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Career project paper2

  1. 1. Career Project SLS 1001 Tiffany Malcolm April 19th, 2012
  2. 2. Registered NurseAn R.N (Registered Nurse) main job is to administer nursing care to ill or injured persons. Doingso includes the following: Recording patients medical information and vital signs. Preparesrooms and sterile instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensures that the stock of supplies ismaintained. Prepares patients for, and assists with, examinations and treatments. They monitor,record and report symptoms and changes in patients conditions. Modifies patient treatment plansas indicated by patients responses and conditions. Discuss cases with physicians. Orderslaboratory and diagnostic tests and evaluates results. Directs and supervises less skilled nursingpersonnel. They monitor all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity. Maintainaccurate, detailed reports and records. This field did match the results of my assessment from the“Focus” which listed one of my top 2 results as a Social person, which they referred to as ahelper. The results showed that people in this work category generally enjoy teaching, caring forothers, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups. Howevermy results from my assessment from “Choices” were nowhere near the field of a registerednurse. For this career the three typical educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelorsdegree, an associate degree, or a diploma from an approved nursing program. Nurses mostcommonly enter the occupation by completing an associate degree or bachelors degree program.Individuals then must complete a national licensing examination in order to obtain a nursinglicense. Advanced practice nurses -- nurse-midwives, clinical nurse specialists, nurseanesthetists, and nurse practitioners -- need a masters degree. In all States, the District ofColumbia, and U.S. territories, students must graduate from an approved nursing program andpass a national licensing examination, known as the National Council Licensure Examination, orNCLEX-RN, in order to obtain a nursing license. Other eligibility requirements for licensurevary by State. The salary range for nursing is $44,190 to $95,130. The employment outlook inFlorida for this career is very good. Increasing growth is estimated to be 20%. Job opening isranked at 6,467 estimated annual job openings. In the state of Florida 154,451 people wereemployed in this occupation. I expected it to be the outlook that it is because I know it is a majorfield in the medical careers.
  3. 3. The connection I’ve chosen was the American Nurses Association. This website helps nurses andupcoming nurses with anything they need to know. It shows you how and when nurses shouldcertify and continue to recertify. It gives you additional information to if you want to furtheryour career with nursing. It reviews workplace safety so you can always update yourself on thesafety required for yourself and others.
  4. 4. At first I was not sure if I was picking the right career for myself and then after taken theassessments, I realize that in fact I am choosing a career for myself that I am made for and that Icould possibly be wonderful at. From Choices I learned that my working conditions areimportant to me and that I feel that I need a work position that has leadership opportunities aswell as opportunities for advancement. The only suggested career that I was interested in wasbecoming a model. I have done it before and it was fun however I prefer a career that has a stableamount of income that I know will be coming in each month. I am a person that has to havestability when it comes to money or I won’t feel comfortable and I will began to get stressed out,so I don’t believe I can go back to doing modeling. The occupation that I researched from the Gold Star list was an Registered Nurse. Thefull description of their job is to Recording patients medical information and vital signs.Prepares rooms and sterile instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensures that the stock ofsupplies is maintained. Prepares patients for, and assists with, examinations and treatments. Theymonitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients conditions. Modifies patienttreatment plans as indicated by patients responses and conditions. Their salary does rangedepending where and what city they work in but the average in Florida is $44,190 to $95,130 peryear.The connections I checked out for this career was theAmerican Nurses Association whichtheir website is From this particular website you learned what you needto do to establish yourself as a certified registered nurse. It updated you about safety procedures,and what you can do to further your career, if you are a nursing student. Since I am alsointerested in becoming a midwife I also looked at American College of Nurse-Midwives andtheir website is This website gave me the information about Becoming aMidwife, Continuing Education, Re-entry to Practice, Live Learning Center, Certification,
  5. 5. Accreditation and Preceptors. It gives a person professional resources, and if you become amember of the association it gave you member resources also. Based on what you have learned with this research what is your educational and careergoal? Based on the information I have gained with this research my educational and career goalwould to start out as a Registered Nurse and while I am working in that particular field tocontinue my education so I am able to become a midwife because I am very interested in thewhole maternity and birthing process of a child. I already wanted to become a midwife so thisresearch just further guided me in the correct direction so I may actually peruse what I want to doin life. I did not find any surprises however this project did help me because I am more aware ofwhat I need to become a RN and Midwife. I now know what it’s going to take for me to becomethese things and how and where I should start when it comes to my degree.
  6. 6. Nursing Nurses take care of sick and injured people. They give people medicine. They treatwounds. And they give emotional support to patients and their families. Nurses also teach peoplehow to take care of themselves and their families. Some nurses teach people about diet andexercise and how to follow doctors instructions. Some nurses run clinics and immunizationcenters.Nurses can focus on treating one type of patient, such as babies or children. They canalso focus on one type of problem. Some focus on helping doctors during surgery. Others workin emergency rooms or intensive care units. Nurses must graduate from a nursing program. It takes about 2 years of college to attainan associate degree in nursing. It takes about 4 years to finish a bachelors degree in nursing. Anda nursing diploma program usually takes about 3 years.Nursing education includes taking classesand hands-on learning with experienced nurses in hospitals and other places. This is calledclinical training.Nurses study anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, and nursingtheory.After graduating, nurses need to pass a test to get a nursing license. They have to takeclasses every few years to keep their skills current. In May 2008, nurses had average yearly wages of $65,130.Registered nurses are thelargest health care occupation. They held about 2.6 million jobs in 2008. About 3 out of 5worked in hospitals.Jobs for registered nurses will grow much faster than the average for alloccupations through 2018.New ways of helping people will let nurses treat more problems. Thenumber of older people who need more health care will grow very rapidly. They will need nursesto treat them when they get sick.
  7. 7. Hospitals will need nurses, but many new nurses will also work in home health, clinics,doctors offices, and nursing homes.Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, Physicaltherapists and Physician assistant are jobs that are in some why like RN. More BLS informationabout registered nurses can be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, at Teacher Teachers teach children to read, write, do math, and much more. They use games, videos,computers, and other tools to teach children different subjects.Teachers show students skills.They also explain information. Teachers plan their lessons before they teach which can take a lotof time.Teachers try to make their lessons easy to understand. They teach things in differentways so that different students can learn in the way that is easiest for them. Teachers might use achalkboard, a projector, or a computer. They make posters or worksheets before class starts.Teachers plan the schedule for the day. Most teachers have to teach what the principal tellsthem.Teachers also assign homework and class projects. They often have students work togetherto do projects. When students are not doing as well as they should, teachers help them.Afterclass, teachers grade papers and projects. They also create tests. They write students reportcards. And they meet with parents to try to help their children do better in school. Teacherssometimes go to workshops to learn how to teach better. Some teachers also help with sports orother after-school activities. All teachers in public schools must have a teaching certificate and a license to teach.Some are licensed to teach preschool through grade 3. Others are licensed to teach grades 1through 6 or 8. Some are licensed to teach middle school or high school. Some have a license to
  8. 8. teach a special subject.To be a teacher, you must pass tests in reading, writing, and othersubjects. And you have to keep learning. In some States, you have to get a masters degree. Youalso need computer training in some States. In May 2008, elementary school teachers had average yearly wages of $52,240. Middleschool teachers made an average of $52,570 each year, while high school teachers made $54,390each year. Special education teachers made slightly more than regular teachers.There were 4.5million jobs for teachers in 2008. Over the next 10 years will vary from good to excellent,depending on the place where they live and the subject they teach. Some schools are havingtrouble finding enough teachers, especially in cities. Today, many schools are looking for mathand science teachers as well as teachers who speak a foreign language and who can teach Englishas a second language. Coaches, Counselors, Education administrators, Employment interviewers, Librariansand Social workers are all like teachers in some sort of way because they help people. You canfind more information at A nurse and a teacher are alike in many ways. They both help people in the world. Anurse helps a person get better with health and teaches you and lets you know what your bodyneeds to help you function, while as a teacher helps you get through life by teaching you lifeskills that you will need such as math, reading, and writing. They are different because nursing isa medical field, whereas teaching is more of an educational field of study. If a nurse is going forher bachelors’, teaching and nursing require at least a 4 year college plan. They are connectedbecause, in order to have a nurse graduate in the long run there are many teachers teaching themwhat they need to know.