Deciphering Facebook Insights


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A brief overview of some of the more useful information you can find (and how to interpret it) in Facebook Insights.

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Deciphering Facebook Insights

  1. 1. DecipheringFacebook Insights Is virality something youreach for with your engaged users who are talking about this?* *Note, that sentence is not supposed to make sense
  2. 2. Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive lookat all aspects of Facebook Insights. There may be more useful tidbits outside what is presented herebut this is what, in my experience,I have found to be the most helpful.
  3. 3. Getting some Insight
  4. 4. Statistics! All the way across the sky!STOP
  5. 5. Goals before Tools• Who are you trying to connect with?• What information do you want to communicate?• Why are you using a Facebook page vs another tool?• How can your fans find your Page and its content?• When will you post and how often?
  6. 6. Facebook:Demographics Translation:Who likes you?
  7. 7. Start with a baseline• General US Facebook user stats as of 12.3.2012 (via 30% 25% 46% 20% 54% 15% 10% 5% female male 0% 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Age
  8. 8. Find your likesNope, don’t need to look at this yet
  9. 9. Compare your audience
  10. 10. And where they are from• Does your audience live locally?• Do you have more than one predominant language?
  11. 11. Who are you talking to?• Are your gender/age demographics significantly different than the general averages?• Is this who you want to be interacting with?• Can you tailor your posts based on where your main audience lives?• Is there a new audience for your Page?
  12. 12. Facebook: Reach *This includes Translation:anyone (fans, friends of fans, ad viewers)who saw any of your content (posts, (How) are comments, photos, ads) anywhere on Facebook (News folks*seeing your posts? Feed, on your Page, Ticker)
  13. 13. Didn’t FB just change this? facebook_i_want_my_friends_back upset-with-facebook-promoted-posts/
  14. 14. Yes...well, not really killing-rumors-with-facts-no-facebook-• In Sept. 2012 they adjusted didnt-decrease-page-news-feed-reach- to-sell-more-promoted-posts/ EdgeRank to reduce spam.• Only the “best” content is seen by the fans who are most likely to interact with it.• Reach percentages haven’t facebook-conspiring-marketers-to-buy-ads/ changed significantly, you never got 100% before
  15. 15. The solution? (Continue to) produce interesting, shareable, engaging content.If it’s good, folks will see it (and share it)
  16. 16. The Reach Tab: Yet another giant page of charts and graphs And really only one bit of useful information
  17. 17. How did they find you? Reach Tab:What folks were looking at on your Page, and how they got there Note for later: Likes Tab: what post caused this? Where folks clicked “like” for your Page
  18. 18. Facebook:Virality & Engagement Translation: Do they like your content?
  19. 19. Time to examine your posts
  20. 20. Details, details
  21. 21. ReachNumber of peoplewho saw the post in any format(fan’s News Feed,friend’s comment or like, etc.)
  22. 22. Engaged UsersNumber of people who clicked on your post or something in it.
  23. 23. TalkingAbout ThisPeople who shared,liked or commented on your post. Note: This is a breakdown of the “Stories Generated” referenced in the “Engaged Users” metric
  24. 24. Virality Talking About This Of the folks who saw this post, Reach how many liked itenough to interact?
  25. 25. Figure out what works• What type of content is most popular? (Chances are it’s photos and videos)• Does a topic always generate interaction?• Does a topic spur unlikes or spam tagging?• Is there a particular time or day of the week that you get more interaction?
  26. 26. Looking back in time• You can manually export data to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV in 500 post increments going back to July 19, 2011
  27. 27. Moral of the StoryInteresting Content = Good Insight(s)• Let the statistics serve as a guide, don’t live or die by them• 100 engaged users > 10,000 indifferent fans• Create posts that people want to share
  28. 28. Thank You• Keep in touch: @tb623 or @wm_creative on Twitter (or• Official Facebook Guides: Facebook Page Insights: Product Guide for Facebook Page owners Building your presence with Facebook Pages: A guide for educators
  29. 29. Questions to Ask• Who are you trying to connect with?• What information do you want to communicate?• Why are you using a Facebook page vs another tool?• How can your fans find your Page and its content?• When will you post and how often?