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University of Parma Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. PARMA UNIVERSITY Presented by Anna Maria Tammaro, with the collaboration of Florica Campeanu
  • 2. From middle ages…
  • 3. To the Renaissance…
  • 4. Today…  200.000 habitants
  • 5. Parma University  The centuries-old history of university education in Parma is documented in a 'Diploma', dated 13th March 962, conferred on the Bishop of Parma Uberto by Emperor Ottonian I  Today: 30,000 students, with more than 5,000 graduates per year, 1.100 lecturers, and 1000 technical and administrative employees
  • 6. Parma University Faculties, Departments, and Libraries  13 Scientific, Technological, and Umanistic Faculties  42 Specialised Departments  1124 Professors and Researchers  36 Libraries of faculties and departments  Integrated Library System, OPAC, and Open Search  Digital Library: 4812 Current e-Journals, 10000 Digitised Periodicals, 70 Data Banks, 130 e-books, E- dictionaries, etc.  Repository DSpaceUniPr: Doctoral and MSc theses, Congress Proceedings, Serials, Preprints, Learning materials, Research reports
  • 7. LIS Courses in Parma - graduate  Bachelor degree (180 credits = 3 years of study) in “Written and hipertextual communication” ?info=Guidaateneo&tipo=corso0809&ID=0244&lang=en  Learning objectives:  Understand the problems related to legal, social, economical and technological issues affecting the digital publishing.  Assess the quality and value of digital publishing .  Develop their information skills, writing skills, group working and presentation skills.  Identify different types of electronic publishing available on the Web and their different functions.
  • 8. LIS Courses in Parma - Postgraduate  Master degree (1st level) in “Information management in a digital environment” (120 credits on top of a bachelor degree) ?info=Guidaateneo&tipo=corso0809&ID=0461&lang=en  Learning objectives:  Make complex evaluations on the legal, social, economical and technological issues related to the Digital Library and Digital Archives  Apply their knowledge to a complex context as the e-book in the digital library.  Master basic information skills for accessing and using information in an independent way.  Demonstrate writing skills and group presentation skills. 
  • 9. LIS Courses in Parma – Postgraduate International Courses – in English  International Master degree (2° level) in information studies, jointly developed with the Northumbria University at Newcastle, by distance (120 credits on top of a Master degree of 1st level) – from 2000 till 2009   Continuing professional development, by distance - from 2009  Two main themes:  Digitisation of Cultural Heritage  Libraries and learning
  • 10. LIS Courses in Parma – Postgraduate International Courses – in English  International Master Digital Library Learning (Master 1° level) with Oslo Univ. College (coord.), Tallinn University.   To gain knowledge of digital librarianship through studying the cutting edge of digital library research as well as real world applications and best practices.  To develop research skills through supervised independent research projects within the digital environment, using relevant methods and analytical approaches.  To understand the impact of digital environments on the role of information professionals in the knowledge society.  Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  • 11. LIS Courses in Parma – Learning & teaching  Blended learning  DOCEO  MOODLE  Videorecording of lessons  CONNECT PRO ADOBE
  • 12. LIS Research in Parma  R&D activities have been devoted to the Digital Library and Digitisation applied research, with particular emphasis on organisational and socio-economic issues  Curriculum development for Digital Library  Learning and Digital Library : the research aims to analyse the impact on learning of Digital Library  Electronic publishing, Digitisation
  • 13. Recent financed LIS Projects  European Commission  MINERVA Project  European LIS curriculum project: Content, reflections and curricular questions  IFLA  Feasibility of International Guidelines for Equivalency and Reciprocity of Qualifications for LIS Professionals. Final report by Terry L. Weech and Anna Maria Tammaro (November 2008)  Survey on quality assurance models in Library and Information Science (LIS) programs By Anna Maria Tammaro on behalf of IFLA's Education and Training Section (2005)