Knra waste management


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Knra waste management

  1. 1. CLEAN & GREEN KALYANI NAGARDo I like this?
  2. 2. So what can I do?
  3. 3. STEP 1: Stop Mixing all waste andthrowing it ALL out in one plastic bag
  4. 4. STEP 2: Know your different kinds of waste 4 Rejects - to landfill Hazardous/ Toxic Waste 31 Wet Organic Waste 2 Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Metal,
  5. 5. When I mix plastic with tomato peels -I cannot use the plastic or the tomatoWhen they are separate - each of thesethings can be recycled except for rejects
  6. 6. STEP 3: I will store Plastic, Paper, Glass andMetal Waste in separate boxes
  7. 7. Because then I can sell this cleanand separated material to therecyclers.This will ensure that it does notreach a dumpsite
  8. 8. STEP 4: Store all my E-waste in a box - the boxwill take some time to fill up - when full - I will goand deposit it at a E-Waste recycler (All the largeIndian cities have such companies)
  9. 9. STEP 5: Store all my Hazardous Waste in a boxand go and deposit it at a Hospital or MedicalWaste Pick up Service (All the large Indian citieshave such companies) Cosmetics and Paints are highly toxic and need special treatment before they can be dumped
  10. 10. Because then I can give thisseparated material to the specificrecyclers.This will ensure that it does notreach a dumpsite and cause
  11. 11. STEP 6: Throw all my Reject Waste in a box orpaper bag for collection by the municipal pick upservice (All the large Indian cities have suchfacility)
  12. 12. Because then I can save money onthe black plastic bags = 365 bagsper year and on plastic bags liningmy dustbins.This will ensure that it I send lessplastic bags to the dumpsite
  13. 13. STEP 7: Collect all my Organic Wet waste in acontainer in the kitchen for composting at home. This can include waste food, bones, tea bags, tissue paper, mango seeds
  14. 14. Because then I can convert it intocompost - which is nutrient rich topsoil for the earth.This will ensure no methaneproduction at the dumpsite
  15. 15. SEGREGATE Segregate at individual home level - DAILY Choose the appropriate container for the different kinds of waste Organic Waste Rejects Recyclable Waste Hazardous / ToxicSummar COLLECTy DAILY WEEKLY Organic Waste Rejects Recyclable Waste Hazardous / Toxic CLOSE LOOP Compos Send to landfill Sell to recyclers Return to factory t
  16. 16. I CAN make the world a betterplace
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