4. Endorsements


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Endorsement letters for Eduard Till's MCP in AIESEC Romania application.

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4. Endorsements

  1. 1. To whom it may concern,We have had the opportunity to work with Eduard Till, as Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova for the term 2011-2012 and, the experience that we had, enables us to proudly and strongly recommend him for the position ofMember Committee President of AIESEC in Romania for the term 2013-2014.First of all, speaking about Eduard, the first word coming to mind is “visionary”. Throughout his entire AIESECexperience and especially throughout his term as Local Committee President, Eduard had a simple, yet strongvision, ONE AIESEC Craiova, and he managed to transmit this vision to us, his Executive Board team, to the localcommittee and further on, to the next generations leading it, due to the fact that he believed in the changes heproposed, he acted accordingly and he came up with actions to walk the talk. Furthermore, Eduard was apioneer in terms of making AIESEC Craiova part of an international network. He sustained this vision not only bypersonally going to international conferences, or by downscaling initiatives from the national level, but byencouraging every member to bring a bigger contribution to AIESEC as an organization. As a result of his visionand work throughout his term as LCP, the local committee provided five MC members abroad and members inthe national support teams of AIESEC Romania, AIESEC Slovakia and AIESEC Czech Republic.As a President of AIESEC Craiova, he has proven to be the perfect person to assume this role, being the mainpillar to hold the local committee on the right track, in a year of change. He had the courage to challenge thenormal function of processes, to bring suggestions of improvement, to create an impact-oriented mindset andto make the LC come closer to The AIESEC Way. He was the one who best understood the structure, the needfor change, the way in which we had to act according to it and he has been a constant support for the ExecutiveBoard and for the members, ensuring that we had everything we needed to do our jobs.For all of us, Eduard is, and always has been a model of courage and integrity, qualities that he has proven eachand every day of his term, from the moment he came in front of us, running as President, with a speech aboutchange and impact, up to the very end of our term, when he assumed all the mistakes and all the results.Moreover, he has been the one to push the LC to be quality-oriented, preferring to not do things rather thandoing them irrelevantly, investing time in preparing qualitative people to drive the organization further, givingus responsibilities that would develop our abilities and pushing us to overcome our limits.Among his many qualities, the ones that best recommend Eduard for the position of President of AIESEC inRomania are his strategic thinking and deep understanding of AIESEC’s direction and sense of purpose. He is theperson who questions what is best for the organization, comes up with creative solutions and approaches andmakes sure that the purpose of AIESEC is revealed in each activity. As a President, he identified the bottlenecksof our performance and he came up with solutions of increasing the quality of the activities that we do, byfiltering projects, improving the Education Cycle of Team Leaders, educating us about LC management, strategicthinking and many more.Finally, Eduard was and still is a leader for us, motivating us through personal example, seeing how we functionindividually and making us function as a team, constantly keeping us dedicated to the team and to the localcommittee and pushing us all to find the relevance of AIESEC for ourselves. As a result, one year after finishingour term we still see it as the main pillar that consolidated our AIESEC experience and developed us as people.Should you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us at: oneeb@googlegroups.com.On behalf of the Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova 2011-2012,Alexandra Coandă, MC VP Talent Management & LCD of AIESEC MacedoniaLuiza Marcu, MC Vice-President Incoming Exchange of AIESEC SerbiaAdela Păun, MC Vice-President Outoging Exchange of AIESEC SerbiaMihai Vîlcu, MC Vice-President Communications of AIESEC NorwayCosmin Sandu, President of AIESEC Craiova 2012-2013Denisa Cojoacă, Vice-President Finance of AIESEC Craiova 2011-2012
  2. 2. Bratislava, 24 December 2012 Endorsement Letter for Eduard Till To whom it may concern, I have worked with Eduard Till in the Member Committee of AIESEC in Slovakia for the term2012-2013 and thus by this letter I would like to endorse him for the position of Member CommitteePresident of AIESEC in Romania, for the term 2013-2014. Speaking about Eduard, the first thing that comes to mind is that he is self-driven and has astrong sense of purpose related to AIESEC, he is the kind of person who deeply understands theorganization at local, national and international level due to his AIESEC XP. He is not afraid ofchallenging mindsets and ideas, but he is always an active listener, trying to understand beforejudging. As an MC Vice-President of Talent Management and Local Committees Development, Eduardworked on creating new processes and developing old ones in order to increase the level ofperformance of AIESEC in Slovakia. Halfway through his term, he reached the highest numericalresults on national recruitment, he managed to develop SONA and increase the local committee’sknowledge about planning and tracking of results by creating an efficient process of LC Visits. Thisexperience shows his ability to monitor LC needs and shape country strategies according to it. As an MC member, I can say that Eduard was the creative mind of our team, both in terms ofideas and in terms of visuals, helping the rest of the team as well, when there was need.Furthermore, Eduard is a team player, trying to understand the needs of the team and adapt to theirdifferent working style. Finally from personal side, I see him as a person who sees a big picture and thinksstrategically. His previous experiences as Vice-President, Local Committee President and MC Vice-President in an international MC, as well as his knowledge and practice on the areas of TalentManagement, LC Development, Outgoing Exchange or Sales enable him to understand theorganization from different angles, compare and contrast ideas and visions and come up with thebest solution for the country. I think that his deep understanding of AIESEC, ability to think strategically and strongpersonal motivation make him a perfect candidate for the position of MCP of AIESEC in Romania.Nadezhda Anikieva,MCP of AIESEC Slovakia 2012-2013.You can contact me in case of any questions nadin.anikieva@aiesec.sk+421 902 918 220
  3. 3. To Whom It May Concern,I am writing this letter to endorse Eduard Till for his effort to apply for the position of MemberCommittee President in AIESEC in Romania for the term 2013/2014.I have worked with Edu quite closely for this year, as I am the MC VP Business Development inAIESEC Slovakia and Edu’s colleague. I have noticed great proactivity in him, connected with his willto learn quickly, use resources of information around and depending on himself. He has showed megreat commitment to the organization and to AIESEC Slovakia.Edu is a person, who is always bringing new perspective on situations. He always challenges thestatus quo and searches for the most suiting solution, but always willing to listen, accept feedbackand express his ideas in a very structured and simple way. He is glue in the team and connects theindividuals for a common goal or vision, never leaving anyone out.Edu is a self-driven personality, very determined and responsible, always trying to keep the teamtogether. He is very solution oriented and doesn’t seek conflicts. One of his strong points is that he isvery analytical, realistic but always finding solutions. His personality is very useful in every team andhe builds strong connections with people around him. Another important point is the range of Edu’sexperience, starting from executive board, going through being an LCP and being in an internationalMC as well, which combines the knowledge of the local realities along with experience from differentcountries.I believe Edu will accommodate to his new position and leading of a country very well and fast. He isa fast learner and a proactive person, who does not wait for someone else. He is flexible, has a greatoverview of the organization on local, national as well as international/global reality. He has provenhis skills, leadership, right motivation and dedication towards AIESEC in Romania. Therefore, I think Edu is a perfect candidate and I support his effort to the fullest. If you haveany further questions, please feel free to approach me on the email addresslucia.ihnatova@aiesec.sk or my phone number +421 902 918 221.Sincerely,Lucia IhnátováMC VP BD 2012/2013AIESEC Slovakia