Vintage Jewelry - A Tough Romance


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Art Deco Earrings. Discover the beauty and glamour of art deco jewelry.

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Vintage Jewelry - A Tough Romance

  1. 1. ==== ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====You can add more than a touch of romance to your wardrobe with vintage jewellery. A baroquevintage bracelet spells class like nothing else will. Vintage jewelry is the new must have in thefashion circuit. You can do a little bit of research on your own and go shopping for that perfectpiece. There are many genres of jewellery designs you can choose from. The most popular onesare Edwardian, Victorian and the retro styles. Here is a little bit about these different types, to helpyou choose that perfect piece.Victorian jewellery, as you might have guessed is all about grandeur. It takes inspiration from thejewellery worn by Queen Victoria herself. You can expect to find chokers and necklaces studdedwith stones. Each piece is baroque and intricately designed. You will find most varieties havingtear drop pendants and earrings. There are myriads color combinations and styles. You shouldchoose this type to go with your chic black dress. The old jewellery will draw attention to your neckand ears, so you should wear a dress with a wide neck.Edwardian jewellery tends to be less detailed when you compare it to Victorian pieces. Theseelegant pieces usually have a signature bow and swag design. Many of the designs appearcontemporary because of their simplicity. You might also chance upon brooches with a circulardesign and a stone set in the center. This is another signature Edwardian design. The stone maybe surrounded with a motif of flowers or leaves. You will find some of the best rings in this genre.The snake rings were the most popular designs of this era. These designs of antique jewellerywould be ideal for a formal occasion like an office meeting where subtle elegance is the key.Retro jewellery is a junkies dream. You will find fascinating collections of vintage jewellery online.The pieces of vintage costume jewellery are usually motifs of butterflies and flowers withrhinestones set into them. They are ideal for a fun party. Choose a plain top to let the sparkleshow. These pieces are guaranteed attention grabbers and make ideal gifts for teenagers too. Youcan buy vintage jewellery from a range of charms, bracelets and earrings to suit your style andbudget.Another category of vintage jewelry you must check out is art deco. This line consists of welldefined geometric designs. The pieces used modern motifs like cars and airplanes. You will findsome lovely chandelier earrings in this genre of jewellery. The necklaces also had tassels or longpendants. There are many feminine designs in this era. Clean cut flowers and geometric shapeswill look best for an evening out. This is something you would want to wear to a high - endrestaurant. You can bunch you hair high up to show off your earrings.If you are a romantic and love graceful jewellery, you must check out art nouveau vintage jewellerypieces. These pieces are characterized by swirling designs and tendrils. Most motifs are inspiredby flowers and Celtic patterns. They draw inspiration from dragons, dragonflies and peacocks. You
  2. 2. will find some of the best pieces featuring such motifs. You can wear such a piece for a casualouting. The minimalism and simplicity will compliment a pretty top.Chicks Love caters to all your jewellery needs. To know more about us CLICK Vintage JeweleryArticle Source: ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====