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Leslie Tillmann Art Image Portfolio
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Leslie Tillmann Art Image Portfolio


Published on

A short slide show of the concept behind my images. A few images.

A short slide show of the concept behind my images. A few images.

Published in: Design, Business

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  • 1. Leslie Tillmann Portfolio of Digital Art Images
  • 2. Leslie Tillmann Architect and Artist
    • I have been working with Corel Painter X to develop art images that can be manipulated in color, size and scale to reflect varying client needs.
    • Either with photographic images, or pixel-generated images, each of the following groups of images are examples of what can be further developed to meet these needs.
    • Please see attached resume for more career details.
  • 3. Circles
    • Circles images have been developed in many sizes, scales and colors. Each should evoke a different feeling or mood.
    • Circles Yellow, Red, Taupe AB 4x5
  • 4. Circles
    • Horizontal Circles Pink Green
    • Horizontal Circles White Red Blue
  • 5. Circles
    • Three versions of Circles in Blue, Pink or Orange.
    • Many other colors, formats available:
  • 6. Paris
    • A view of the Eiffel Tower from inside.
    Eiffel Tower in many color ways
  • 7. Paris
    • This is the garden where the great sculptor Rodin lived, in the heart of Paris.
  • 8. Paris
    • More images of Rodin’s Garden in different color ways.
  • 9. Val’s Flowers
    • Colorful flower images from a wedding in Mexico. Other color ways too.
  • 10. Val’s Flowers
    • Green or Blue color ways
  • 11. Geometric
    • Squares and Diagonals in Lavender, Coastal, Blue and Gray color ways.
  • 12. Geometric
    • Classic Moroccan design developed in red color way. Or taupe.
  • 13. Italy
    • The Castellare vineyard in Tuscany is the perfect subject for landscape images.
    • Gold or Pale color ways – some are more subtle.
  • 14. Italy
    • More views of the Castellare vineyard.
    • Green or red color ways.
  • 15. Italy
    • Lago Maggiore Isola Bella arbor in taupe color way.
    Red color Way
  • 16. Gardens
    • Italian Stone Planter in Beverly Hills Garden
    Pink and Green Blue Gray
  • 17. Gardens
    • One Plant
    Many Colors
  • 18. Flowers
    • Very traditional flower arrangement, with roses and peonies in deep pink and white.
  • 19. Flowers
    • Same arrangement. Not such a traditional color way!
  • 20. Flowers
    • A smaller version of the previous images, done in a variety of colors.
  • 21. Bikes on the Beach
    • Two bikes, two pairs of flip flops: how romantic!
  • 22. Redondo Beach
    • Avenue I Lifeguard Stand.
    • Two colors
  • 23. Mexican Palms
    • Two versions, many colors
  • 24. Bamboo Barrier
    • Images developed from a bamboo structure for growing climbing plants
    Different colors – Different Orientations
  • 25. Bamboo Vertical Variations
    • This image is a variation on the previous ones, with more of a abstract quality. Very textural.
  • 26. Bamboo
    • More variations on the bamboo theme.
  • 27. China Bamboo
    • Images developed from a bamboo plant growing in a Chinese garden.
  • 28. China Grille
    • Grille in a window, manipulated to make graphic image.
  • 29. Farmers Market
    • Produce from San Jose
    Many images, many colors
  • 30. Fini
    • These were just a few examples of art images I have been developing/manipulating digitally in order to provide artwork for client-specific needs.
    • My design aesthetic is for clear, clean colors and images that reflect the beauty of nature or of pure geometric design.
    • This is what I plan to bring to an employer.