bethat refined in their hierarchy and offer our analysis only general architectural comparisons. In general, all three have a well-developed hierarchical navigation system that appears tobe consistent with current web standards. It is suggested that WCFH incorporate many of theseconventions (i.e. robust browse capability) into its own website. All three sites make good use of browsing, using faceted navigation as a primary meansof navigating their sites. This navigational system is fairly common in e-commerce practice andis one that should be well developed on WCFH’s website. The labeling across all three sites isfairly consistent with the nomenclature of freshwater fishing. Through the use of card-sort anduser testing Bridwell Associates will develop such labeling specifically designed for the WCFHaudiences, bearing in mind the conventions followed by all three competitor websites and thedomain in general. Search functionality is fairly limited on all three sites, only offering keyword/itemnumber searching with the only option for refinement being local navigational facets. The user istherefore forced to follow the site’s architecture to navigate through to the desired content, withno option to filter or limit the search up front. Bass Pro Shops offers the option of searching  3  Tim Bridwell  
  • “articles and information,” but the user is then only presented with a list of articles ranked byrelevance. Again, the only option for refining the search is the use of facets. None of the threesites offered robust informational content that is easily accessed by either browsing or advancedsearch functionality. WCFH’s desire to be an information portal as well as an e-commerce site,an advanced search functionality and related taxonomy need to be developed with an eye towardincorporating the gear, book and information sections of the website in one cohesive, fullysearchable whole.Content Analysis WCFH has three major areas of its proposed new web site: e-commerce; bookstore; andinformational. Each area will share some content attributes by nature, and users will have thechoice to search by “zones” (e-commerce, bookstore and informational), individually or in somecombination, i.e. “bookstore and wiki,” “e-commerce and wiki,” etc. or all three. The e-commerce area will focus on browsing through the use of faceted navigation, butwill also allow for an advanced search feature that will delimit by various attributes, including:price, product type (i.e. rods, reels), product category (i.e. baitcast reels, spincast reels), color,size and manufacturer. These attributes will be both selectable within the advanced searchfunction and also available as filters via browsing functionality. The bookstore area will also allow for either browsing or searching, and include thefollowing attributes: subject/topic (i.e. fly-fishing, ice-fishing, casting), title, author, date, format(i.e. DVD, book), and publisher. These attributes will also be included in both the searchfunctionality and browsing filters. The informational section, which includes links to local and off-site articles andwebpages, as well as a wiki produced in-house, will allow for browsing and searching primarilyby subject/topic (i.e. fly-fishing, ice-fishing, casting), but will also allow for author, title anddate.User Testing PlansCard Sorting Test Plan The e-commerce section of the WCFH website is the engine that fuels the site overall. Itis the primary revenue generator and the focus of the primary stakeholders. Being in such aposition it is imperative that this area’s navigational functionality be spot on, easily understoodand logical. Our primary user, the avid freshwater fisherman, is the prototypical user and the maintarget of WCFH. The primary means of conducting the card sort test will be through theOptimalSort.com web service. Two avenues for recruiting prospective participants will bethrough the e-mail database of past customers, and also through the Facebook WCFH Fanpagethat is currently active and popular. A brief synopsis of the test and the value of participation willbe included in the e-mail and on the Facebook page, inviting those who complete the testing agift card of $XX.XX for use at the WCFH store. Recruitment of secondary users would beaccomplished through the primary users. They will be invited to encourage spouses and friendsnot familiar with fresh water fishing to participate, and will be given an Amazon.com gift card inthe amount of $XX.XX if they complete the testing. If necessary, due to poor response, at thenext fresh water fishing show in the Chicago area the WCFH booth will offer the opportunity toparticipate via portals set up for that purpose, also using OptimalSort.com’s web interface, andthe same reward offers will be presented to those completing the task.  4  Tim Bridwell  
  • The same terms dataset will be presented to both user groups. Each user group will beasked to self-identify via a welcome screen that offers both “very experienced/avid angler” and“friend of an angler” options. The primary user group will be presented with an open sort test,while the secondary group will be presented with a closed sort test. It is thought that thesecondary group would likely benefit from some guidance due to their lack of subject knowledgewhile yielding insight into how they might search for little known items. The primary groupwould be informed of general categories from domain knowledge and experience and couldcontribute informative insight into possible labels for site sub-categories. This group would beallowed to label those categories themselves. The following list of terms are taken from the e-commerce area, and are representative ofmost product categories found there: terminal tackle, tackle boxes, hard baits, soft baits, lures,tip-ups, flies, fly-tying kits, ponchos, sunglasses, spinner baits, jigs, swim baits, waders, GPS,fish finders, vests, baitcast reels, spincast reels, combos, braided lines, monofilament lines,fluorocarbon lines, spoons, jerk baits, crank baits, top-water lures, bobbers.Usability Test Plan Given a somewhat limited budget for WCFH’s new website, we will choose to do in-house Usability Testing rather than outsource it to a professional service. We will choose threeindividuals of various web aptitudes to test our design at three different stages duringdevelopment, with the final testing occurring one month before launch. Our users will includeone avid fisherman, one friend of a fisherman and another randomly chosen. We will offer a$XX.XX Amazon.com gift certificate for each round of testing. The testing will occur in office,using Camtasia software to capture the tests, which will allow for review by team membersunable to be present. One of the development team, Linda, is chosen as the interviewer for herlaid back style, impartiality and gift for spontaneity. We will begin the sessions with a briefintroduction, background questions, reactions to the homepage, testing of several key tasks, anda debriefing. The development team will meet at the end of testing for a triage conference todiscuss the results, evaluate any suggestions offered, and consider the cost/benefit ofimplementing any changes to the site based on user testing input.Basic Scenario and Tasks “Spring is in the air and your thoughts have turned to the coming fishing season. You’veseen some ads on a local forum for Windy City Fishing Hole, but have never visited the sitebefore. You click on one of the ads and land on the WCFH home page. Starting from the homepage, to try to find each of the following types of information. You don’t need to get any details,just find the appropriate page that has the information or task.”Task 1: Navigate to the Wiki and find an article on Large Mouth Bass.Task 2: Find a book on Large Mouth Bass.Task 3: Find a book by Babe Winklemann.Task 4: Buy a gift card.Task 5: Search for a baitcast reel between $50 - $100 using “advanced search,” add it to yourshopping cart and start to check out.Task 6: Browse for a spinning reel between $50 - $100 using local navigation, add it to yourshopping cart, and start to check out.  5  Tim Bridwell  
  • Architectural Strategies and ApproachesInformation Architecture Strategy Windy City Fishing Hole contracted with Bridwell Associates, Inc. to developrecommendations for the new WCFH website’s information architecture design. We base thefollowing recommended strategy upon background research of the WCFH audience,competition, current content, desired future content, and the company’s strategic focus.Bridwell’s conducted interviews with stakeholders, both internal and external to WCFH, analysisand benchmark testing of the old site, a content analysis, analysis of competitor’s websites, and areview of WCFH’s strategic vision for future additions to their website content. From thisresearch we have developed the following information architecture design strategy. The current WCFH website is entirely focused on e-commerce, its only avenue ofrevenue generation. Being regionally focused, WCFH targets its content to the freshwater anglerand their gear needs. Expansion into providing information about freshwater fishing is a newventure, one that is hoped to increase site traffic and future sales. The primary audience is that ofthe avid fisherman, with their friends and