IPC Annual Meeting 2013


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IPC Annual Meeting 2013

  2. 2. AgendaWelcomeIPC’s MissionBoard of GovernorsHighlights & AccomplishmentsAlumni of Color Initiative (AOCI)Treasurers ReportCommittee ReportsNew Volunteer InitiativesMembership FeedbackClosing
  3. 3. IPC’s Mission
  4. 4. Establishment of IPCIPC was formed in honor of:Inman Page and George Washington Milford, the firstknown Black undergraduates of Brown University in theclass of 1877Ethel T. Robinson, the first known female Blackundergraduate of Pembroke College in the class of1905All of the Black students who have followed in the paththat they clearedIPC was established on April 14, 2000
  5. 5. IPC MissionStrengthen Brown University by directly addressing the needs andconcerns of its Black alumniEstablish a productive interaction among Black alumni, students,faculty, and staffChannel energies toward broadening opportunities for members ofthe Black community in and around Brown UniversityMaximize Black alumni participation in the life of the University.Collaborate with organizations that further the interests of BrownUniversity, including, but not limited to, the Brown Alumni Association(BAA)
  6. 6. Board of Governors
  7. 7. IPC Board of GovernorsKaren McLaurin 74 – PresidentTiffani Scott 98 – President ElectCrystal Cochren 95 – SecretaryAdrienne Jones 93 – TreasurerHarold Bailey 70 – AOCBernicestine McLeod Bailey 68 – AOCBrickson Diamond 93 – AOCShane McGregor 95 – CommunicationsDenise Bledsoe Slaughter ‘75 – CommunicationsLydia Boddie Rice ‘76 – CommunicationsNicole Clare 99 – FundraisingAlissa Mayers 03 – FundraisingLeland McGee 77 – By-LawsJudith Sanford-Harris 74 – University PolicyTuneen Chisolm 84 – Chapter Development ATLSteven Hunter 99 – Chapter Development ChicagoDwight Vidale 05 – Chapter Development NYCDeshaun Mars 09 – Chapter Development NYCJustin Coles 10 – Alumni Student MentoringMargaret Stevens, PhD ‘09 – Alumni Student MentoringAndrea O’Neal ‘03 – Alumni Student MentoringDarwyn Parker-Harris 75 – Black Alumni ReunionTony Teat 88 – Black Male MatriculationEldridge Gilbert 05 – Black MatriculationNeil Roberts 98 – Africana Studies Liaison
  8. 8. Highlights & Accomplishments
  9. 9. IPC’s Recent AccomplishmentsIn 2010, IPC hosted the Black Alumni Reunion, the largest gathering ofblack alumni and friends in Brown’s history (total of 324 alumni attendedfrom the class of 1948 to 2010)In 2011, successfully established the IPC Endowed Scholarship by raising$323,526In 2012, successfully established the Ruth J. Simmons Africana StudiesEndowed Fund by raising $111,600In 2012, in partnership with other affinity groups, successfully establishedthe TWTP Endowed Fund by raising $108,071In 2012, the first all-female Executive Committee was voted in
  10. 10. 2012-13 AccomplishmentsJuly 2012Redefined existing Committee roles and responsibilitiesCreated an IPC Fundraising CommitteeCreated Africana Studies Liaision CommitteeAugust 2012Held an orientation for all Board members in NYCIPC partnered with AOCI at TWTP fundraising event in NYCOctober 2012Sponsored Alumni-Student Mixer at TWC
  11. 11. 2012-13 AccomplishmentsJanuary 2013Hosted Presidential Inaugural event in D.C.March 2013Adopt-a-Student Program LaunchedIPC co-sponsored Black Men’s & Women’s Appreciation CeremonyHosted by StudentsApril 2013IPC Mentoring Program LaunchedNYC chapter participates in Unity eventIPC t-shirts sent out to Early Decision studentsDues Program Initiated
  12. 12. Alumni of Color Initiative (AOCI)
  13. 13. IPC Community ChallengeIPC Community Brown Annual Fund (BAF) ScholarshipChallengeRecently, IPC was presented with the opportunity to add asecond IPC ScholarshipFunded by Lynette Allison Carr ’79, Roosevelt Robinson ’78,Derek Medina ’88, and an anonymous donor, a four-year$100,000 IPC scholarship will be providedWe must meet a participation rate of 749 IPC alumnicontributing to the Brown Annual Fund (BAF)As of May 22, we have 413 IPC donors (53% of goal)Any size donation will count toward the Challenge!Deadline: June 30, 2013
  14. 14. AOCI Endowment TotalsCash Goal % of GoalRJS Africana Studies $18,132 $50,000 36%TWTP $44,117 $50,000 88%* As of May 22, 2013
  15. 15. Treasurer’s Report
  16. 16. IPC Annual BudgetProgram Funding is $7,000 annuallyStandard recurring expenses include:Board & Annual Meetings - $2,500Kente stoles for ONYX ceremony - $2,100Regional Chapters - $1,200T-shirts for Early Decision students - $825Student Sponsorship Support - $750E-mail Marketing - $425Gift Account Balance is $20,367
  17. 17. Adopt-A-Student Program
  18. 18. New Fundraising InitiativesAnnual Dues ProgramProvide additional resources for day-to-day expensesSupport undergraduate on and off campus initiatives/projectsProvide seed money for regional chapter events and initiativesAdopt-A-StudentProvide alumni with the opportunity to support students who havebeen accepted to Brown University as well as new graduatesEach year, IPC purchases t-shirts to welcome new students kentestoles to congratulate black graduates during the ONYXceremony during Commencement WeekendThe traditions we are trying to fund with this effort are importantrites of passage in the Black community at Brown and should becontinued.
  19. 19. Black Alumni Reunion
  20. 20. Next Black Alumni Reunion: Oct. 18-20, 2013Purpose: Strengthens the social and professional networkof alumni and students across classes and decadesDemonstrates vastness of alumni network to currentstudentsIncreases percentage of black alumni who donateIncreases alumni engagement with the UniversityIncreases volunteerismBuilds partnerships with faculty and student groupsRaises funds for the Alumni of Color Initiative throughcorporate and individual donations
  21. 21. BAR 2010 Survey ResultsHow likely are you to attend BAR 2013?Very Likely – 51%Likely – 38%Not Likely – 11%I am interested in attending a reunion when otheralumni of color are also convening on campus.Yes – 63%No – 5%Indifferent – 32%
  22. 22. BAR 2010 Survey ResultsDid you attend the last Black Alumni Reunion in 2010?Yes – 40%No – 60%As a result of attending the Black Alumni Reunion:I feel more connected to Brown – 72%I feel more connected to other Black alumni – 84%I am more likely to donate to AOCI – 66%Overall, did you enjoy the Black Alumni Reunion in 2010?Yes – 98%No – 2%
  23. 23. BAR 2013 Planning UpdatePre-Registration 310 alumni registered1970-1979: 14%1980-1989: 35%1990-1999: 16%2000-2009: 13%2010-2013: 19%Current Students: 4%Register at www.prebrownbar2013.eventbrite.comPanel Discussion TopicsLegacy of Leadership / Staying Involved with Brown & IPC (IPC Presidents)1968 Walkout and History of Black Activism at Brown (moderated by Harold Bailey ’70)Race & Ethnicity (moderated by Spencer Crew ’71)Intergenerational RelationsLife on Campus TodayInteractive Workshop – Arts/Crafts/Dance/Acting
  24. 24. Black Alumni Reunion SponsorshipInterested parties (alumni and stakeholders) will be able topurchase journal advertisements in the Black Alumni ReunionProgram Booklet. The levels are as follows:$7,500 = Full page ad$5,000 = Half page ad$2,500 = business card sized adSponsorships for 2013Brown Alumni Association – $20,000Oscar Groomes 82 – $5,000Travelers Insurance through Joelle Hayes 95 – $5,000 (TBC)One United Bank through Teri Williams 79 – TBC
  25. 25. Alumni-Student Mentoring Program
  26. 26. Alumni-Student Mentoring ProgramThe IPC Alumni-Student Relations Committee is thrilled to announce theofficial launch of the IPC Mentoring Program. The program kicked off inmid-April with a total inaugural class of 96 alumni and students, paired fora one-on-one mentoring experience. It also is the first of its kind and scaleacross any Brown alumni affinity group.Slated to conclude in Mid-September 2013, this 6-month formal period willaim to strengthen communication and resource sharing betweenundergraduates and the alumni base.Participants range from the class of 1973 to the class of 2016.It is our goal that through pointed mentorship, students find success in fullyutilizing the Brown network to further their personal and professionaldevelopment.We look forward to more updates as the program gets underway and toyour future participation as we think about any next classes of mentors &mentees.Feel free to contact the Committee at brown.ipc.mentoring@gmail.com
  27. 27. Local Chapter Development
  28. 28. Chapter DevelopmentCurrent State: IPC local chapters are critical to the long-term success of IPC andBrown’s affinity group goals. Efforts in cities such as New York, Atlanta, andPhiladelphia have experienced varying degrees of success over the years. Thefollowing chapter guidelines are being established:Formalization of Working Relationship – To ensure the success of efforts toorganize IPC chapters, there must be a formal process and uniform standards forconstituting them.Communication – There must be an open line of communication between IPCnational and the IPC chapters that operates in an environment of transparency andmutual respect.Singularity of Purpose – IPC national and IPC chapters must work together toensure the chapter activities are aligned with IPC national goals and activities.Direction and Leadership – Alumni seeking to form chapters need active supportand guidance from IPC national to provide a clear vision of how IPC chapters canand should further the IPC mission.
  29. 29. IPC Membership by RegionTop Three RegionsNY/ NJ/ PA Combined: 790DC/ MD/ VA Combined: 468RI/ MA/ CT Combined: 392Top StatesNew York 544California 273Maryland 224Massachusetts 209Arizona 177New Jersey 156DC 148
  30. 30. Atlanta Chapter Update
  31. 31. Atlanta Chapter UpdateIPC Atlanta was well represented by four IPC members at the Atlanta"Brown in Your Town" Reception for New Admits, which took place onSunday, April 21, 2013. There were a fair number of African Americanadmitted students at the reception, and other students of color.In honor of the late Danielle Dunlap 10, IPC Atlanta adopted her almamater, Mays High School. Danielle formerly worked as a MinorityRecruitment Intern for Brown Admissions and she was volunteering in thePeace Corps in Ghana when she recently passed away. IPC AtlantasScholarship Committee will work with Mays High counselors to identify andnominate students applicants for Summer@Brown 2013 NSF Fellowships inMicrobiology, Neuroscience, and Bioinformatics & Computer Science.IPC Atlanta recently established a listserv using Google Groups, to betterenable communications to and among the membership, the new emailaddress for the chapter is IPCinAtlanta@gmail.com
  32. 32. Chicago Chapter Update
  33. 33. Chicago Chapter UpdateThe Chicago Chapter hosted a reception for newlyadmitted students and their parents on April 28,2013Alumni Steven Hunter, Allison Harris, Carla Green,Lisa Haley-Huff, Dr. Surrenthia Parker, Dr. RhondaGans, Lilla Fisher treated the guests to stories aboutour experiences at Brown and answered questionsfrom students and parentsNext IPC Chicago Event is "Summer Send-off/TrunkParty"
  34. 34. Black Male Enrollment
  35. 35. Quantifying the ProblemTRENDS AT BROWNBlack Students by Gender 2001-2011
  36. 36. TRENDS AT BROWNLatino Students by Gender 2001-2011Quantifying the Problem
  37. 37. A NATIONWIDE PROBLEM – disparities between application,matriculation and graduation rates between Black male and Blackfemale students has been studied in several university systemsnationwide.Successful Solutions -University System of Georgia Black Male Initiative6-Year Graduation Rates for first-time, full-time African Americanmale students rose from 28.95% to 40.35% (increase of 11.40%)from 2003 to 2011The number of bachelor’s degrees conferred annually to African-American males increased by 58.11% from 2003 to 2011Identifying Solutions
  38. 38. Common Success FactorsWHO: Campus & Community Role ModelsUpperclassmenFacultyStaffAlumniParentsUniversity AdministrationIdentifying Solutions
  39. 39. MESSAGING:“You Belong Here”“Your Concerns Are Legitimate”“Other Have Done It & So Can You”“Educational Excellence”“Seeking Help Is Strength, Not Weakness”Identifying Solutions
  40. 40. HOW:Starting Early (4th & 5th Grade)Raise Awareness with University AdministrationUtilize/ Modify Existing Support ProgramsFocused Mentoring ProgramsConsistency & Vigilance (the most successful initiatives havetracked results over 10 years or more)Identifying Solutions
  41. 41. Next StepsGAIN INSIGHT INTO BROWN RECRUITING & ADMISSIONS PRACTICES -communicate with the Admissions Office to determine what steps they are currentlytaking and how we can impact themUNDERSTAND THE UNDERGRADUATE EXPERIENCE OF CURRENT STUDENTS -gather anecdotal accounts from current students and recent alumni form relationshipswith individual students and organizationsCOORDINATE WITH OTHER IPC COMMITTEES TO CREATE/ MODIFY SUCCESSFULPROGRAMSBlack MatriculationStudent/ Alumni MentoringAfro-American StudiesRAISE AWARENESS & COORDINATE WITH UNIVERSITY PROGRAMSAdmissionsInstitutional DiversityTWTPOther
  42. 42. Sub-Committee Members• Judith Sanford-Harris ‘74 (ex officio)• Eldridge Gilbert ‘05 (ex officio)• Robinson Alston ‘84• Thierry Fortune ’84• Rich Gray ‘85• Marc Harrigan ’91• Robert L. Greene, Jr. ‘92• William E. Collier III ‘03• Jamal Hill ‘11New Members are always welcome!
  43. 43. New Volunteer Initiatives
  44. 44. Membership CommitteeTwo alumni co-chairs sought to lead the newlyestablished Membership CommitteeResponsibilities include:Tracking alumni volunteer participationSending thank-you emails to volunteersProviding the Brown Alumni Office with lists of peopleworking on IPCs behalf via its various committee’s workKeeping alumni informed about IPC initiatives and activitiesat major events on and off campusCollaborate with the Treasurer and Fundraising committee
  45. 45. Membership Feedback
  46. 46. Closing