Social Business Practice

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Principles when embedding social business practice as shared at #Shuffle13

Principles when embedding social business practice as shared at #Shuffle13

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  • 1. @TiffanyStJames Embedding Social Business Practice 40 seconds of twitter mentions Http://
  • 2. So, we’re all pretty aware of this, right? @TiffanyStJames
  • 3. @TiffanyStJames Social vs traditional media
  • 4. 1) Power in lobbyists and consumer hands @TiffanyStJames…so have a social media crisis plan
  • 5. 2) The indelible record of messing up in public …so have guidance, train staff and plan for, and mitigate errors @TiffanyStJames
  • 6. 3) Twitter is the newswire Jan 09: Hudson river landing: first twitter-broken story @TiffanyStJames …so be plugged in to what people are saying about your brand and your industry
  • 7. …and you might not like what it says …so add value @TiffanyStJames
  • 8. 4) Listen and optimise Listen with intent and act swiftly @TiffanyStJames
  • 9. 5) Trust in individuals Edelman Trust Barometer 2013 here @TiffanyStJames
  • 10. @TiffanyStJames 6 uses of social media in business
  • 11. 1) HR @TiffanyStJames
  • 12. 2) PR @TiffanyStJames
  • 13. 3) Direct Sales @TiffanyStJames
  • 14. 4) Customer service @TiffanyStJames
  • 15. 5) Business Intelligence @TiffanyStJamesDefine the tools you use by your objectives
  • 16. 6) Internal comms @TiffanyStJames
  • 17. @TiffanyStJames Considerations on embedding social business practice
  • 18. Informing your social business strategy… What social can deliver for the business Current KPIs Digital Strategy Business Objectives •Benchmark•Best Practice •What works•Current social footprint Your Business Competition Similar Industry Other Industries What social CAN deliver for the business What social IS delivering for you, for your competitors, and industry What people and tech capabilities DO you have @TiffanyStJames
  • 19. Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change Pre-contemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance Raise awareness Combat disengagement Increase relevance Provide solutions Facilitate action Reinforce Maintain Generate advocacy Peer feedback @TiffanyStJamesProchaska and DiClimente
  • 20. Decide the right structure @TiffanyStJames
  • 21. A word on governance… Code of Conduct • The behavioural wish list Policy • Purpose • Principles • Statement of ethics • Context for organisation • Professional and personal use Guidance • How we use platforms here @TiffanyStJames
  • 22. Rebuttal & Mitigation • Ownership, with clear roles and responsibilities still key • Mainstream media has a vital role • People want clear, straightforward information • Speed • Social media is driven by trust in people, rather than organisations • The audience have the tools to investigate, record, publish and mobilise now Same Different Source: The Social Simulator
  • 23. Sometimes you’ll need to be two-faced Be a pedant for analytics Love your customers @TiffanyStJames
  • 24. Surprise and delight your customers @TiffanyStJames People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou
  • 25. Thank you! Social Media Strategist Tiffany St James @TiffanyStJames @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames
  • 26. Embedding digital and social media capability in organisations