family a secondary audience, and the informationseeking user as complimentary audience. The proposed strategy intends to make the site usefuland intriguing to all three prospective users. The new WCFH site will have three main content areas: Storefront, Bookstore and InfoLodge. Our strategy recommendations will allow for the e-commerce, bookstore andinformational sections of the site to be easily navigable and interactive. Through the use ofconventional page design, consistent and understandable labeling, and a logical navigationalhierarchy for searching and browsing, all users will be able to navigate the site with ease andproductivity. The design will emphasize ease of browsing through faceted categories of productsand informational sources but will also allow for searching either in “zones” or site-wide, as wellas offer advanced search functionality for experienced users to target the products or informationthey desire easily and quickly. In achieving these goals, we have developed the following strategies to facilitate theeffective design and implementation of WCFH’s new website information architecture:  Design and implement an organizational scheme that incorporates both a top-down, faceted navigational structure as well as a bottom-up, database driven approach. The use of both will facilitate ease of browsing and searching the products and information contained in the site.  Conduct user testing by means of card sorts and usability testing to determine appropriate category divisions and labeling conventions, ensuring their functionality for all user-experience levels. Follow web conventions gleaned from domain analysis of competitor websites, when applicable.  Design global and local navigation areas that include highlighting and breadcrumbs to ensure that users can easily browse the site while remaining grounded in their “location” within the site.  Provide for both basic and advanced search interfaces that will facilitate searching metadata elements and controlled vocabulary terms as well as full-text keywords. This interface will enable limiting of searches to any of the three website sections, as well as any combination of the three.  6  Tim Bridwell  
  •  Develop a standard an consisten scheme of metadata elements to m nd nt f maintain unifo form labeling of categories product ide o s, entification a informa and ational resour rces to facili itate navigation and search n hing.  As a resul of the metadata schem develop a initial com lt me, an mprehensive controlled e vocabular and thesau to enable efficient a effective searching o the entire ry urus and e of knowledg and produ content of WCFH. ge uctPrimary Persona yName: Nick Powell NType of User: Prima User aryAge: 32Gender: MaleMarital Status: sing no childr girlfrien gle, ren, ndLocation Madison, WI n:Occupat tion: Genera IT guru for non-profit investment c al r consultation firm. nTechnica knowledg Very exp al ge: perienced tec user and f ch frequent We user. ebSubject knowledge: Avid recrea k ational angle er.Personal backgroun Nick grew up in Wisc l nd: w consin and h always e has enjoyed the ooutdoors,particular the North rly hwoods, whe he can ge time away to go there. Nick holds a BS degree in en et y . eCompute Science, has been wor er h rking for his current empployer since graduation a enjoys h and hiswork a lo despite the often long hours and unpredictable nature of h days. He w ot e u e his works hard a andlikes to play hard. He is in a fairl serious rel p e ly lationship, b not really looking to get married just but yyet. He enjoys outdoor activities, especially fresh water f e , f fishing and h usually fills his hiking, and uweekend (his only ti really aw from wo pursuin these hobb ds ime way ork) ng bies.Website Visiting Goa als:  Browse for a new baitcas B sting rod and reel combo d o  Perhaps see what the site has in the Pflueger line P w e P e  Find out wha prices WC F at CFH has for these items a if there a any sales going on t and are sQuote: “I primarily want a new, trouble free and reliable bait casting reel, but a n rod to g w e g new gowith it would be nice too.” w e,  7 Tim Bri idwell  
