Visual Cover Letter for lululemon: Tiffany Leong


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Visual Cover Letter for lululemon: Tiffany Leong

  1. 1. Hello lululemon! My name is...Tiffany Leongand I’m moving to HONG KONG.
  2. 2. IInstead of applying with a traditional cover letter,I have the desire to distinguish myself from mediocrity.(and be one of the many fish in the sea)
  3. 3. The Community Connector in Hong Kong position ismy dream job and I’m your dream candidate.Let me explain!
  4. 4. I’m your dream candidate because I representlululemon and its culture.
  5. 5. I love running, cycling and trying new fitness activities...... but I’m a yogini at heart!
  6. 6. I’m a green juice connoisseur who loves to stayup-to-date with her knowledge on superfoodsand nutrition.(Yes, these are pictures from my Instagram feed!)
  7. 7. I even have an education thatscreams- HEALTH PROMOTION!
  8. 8. I’m all about turning my dreams and goalsinto reality.
  9. 9. I’m now a certified Bikram Yoga teacherand I’ve taught over 500 classes.No, I didn’t win - but I’m fluent inCantonese and I have a basic knowledgeof Mandarin. Also, I’m eligible to work inHong Kong.And here are some examples:
  10. 10. Finish my university degree, gain a couple years of workexperience in North America and return to Hong Kong foremployment within the next 10 years.My current 10-year-goal is:(Goal was conceived in 2004 after my pageant.)
  11. 11. I’m your dream candidate because I have theskill set to get the job done.
  12. 12. I am a confident andupbeat extrovertwho is also savvy insocial media.(My connections with mavens and influencers would gobeyond face-to-face encounters.)(I was a social media butterfly in the yoga community when I was running mypersonal blog- It had over 100,000 page views.)
  13. 13. I have over 3 years of event planning andmarketing experience.I marketed and executed a total of 9 large-scalefundraisers for the BC Lung Association.
  14. 14. I also have a strong retail background.I worked at Aritzia for over 4 years in both a sales anda managerial capacity.(The sales floor is another place where I shine like a diamond!)
  15. 15. Lastly, the Community Connector in Hong Kong position is adream job for me because...
  16. 16. With or without this position, I’ll be obsessedwith finding the latest and greatest yoga andfitness classes when I’m in Hong Kong...... so it sounds too good tobe true if this became my jobdescription!
  17. 17. It’s my intent to be living in Hong Kongand working a job that fulfills mypassions.
  18. 18. I truly believe that I’m destined to work for lululemon.
  19. 19. Want to meet me?
  20. 20. Let’s get in touch!Tiffany
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