2010 Reunion Volunteer Training


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The PowerPoint training slide presentation for our reunion volunteers.

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2010 Reunion Volunteer Training

  1. 1. Reunion volunteer Training November 2009 Jessica Gardner ’93 & Jenny Amoroso Bojrab ’97 Co-Chairs, Alumni Relations Committee, Alumni Board Co-
  2. 2. Staff/Volunteer Support • Alumni Office • Timothy State ’93, Associate Vice President • Suzanne Zeddies Nyren ’73, P’99, P’03, Senior Director • Will Pittinos ’06, Web Content Manager • Dolores Lotysz, Department Assistant • Other Staff Members • Portia Lowe, Associate Athletic Director • Kent Weimer, Senior Director of Gift Planning • Alumni Board, Alumni Relations Co-Chairs Co- • Jenny Amoroso Bojrab ’97 • Jessica Gardner ’93
  3. 3. Committee Liaisons Reunion Board/Staff Liaison 1950 Paula Dau ’58, Margaret Wilhelm ’58, WEIMER 1960 Paula Dau ’58, Margaret Wilhelm ’58, WEIMER 1965 Jessica Gardner ’93, NYREN 1968 Mary Diaz ’68, NYREN 1970 Nancy Wolters ’70, NYREN 1975 Jenny Bojrab ’97, NYREN 1980 Jenny Bojrab ’97, STATE 1985 Richard Baynes ’08, STATE 1990 Jessica Gardner ’93, STATE 1995 Jerome Pellack ’06, STATE 2000 Beth Liebschutz ’00, NYREN 2005 Tim Tierney ’08, NYREN Volleyball LOWE, STATE Alumni of Color Jenny Bojrab ’97, STATE
  4. 4. Homecoming October 7-9, 2010 Over 4,000 alumni, parents and friends gather for Homecoming.
  5. 5. Bob Amaden Golf Classic A golf tournament to honor our past.
  6. 6. FORESTER SYMPOSIUM Students, Faculty, and Alumni showcase academic achievement.
  7. 7. College Happy Hour Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni come together on Friday.
  8. 8. Class gatherings Classes and groups gather on Friday to connect and celebrate.
  9. 9. AHOF Induction We celebrate a tradition of excellence – in academics and sport.
  10. 10. Forester Fare Picnic The whole community gathers for a picnic lunch.
  11. 11. Football Homecoming includes the traditional elements you expect.
  12. 12. Family Carnival A family carnival provides fun for everyone in the family.
  13. 13. Reunion Dinner Dance Classes sit together at a combined reunion dinner . . . . . . before dancing the night away.
  14. 14. Reunion Committee Role • Most important role: • Connect with your classmates • Inform them about reunion events • Enthusiastically encourage them to return to campus • Only you, as a classmate, can do this effectively • Each reunion class may decide to plan a low-key low- class- class-specific event on Friday evening.
  15. 15. Reunion Committee Role • College provides many resources to make your job easy and fun • Class lists with contact information • Gateway: Individual pages, resources, and Planning Guide • Best Practices from previous years including list of reunion friendly locations • Save-The-Date E-mails and Monthly E-News Save-The- E- E- • Stationery, envelopes, postage • Conference Call Bridge • Web Meetings • Alumni Board liaison and staff contact • If there is anything we can do to make your job more effective, let us know
  16. 16. Your Reunion Committee • Best committees reflect the diversity of your class, as well as geographic diversity. • Reunion planning is done via conference calls and e-mails. mails. • Volunteers can work tasks into their busy schedule. • Have fun!
  17. 17. Be sold ~ So You Can Sell • Plan now to attend as much of Homecoming & Reunion as possible • Friday events • Your reunion events • Saturday’s Homecoming • Saturday evening dinner • If you’re not sold, no one else will be either
  18. 18. Reunion Nerves • Natural to have anxiety about connecting with people • Reunions are a chance to celebrate your common past • Reunions are a time to contemplate your experience with Lake Forest College, and how it is connected to your life today • Reunions are a time to forge new friendships, and build new networks, with people who share a significant experience
  19. 19. Planning Timeline • October - December • Committee Liaisons work with Alumni Office to choose Committee Chairs and volunteers • Class- Class-specific e-mail broadcast asking for volunteers e- • Webinar Training for all volunteers • Committees hold first conference call to catch-up. catch- • January • Reunion chairs determine best times and frequency for meeting • Class- Class-specific e-mail broadcast • Breakdown class list among committee members and begin one-on-one one-on- contact to classmates • February • Discuss outreach strategies and results • Continue contacting classmates • Determine individual reunion gatherings
  20. 20. Planning Timeline • March • Reunion details finalized for marketing • Discuss outreach strategies and results • April – May • Discuss outreach strategies and results • June – July • Class- Class-specific e-mail sent • Brochure drops • Continue contacting classmates • Discuss outreach strategies and results • Pre-register for Homecoming and Reunion Pre-