  • Primary Persona Sc y cenario Nick is in the market for a new baitca reel. He h done som research online and is N e ast has mepretty sur of the exa model he desires, a Pflueger Asar Baitcast R re act e P ro Reel. Nick is familiar wi s ithWCFH and decides to see if they have this particular mo a t y odel. Arriving at th homepage Nick types “reels” into the quick se A he e o earch box. N is presented Nickwith 86 results. By using the left hand brows navigation Nick narro his searc by choosin r u se n ows ch ngthe “baitc reels” fa cast acet. Nick is then presen with 46 results. Furt nted ther refining his search, nick guses the left hand bro navigatio to select by brand, “P l ose on b Pflueger.” Ni is then pr ick resented wit 8 thPflueger baitcast reel to choose from. Nick further refin his search via the left hand navig ls f nes h t gationand choo “$100 - $150.” Nick is presented with three reels. He ch oses k d hooses the Pf flueger AsarroBaitcast Reel and add it to his sh R ds hopping cartt.Seconda Persona aryName: Clara Goodin C ngType of User: Seconndary UserAge: 28Gender: FemaleMarital Status: sing no childr boyfrien gle, ren, ndLocation Verona, WI n: WOccupat tion: Employ at the UW library, in technical s yed n services.Technica knowledg Experien al ge: nced web use is frequen user of we 2.0 applic er, nt eb cations and e e-commerc sites. ceSubject knowledge: Fluent in na k avigation, bu not fishing ut g.Personal backgroun Clara gre up in Des Moines, Iow and came to the Mad l nd: ew s wa e dison area an ndthe UW for college. She liked the area and st f S e tuck around to maybe to graduate wo in library o ork yand inforrmation scien She lov the outdo nce. ves oors, mainly hiking, biking and canooeing. She isactive in her local ch hurch and lik to keep up on the late trends in fashion as w as a few TV kes u est well wshows, li “Lost.” ike  8 Tim Bri idwell  
  • Website Visiting Goals:  Browse for a birthday present for her boyfriend, who is really into fishing  Hopes the site will give her ideas about a gift  Find a gift card just in caseQuote: “I really want to surprise my boyfriend with something he thinks I know nothing about. Iwant to go out of the way and buy something special for his birthday.”Secondary Persona Scenario Clara has seen her boyfriend browse WCFH so much she remembers its name, mostly.She Googles “Windy + Fishing + City + Store” and finds the link on the first page of the results.Clicking on it she sees the homepage and knows she found his favorite fishing equipment site. She recalls him wanting a new bait-something reel, but isn’t sure what it is called. Shetypes “bait reel” into the search box and hits enter. Over a dozen results come up, but of a bunchof different things. They are all related to fishing, but not just reels. There are rods, cap covers,etc. One item identifies itself as “baitcasting reel.” She now remembers that yes, this is what heis looking for. She re-enters a search for “baitcasting reels” and gets taken to the “baitcast reels”subpage. There she finds various kinds of baitcasting reels and gets nervous, which kind wouldmy boyfriend want? She calls his friend, Bill, for advice. Bill says he has heard her boyfriendtalk about the Pflueger Trion a lot, and he likes that reel a lot too, but maybe she should just gowith a gift card because finding just the right reel is kind of tough unless her boyfriend tells herexactly which one he wants. Clara clicks on the Pflueger link and sees a panoply of results. Claradecides to take Bill’s advice and go with a gift card. Better safe than sorry, she really wants herboyfriend to be happy with the gift and not feel like he has to use it even if she got the wrongkind. Clara returns to the homepage to see if they offer a gift card and finds a nice, prominentlink at the top of the page clearly marked “Gift Cards.” She follows the link and finds threechoices: Standard, Premium and Custom gift cards. Intrigued she clicks on Custom and finds outshe can upload pictures to go on the card, and she can enter any amount she wants. Victory! Thiswould give her the option to personalize the card and allow her boyfriend to pick the perfect reelfor himself, with her photo prominently displayed to remind him of herself!  9  Tim Bridwell  
  • User Interaction/Navigation Flow Diagram User Interaction/Navigation Flow Diagram Nick Keyword  “quicksearch”  for “reels” Retrieves 86  results Choose Product  Choose Product  Brand Choose Product  Sub-Type Price Abu Garcia Baitcast Reels Ardent $20 - $50 Retrieves 3  Left hand  Specialty Reels Browning Fishing $50 - $100 Product  browsing  Spincast Reels Diawa $100 - $150 Choices navigation Spinning Reels Pflueger Etc. Chooses  “Pflueger  Asaro  Baitcast Reel” Shopping  Cart  10  Tim Bridwell  
  • Blueprint of Site Organization  11  Tim Bridwell  
