All About the Bling


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Art Deco Earrings. Discover the beauty and glamour of art deco jewelry.

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All About the Bling

  1. 1. ==== ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====The red carpet for the 2011 Oscars was a breeding ground for fabulous jewels. Gone were thetrendy statement necklaces. This year was all about the earrings. Every celebrity that graced thered carpet could be seen wearing big, bold, beautiful earrings. From drop to pendant to chandelier,the styles were endless and the bling was abundant. Many of the A-listers donned traditional andclassy diamonds but statements were made this year with colored gemstones - especiallyEmeralds. Emeralds were everywhere on the red carpet!Emeralds seem to be making a splash on the scene this spring in every form. A big, bold pop ofcolor is exactly what everyone needs after this long, cold, dark winter. And what better color to getthe job done than emerald green? It is a fresh burst of color that is reminiscent of all the new lifeblooming. Amy Adams, who was nominated for best supporting actress, really took home the prizefor the biggest emerald bling. She donned a a platinum and diamond necklace by Cartier thatfeatured a 33 carat emerald pendant worth over $290,000. She completed her look with a Cartierplatinum and diamond watch bracelet with a 30 carat emerald worth over $1 million.The bling didnt stop there, plenty of other celebrities really layered on the jewels for Hollywoodsbiggest night. Reese Witherspoon accessorized with 35 carat Neil Lane diamond and emeraldearrings worth over $1million. They were simple yet stunning pendant earrings with the stones cutin a square and tear drop shape. Scarlett Johansson paired her dress with really uniqueaccessories. She wore simple ruby stud earrings but wore a "dragon flower" ring studded withdiamonds, emeralds and rubies. It seems like the cocktail ring trend is sticking around this spring.Some of the most stunning earrings of the season were seen on the red carpet. Penelope Cruzchose fabulous 27 carat yellow diamond chandelier earrings. They framed her face perfectly andwere a great contrast to her burgandy dress. Annette Bening chose to go with emeralds donningbold pendant earrings that set off her art deco dress perfectly. Natalie Portman was anothercelebrity who put on gorgeous statement-making earrings for the occasion. She matchedTiffany&Co. rubelite tassel earrings with rose cut diamonds to her plum gown.Other celebrities chose funky or vintage accessories for the big night. Nicole Kidman donned avintage 150 carat diamond choker by Fred Leighton. Celine Dion also chose to go vintage with hernecklace. She wore a stunning 18 karat yellow gold diamond and emerald pendant necklace byBulgari. Gwenyth Paltrow had possibly the most unique jewels of the evening. She wore earringsand a brooch by Louis Vuitton. They were designed in a flame pattern with diamonds and coloredgemstones.Judging from what we saw on the red carpet this year, color is the way to make a statement thisspring. Choose large earrings with stunning gemstones in any color your heart desires. You cantgo wrong with classic chandelier or drop earrings. Just remember, if you wear large earrings go
  2. 2. without the necklace. You dont want to make your look "top heavy". For other accessories go witha matching cocktail ring or chunky cuff bracelet. The nature themes are still very much in style.Find accessories with designs like flowers, snakes or other whimsical shapes.Ronnie Adolf is the president of Adolf Jewelers, a leading Richmond jewelry store offeringproducts such as Richmond designer jewelry and Richmond diamond engagement rings. AdolfJewelers can be found online at: Source: ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====