The importance of social media in business today


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Overview of factors affecting social media in business today and outline digital strategy.

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The importance of social media in business today

  1. 1. The importance ofSocial Media in business today
  2. 2. Hello! @tiffanystjames Twitter: @TiffanyStJames Linked In / Facebook / Skype / FourSquare / Slideshare / Quora…..Tiffany St James
  3. 3. Changes in thedigital landscape
  4. 4. The landscape in 2007 2007: Sizes based on membership of a community
  5. 5. The landscape in 2010 2010: Sizes based on social activity in a community
  6. 6. Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  7. 7. In May 2010 social overtook search• Search 11.3%• Social 11.9% Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. From this…Infographics are critical to effective modern digital communication
  9. 9. …To thisInfographics are critical to effective modern digital communication
  10. 10. How people use social media in UK Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. Increasing social engagement Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  12. 12. Trust in communications Peer to peer recommendation now at 90%, trust in advertising 14%
  13. 13. Gen Y and their approach Gen Y are organising the social web in a way that works for them
  14. 14. The rise of social rank Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  15. 15. What should businesses befocusing on?
  16. 16. Engagement benefits• Connecting with like-minded individuals• Peer to peer recommendations• Stimulating the debate of your most interest• Engaging with people in the their spaces• eCRM• Data collation• Product testing• Informing business, brand, product strategy• The financial worth of ‘Likes’ Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. 5 uses of social media• HR• PR• Direct Sales• Customer Service• Business Intelligence Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  18. 18. Have a digital code of conduct• Be credible• Be consistent• Be transparent• Be relevant• Be an ambassador for your organisation Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  19. 19. Have a social media policy• Purpose• Principles• Statement of ethics• Context for organisation• Tools and services you use• Professional and personal use Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  20. 20. Have social media staff guidance• Before you engage checks• Mitigation• Research• Outreach• How to use specific channels Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. Have an engagement strategy• What are your business objectives?• How will your endeavours contribute?• How will you engage people?• What do you want them to do?• How will you measure your endeavours? Twitter: @TiffanyStJames
  22. 22. What does this mean for us?1 Listen, monitor and gain insights2 Have processes for your people3 Get involved in the digital world around you4 Embrace openess and transparency5 Engage don’t broadcast6 Be flexible enough to adapt
  23. 23. Thank youThese slides are on SlideSharewww.SlideShare.Net/TiffanyStJamesFollow me on twitter: @tiffanystjames
  24. 24. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification