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Mirror Image (The Online Portfolio by Leighan Gallagher)
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Mirror Image (The Online Portfolio by Leighan Gallagher)


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Mirror image, my online porfolio that showcase's some of my best graphic work and photography, leighan gallagher

Mirror image, my online porfolio that showcase's some of my best graphic work and photography, leighan gallagher

Published in: Design, Business

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  • 1. The Digital Portfolio By Leighan Gallagher
  • 2. Hi, My name is Leighan Gallagher. I am 22 years of age and graphics has been a hobby of mine for more than six years. Recently I was commissioned to do an album cover and accompanying booklet for a recording duo’s debut album, and I decided to pursue graphics as a career. This is my digital portfolio. Here you will find a selection of my work both Old and new. Graphics and portraits were created using either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and some elements of M.S Publisher. I hope you enjoy this layout and presentation. If you require any more information or higher quality images then do not hesitate to contact me on any of the above means Thank you ……………. Leighan Gallagher Tel: 07857199275 Email:
  • 3. Children’s portraits given a raw urban feel on canvas for a modern home wall. Personalising the graphic with a name.
  • 4. Portraits can also be enhanced by adding children’s paintings and drawings as back-drops
  • 5. Simple photograph enhanced with the child’s favourite characters and also personalised with the child’s name.
  • 6. A cool image created from scratch and personalised for a Child’s room.
  • 7. “ Columbia” debut album cover (photos taken by myself). Adding filters and colours to give the image edge.
  • 8. This photo of a living room in a field was inspired by the random humour of the duo. (photos taken by myself).
  • 9. Whilst packing away this photoshoot, the random photo turned out to be an artistic master piece.
  • 10. “ Mirror Image” A graphic reflecting on split personalities and is also the inspiration behind this portfolio. (pictures taken by myself).
  • 11. These comic photos reflect on lyrics from the song and portray the anarchist inside everyone. (photos taken by myself).
  • 12. Promotional photo made to look very artistic by adding sketch effects and colouring only key elements (photos by myself).
  • 13. These images were created as introduction pages for the accompanying booklet for the album (photos taken by myself).
  • 14. Musically influenced artwork incorporating lyrics from one of my favourite songs (all photography by myself).
  • 15. My most recent project. A poster created for a Michael Jackson tribute. (photography by myself).
  • 16. A graphic to show some unique textures and effects. (photography by myself).
  • 17. Wedding pictures, there is many ways to transform your pictures into glowing beautiful graphics that capture the most special moments of your day.
  • 18. The Digital Portfolio By Leighan Gallagher Thank you for visiting Tel: 07857199275 Email: