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Complete makeovers of your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and wardrobes is our specialty. Your new bathroom renovation, kitchen, or en suite is just a phone call away. Whether you want to renovate, or remodel.

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Bathroom renovations melbourne

  1. 1. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation.Bathroom Renovations Professionally Designed, Built and Project ManagedQuality bathroom renovators, smarterBATHROOMS guarantee an amazing finishfor your bathroom or kitchen renovation: Full Interior Design service by qualified designers Specialist Bathroom and Kitchen Renovator Guaranteed Completion Date - Or WE pay YOU $100 per day until its done! See what you will get at our Showroom and Selection Centre - Open 6 days per week. Superb quality workmanship 10 Day fast-track option. 7 year guarantee on workmanship 10 Year Guarantee on Waterproofing Detailed, well laid out professional design and itemised costing within a week. Structural Work Value for MoneyGet started on your award winning design today, with Melbournes largestbathroom renovator.Complete makeovers of your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and wardrobes is ourspecialty.Your new bathroom renovation, kitchen, or en suite is just a phone call away.Whether you want to renovate, or remodel.
  2. 2. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation.Picking Appropriate AndAttractive BathroomDesignsHome renovation is a costly project that mustbe planned very well with ample amount oftime. If there is a small portion of your housethat needs to be fixed, then a minor renovationwill do. You don’t have to alter the whole placeif not necessary because it will just cost a plentyof money. As long as it looks okay then fix thearea in which there is a damage to restore itsbeauty and value.Every section of a house is important however,the most needed section when it comes toconvenience is the comfort room. Therefore,individuals should learn how to keep it cleanand cool. If you are planning to remodel it, youmust look for modern and attractive bathroomdesigns so that you will have many choices toselect from. Find the one that would fit to yourhome’s interior design to make your placebecome high class.It’s good to live in an abode wherein there areuseful stuff like domestic appliances, gadgets,equipment, vehicles, and more. In addition, it’salso perfect to reside in a place where thingsare well-arranged and every section is attractiveand clean to look at. You don’t have to turnyour bathroom into a super luxurious. What’simportant is that you can make it look good andalways clean.Nowadays, the smartest thing to do is bepractical in anyways in order for us to get bigsavings from what we are buying every day.When you plan to make a minor renovationmost especially in your comfort room, youshould set a budget for it and make a plan thatwill match to your funds. Keep in mind thatyour objective is to enhance your bathroom inthe most affordable way. Focus on somethingwhich is innovative yet avoid those things thatwill cost too much money.With the help of a professional interiordesigner, you can achieve the right design foryour bathroom without overspending yourmoney on that project. Just select a design orscheme which is within your reach yet the levelof quality is great. In addition to this, you canalso make use of the internet to search forvarious and latest designs which have sensibleprices.Moreover, you can also personalize it on yourown effort if you want to practice yourcreativity like in painting it with bright colors.Make sure that you are good in combiningcolors to make it look cool. Try to look forbathroom showrooms over the web to discovermore unique designs. You can ask theassistance of an expert architect to get itperfectly and rapidly done.How to Do BathroomRenovations withBudgetary ConstraintsBathroom is one area in our housethat consumes most attention whenit comes to cleaning. For us to enableto maintain and restore the structureand cleanliness of our shower area aswell as the toilet, we are spendingsome cash. When time passes by, thestructures began to deform and gets
  3. 3. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation.far looking from the picture when it isnewly built. You are experiencingeconomic crisis and you arewondering how to make bathroomrenovations that are within yourbudget. This article may assist you inthe process.Primarily, it would help you better ifyou work with a budget on hand. It isimportant to consider the degree ofhow much you can afford thematerials needed in the making. Thisis the your most crucial aspect beforestarting any procedure. Be mindfulthat your lavatory is weighed as yourkitchen or better yet, your livingroom. Thus you are decided to do therenovation plan despite the fact thatyou are facing financial limitations,you should consider getting a not sohighly paid constructor but reliableone. Supplies and materials neededshould also be checked at price aswell as the labor and otherexpenditures.Having an accessible plan forrenovating your shower room is vitalparticularly if you are situated onrigid finances. That plan will help youcarry out the process by part. You canstart fixing the area according to thepotion that is in accordance to yourmain concern. Doing so may help youorganize the renovation and will notlet your mind struggle. Your bath tubmay be put in the last priority sinceyou could consider it as yoursanctuary from your stressful work.You will have all the remaining timeto make it as how you wanted it tolook like.When it comes to equipments andresources, you have the option to useyour fund in the best possible wayyou could. You could buy materialsthat are cheap yet sturdy and have along lasting use. Do not think thathence you have a limited account,you will just buy some things that areaffordable at price nevertheless canbe easily damage. Your bathroommaterials such as your bath tub, toiletbowl or sink should have the qualityto survive long periods of time. Learnto window shop so that you will havethe option which to buy that containsgood properties of a toilet room stuff.The internet can be a good help insearching and choosing the bestnonetheless in a reasonable price.We know that most renovationscorresponds certain amount ofmoney for it to be done properly.Though most of us agree that thebigger the budget we have, the morewe can do to smarten the appearanceof such area, however, not all thetime. When we are talking about
  4. 4. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation.bathroom designs, we are notspeaking about money. We arediscussing the ability on how to savemoney buying the most affordablematerials with a reliable value.Interesting BathroomDesigns That You CanApply At Your HomeBathroom designs has revolutionizedas the years have passed. A tub wasjust the basic necessity for bathinghundreds of years ago. In othercountries, showers are not evenused. Some would prefer to use a pailto store water and a dipper to scoopit and pour to their bodies. Even totake a bath in those days are alreadya luxury. But now, almost everybodytakes a bath once or twice a day. Ithas become a necessity and of courseit is for hygienic purposes also.The look of bathrooms has evolved.It has become sophisticated andgrand. Here are some populardesigns that might interest you.CONVENTIONALThis style will work for cottages andvillas where the kind of living is morelaid back. It consists of a bath, asunken or inset tub, a faucet that canbe either be mounted on the wall ora free-standing one. The motif isusually refined in terms of colors. Ituses both soft- earthy tones andstronger ones like browns, greens,maroons, which add warmth to thespace. Antique looking chandelierscan be installed to light up the room.Dress the windows with curtains withplain draperies. The vanity area willlook classy if cherry or an oak finishwill be applied.Enhance the walls by putting upframed photos that are printed inblack in white. Use gold, silver, black,or white frames. Put a corner tablewith fresh flowers on a vase andsome scented candles. To finish it up,a large intricately designed mirror willmake the area look bigger.COUNTRYThis is somewhat the same as thetraditional bathroom. The walls arecovered with floral wallpapers andcurtains are printed with plaids orcheckered. Create a nostalgic look byadding baths made from cast ironand sanitary wares that are deepridged.The furniture and cabinets should bemade from wood such as maple, ash,beech, and oak. The flooring can
  5. 5. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation.either be wood tiles, mosaic, oranything in rustic colors. Light up theroom with posh lamps. Brighten upthe area by arranging some flowersand put it on top of the toilet tank ornear the sink.MODERNA contemporary themed emphasizeson space saving. Most of thefurniture are installed on the wall.Chrome and stainless are mostly usedfor the fixtures and towel rails.Cistern units are concealed to make itmore pleasing to the eyes instead ofthe traditional toilet tank. Walk-inshower baths are more popular andsome homeowners even add showerenclosure in chrome structure.Use subtle prints and colors for thetiles. Make sure it matches withchrome and the gloss of the walls andof the furnishings. Avoid usingcurtains, instead, go with roller blindswhich are more stylish and modernly.Check-out bathroom showrooms inyour area to give you fresher ideas onwhat you can do with your ownspace. By renovating it and making itbeautiful, it can add value to yourproperty which will pave the way foryou to demand a much higher pricefrom your prospect buyers.