  21. 21. Planning Timeline • August • E-mail campaign begins • Continue contacting classmates and encourage registration • Discuss outreach strategies and results • September • E-mail campaign continues • Continue contacting classmates and encourage registration • October • October 7-9: Celebrate your success at 7- Homecoming • Thank your classmates for coming
  22. 22. Contacting Classmates • One-on-one contacts One-on- • E-mail blasts • Written Letters • Alumni Gateway
  23. 23. Who to Contact • Work with your committee to divide and conquer class list • It is almost certain you will be reaching out to classmates you did not know or did not remember; remember you have a shared history • Use yearbooks, scrapbooks, the Alumni Gateway, Spectrum, Spectrum, and other College memorabilia to refresh your memory • Do not focus too much energy on “lost” classmates; they are lost because they want to be. Focus on those we know how to connect with
  24. 24. Dividing the Class List Secondary Nickname Primary Contact Contact Last First Birth Name Name Name Email Phone Major Notes Amie: Tim was the same major as me. Jessica: Tim & I wrote together on State Timothy Tim state@lakeforest.edu 847-735-6025 Sociology Jessica Amie Stentor for 4 yrs Jenny: Suzanne & I lived together 2 yrs. Jessica: Suzanne & I had a politics class Nyren Suzanne nyren@lakeforest.edu 847-735-6025 English Jenny Jessica together. Marz: Jenny & I were sorority pledge sisters. Tim T: I was Jenny's RA Bojrab Jennifer Amoroso Jenny jennybojrab@hotmail.com 317-679-4622 Spanish Marz Tim T. Senior year. Paula: We were both psych Gardner Jessica jgardner@marykay.com 847-398-3202 Psych Paula majors
  25. 25. One-on- One-on-one Contacts • Over the phone • Know why you’re calling • Give them permission to not remember you • “This is Jessica Gardner from Lake Forest College Class of 1993. You may or may not remember me.” • Get updated information or encourage them to visit the Gateway to update their information • These are fun calls; your attitude determines success • Via E-mail E- • Personalize • Use e-mail etiquette (to vs. cc vs. bcc) e- • Encourage them to use the Gateway to learn more
  26. 26. E-mail Blasts • College staff send “Save-the-date” and monthly E- “Save-the- E- News event reminders, and any other targeted e-mails e- you want to send. • You can compose the content of the e-mails e- • E-mail blasts do not take the place of one-on-one one-on- contact – you are what helps the College “know you by name.”
  27. 27. Written Letters • Written letter with personal signatures and notes from committee members can break the ice and have a powerful impact • Letters help set the tone of celebration for the weekend • The Alumni Office can assist you in the production and mailing of letters • Sample letters are available on the Gateway
  28. 28. Final Word on the Class Lists • The Class Lists are meant to be used exclusively for planning your Class Reunion and the information is confidential. • Please do not share the list with anyone. If a classmate requests information on another classmate, offer to send that person’s information to the other alum instead. • Please refrain from using the list for marketing purposes for your own businesses.
  29. 29. The Gateway • http://alumni.lakeforest.edu • Create your own profile and submit Class Notes • Class Notes breed Class Notes, and are posted in the E-News as well as the next Spectrum • Each Reunion will have its own page; you can customize it as you desire • The Alumni Office will assist you in maintaining your page; discuss with staff how you can add interactive features
  30. 30. Individual class Gatherings • Do you want one? • Timing: Friday evening • Attendance: 10% attendance is excellent • Location • Campus locations first-come, first-booked and can be the most first- first- economical • Costs • Funded by Classmates • Flat fee included in registration ($30 max) or individual tabs • Keep costs affordable for all classmates; consider travel classmates; • Other Ideas – Slide shows, memorabilia, invite faculty
  31. 31. Alumni Board Awards • Recognize alumni who have made notable contributions to society and the College • Reunion Committees are welcome to make nominations • Alumni Office will vet nominations • Alumni Board makes final determination of award Generally, alumni celebrating recipients reunions are recognized.
  32. 32. Reunion class gifts • The 50th Class Reunion has started a tradition of making a gift to create an endowed scholarship • Other select reunion classes have committed to a class gift for projects that provide budget relief • With alumni backing, any reunion class can raise funds for a class gift • Staff is available to support alumni in raising class gifts • The key is our alumni driving the effort
  33. 33. Next Steps 1. Create or update your Alumni Gateway Profile and add a Class Note to begin promoting your reunion. 2. Review the Reunion Planning Guide and other materials available on the Gateway. 3. Your Board Liaison will contact you to schedule a time to meet with your reunion committee in December to catch- catch-up. Think of it as a holiday party over the phone. Outcome of call: Schedule 1st “official” meeting in January and set a timetable.
  34. 34. Questions? Have Fun! Volunteers Make Reunions Happen!