Kindergarten Open House 2008


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Kindergarten Open House 2008

  1. 1. Kindergarten Open House Jan. 17 th 2008
  2. 2. Welcome Opening Devotion Pastor Wise
  3. 3. Mrs. Donna Smith Kindergarten Teacher
  4. 4. Pictures from the past year!
  5. 12. How the day goes!
  6. 13. Any questions for the Teacher?
  7. 14. All Children will accompany Mrs. Diehl to the Kindergarten Classroom!
  8. 15. Mr. Leinberger will introduce and go over what Our Redeemer has to offer to your Children
  9. 16. Welcome and Thank You for taking timeout to investigate your child’s Education
  10. 17. Why Our Redeemer?
  11. 18. What do We Offer? <ul><li>Quality Christian Education </li></ul><ul><li>Smaller Class sizes </li></ul><ul><li>Excellent Teacher/Student Ratio </li></ul><ul><li>Experienced Teachers </li></ul>
  12. 19. What’s in your folder?
  13. 20. Welcome and Thanks!
  14. 21. Our Redeemer Church Member Rate All Day Kindergarten through Grade Eight Basic Tuition $2,285.00 Child Two $ 1,390.00 Child Three $ 1,190.00 Child Four $ 990.00 Half Day Kindergarten Child One $ 1,235.00 Child Two $ 800.00 Child Three $ 690.00 Child Four $ 595.00
  15. 22. Non-Member Rate All Day Kindergarten through Grade Eight Basic Tuition $3,880.00 Child Two $ 2,715.00 Child Three $ 2,370.00 Child Four $ 1,985.00 Half Day Kindergarten Child One $ 2,065.00 Child Two $ 1,445.00 Child Three $ 1,280.00 Child Four $ 1,090.00
  16. 23. To complete the application process, please do the following: Attach application fee to this admission form. This fee is not refundable if this application is under consideration or has been accepted by the school. Provide a proper original birth certificate or other acceptable evidence of birth date. The school will make a copy of that document and return the original to you. Applications submitted ON or BEFORE June 1: Payment option of 10 months (starting August 1) or 12 months (starting June 1). Payment plan commitment must be submitted before June 1. Applications submitted AFTER June 1: Payment plan of 10 months starting August 1. Signatures of all persons with legal responsibility for the child are required before acceptance of this application for admission into this school. Make your check payable to Our Redeemer Lutheran School. Deliver this application, payments and supporting documents to the School Office.
  17. 24. **I support the Mission Statement of this school. Responding to God’s grace and love given us through our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, as an integral part of the ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, our mission is to prepare children spiritually, academically, socially, and physically for service to God, one another, the community and the world. **I agree to abide by the policies and practices of this school as described in the Student Handbook and explained and implemented by the school administrators. **To the best of my knowledge, the information provided on this form is accurate and true. **I certify that I am a parent with legal custody or a legal guardian of the child for whom application is made.
  18. 25. For all applications, did you: _____ Attach the Registration Fee? _____ Attach or deliver to the school office evidence of birth date? _____ Provide signatures of all persons with legal responsibility for the child? _____ Attach copies of the most recent standardized test results (e.g. achievement test)? If applicable _____ Attach copies of the most recent grade report or other school evaluation? If applicable _____ Attach physical exam form from Dr. and Immunization History? Due prior to 1st day of school
  19. 26. Immunization HistoryTo be completed by the parents Please fill in date: Month/Day/Year   ImmunizationFirstSecondThirdFourth Fifth DTaP, DTP, or DT: Circle Type (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis—Whooping Cough) Polio: specify IPV or OPVHaemophilus Influenzae type B (Hib)XXXXXXXXXXXXHBIGXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXHepatitis BXXXXXXXXXXXXPneumococcal ConjugateXXXXXXMMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVaricella (Chickenpox)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXHepatitis AXXXXXXXXXXXXTd (Tetanus, Diptheria—adult, every 10 years)MeningococcalOther: Specify
  20. 27. Our Redeemer Lutheran School Physical History and Examination To the Parents: So much of your child’s success in school and in life depends upon his/her physical and mental health. Our awareness of your child’s health information is vital in our providing the best school life for your child. We appreciate your cooperation in this important matter.
  21. 28. Our Redeemer Lutheran School Extended Care Program Mrs. Carol Geisler, Director Our Redeemer Lutheran Church operates a Christian Day School with grades ranging from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. In order to assist parents, the church has also established an extended care program. The principles stressed include obedience to authority, showing love to one’s neighbor, having faith in God, respecting the rights and property of others, appreciating the things we have (both material and non-material), controlling one’s emotions, giving and receiving forgiveness, being patient with others, learning to work together towards common goals, and having a positive attitude towards life. Extended Care is provided by the school as an aid to the parents. It is available for students who must arrive before 8:00am or need to stay past school dismissal time—2:30 on Mondays and 3:15 on Tuesdays - Fridays. The program provides a relaxed schedule of activities, snacks, homework time, and visiting with friends. During good weather, students will be permitted to go outside to the playground area. They will be supervised at all times. Footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs may be brought from home for the outside activities. Regarding activities such as basketball or volleyball games that are played in the school gym—parents must send written permission for their child to be released to another adult to watch one of these games. Written permission must be received by the director before the event.
  22. 29. Extended Care Program Hours Mornings: 6:30-8:15 Afternoons: Monday: 2:30-6:00 ~ Tuesday-Friday: 3:15-6:00 Rates Mornings7:30-8:00 -- $3.507:00-8:00 -- $4.006:30-8:00 -- $4.50(Morning rates are based on drop-off time until school time)Monday afternoon2:30-3:30 -- $4.002:30-4:00 -- $4.502:30-4:30 -- $5.002:30-5:00 -- $5.502:30-5:30 -- $6.002:30-6:00 -- $6.50Tuesday-Friday afternoon3:15-4:00 -- $3.503:15-4:30 -- $4.003:15-5:00 -- $4.503:15-5:30 -- $5.003:15-6:00 -- $5.50(Afternoon rates are based on end of school time until pick up time) Rates based one child per day/week/month as follows: Morning Program--$4.50 per morning/$22.50 per week/$90.00 per month Afternoon Program (Monday only)--$6.50 per day/$26.00 per week Afternoon Program--$5.50 per day/$27.00 per week/$110.00 per month Total amount for one child per month=$226.00 Second child is only ½ the cost of the first child. When school has a half day and lets out at 11:30 am, Extended Care will be open the following hours: 11:30-12:00 -- $3.0011:30-12:30 -- $3.5011:30-1:00 -- $4.0011:30-1:30 -- $4.5011:30-2:00 -- $5.0011:30-2:30 -- $5.5011:30-3:00 -- $6.0011:30-3:30 -- $6.5011:30-4:00 -- $7.0011:30-4:30 -- $7.5011:30-5:00 -- $8.0011:30-5:30 -- $8.5011:30-6:00 -- $9.00
  23. 30. Building Blocks Scholarships
  24. 31. Any Questions?
  25. 32. Let’s Register!
  26. 33. I will be available if you have any questions!