  • Metadata Scheme TableElement Name Definition Value Type Obligation Cardinality ExampleProduct Name Name of Free Text Mandatory Non- Pflueger specific repeatable Asaro product Baitcast ReelProduct Summary of Free Text Mandatory Non- BaitcastingDescription product repeatable reel with adjustable magnetic backlash and Titanium spool.Product Unique Constrained Mandatory Non- WCFH12345Identification number (Numeric) repeatableNumber assigned to every productProduct Type Primary CV Mandatory Non- Reels categorization (Thesaurus) repeatable of productProduct Sub- Sub CV Mandatory Non- Baitcast reelstype categorization (Thesaurus) repeatable of productPrice Price of Constrained Mandatory Non- $129.95 product (Numeric) repeatableBrand Name of Authority file Mandatory Non- Pfleuger manufacturer (Brand name) repeatableRating User rating of Constrained Optional Repeatable ***** product (numeric)  12  Tim Bridwell  
  • Metadata Record ExampleProduct Name Asaro Baitcast ReelProduct Description The new Asaro Baitcast Reel offers 7 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse one- way clutch bearing. 7 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings; Instant anti-reverse one-way clutch bearing; 6- pin adjustable centrifugal brake system; Rugged one-piece solid aluminum frame.Product WCFH12345IdentificationNumberProduct Type ReelsProduct Sub-type Baitcast ReelsPrice $129.99Brand PfluegerRating ****Thesaurus Record ExamplesFull RecordT Baitcast reelsUF Conventional reelsUF Multiplier reelsBT ReelsNT Left-hand baitcast reelsNT Right-hand baitcast reelsRT Spinning reelsRT Spincast reelsRT Specialty reelsSN Baitcast reels are reels in which line is stored on a bearing supported revolving spool.Reciprocal TermsT ReelsNT Baitcast reelsT Baitcast reelsBT ReelsT Spinning reelsRT Baitcast reelsSample Synonym Ring Example:Baitcast reels, conventional reels, multiplier reels, bait cast reels, bait casting reels.Sample Breadcrumbs Example:Reels>Baitcast Reels>Left-handed Baitcast Reels  13  Tim Bridwell  
  • Wirefram mes1.1. HomePage1.1.1. Use Interface er  1.1.2. Obj ject TableFootnote Label L Description1 WCFH Logo W WCFH Logo th serves to bot identify the site and be a persis hat th e stent link to the h homepage. Is loc cated in the upper le corner of every page on the sit eft te.2 Utilities U Persistent link throughout Sto ks orefront and Boo kstore sections.  14 Tim Bri idwell  
  • Footnote Label Description3 Global Overall global site navigation. navigation4 Welcome Static welcome message that orientss the visitor to the site, explains the various sections, and message announces any news items.5 Promotional Dynamically generated promotional content. content6 Footer Page footer: contains site identification, links to key utilities, and useful links. Remains constant throughout site.  15  Tim Bridwell  
  • 1.2. Store Front e1.2.1. Use Interface er  1.2.2. Obj ject TableFootnote Label L Description1 Primary local P Each site section (Storefro Bookstore, In Lodge) will ha tabs specific to their respective ont, nfo ave c navigation n content.2 Primary navigatio P on Remains highlighted on all subpages when in that website section. h n3 Left menu L Only prese on the Storef ent front main page. Provides clear a easy redundant access to the and e various sto subsections. ore  16 Tim Bri idwell  
  • 1.3. Top level subpag l ge1.3.1. Use Interface er  1.3.2. Obj ject TableFootnote Label L Description1 Breadcrumbs Pr B resent on all section subpages to orient user in siite and hierarchy. c o y  17 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.4. Seco ondary level subpage s1.4.1. Use Interface er  1.4.2. Obj ject TableFootnote Label L Description1 Dynamic contextu links Target content gene D ual ted erated based upo user preferenc and choices. on ces .2 Highlight H Tab is highlighted when in subsection t provide contex to xtual orientation f user. for  18 Tim Bri idwell  
  • 1.5. Tertia level sub ary bpage1.5.1. Use Interface er    19 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.6. Singl Product Subpage le1.6.1. Use Interface er    20 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.7. Book kstore1.7.1. Use Interface er    21 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.8. Top level subpag l ge1.8.1. Use Interface er    22 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.9. Singl product su le ubpage1.9.1. Use Interface er    23 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.10. Info oLodge1.10.1. Us Interface ser e  1.10.2. Ob bject TableFootnote Label L Description1 Message Boards Message boards are powered by phpBB open s M source software maintained by W WCFH.2 Default D Info Lodge def faults to the link for the message boards and wiki . f  24 Tim Bri idwell  
  • 1.11. Arti icles1.11.1. Us Interface ser e    25 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.12. Link ks1.12.1. Us Interface ser e    26 Tim Bridwell  i 
  • 1.13. Adv vanced Searc ch1.13.1. Us Interface ser e    27 Tim Bridwell  i