Workflow Driven Application Development v1.0


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Workflow Driven Application Development v1.0

  1. 1. Tien Soon Technical Consulting Technical Training Open Source Community Building Enterprise Support
  2. 2. How to Adopt a Software Solution? Internally identify the project scope Appoint a vendor Internal expertise ? In-house development yes no Requirements gathering flowcharts Develop / customize based on process flows defined TestingDeployment Really?
  3. 3. But, Business Evolves • So, business process (the flow of doing something) will change • And this leads to a famous term in the IT solution industry – change request • Changing process flow means changing the core of a system! • And… changing the core means, changing a lot of codes, which will potentially break something or create more bugs, and that has to be addressed by lengthy testing cycle too • Cost = professional manday rate * time
  4. 4. How to Minimize Changes? • As long as a software system / solution is in used, it’s natural to expect changes, unless the business doesn’t evolve!
  5. 5. What’s easy to change in the business model should be easy to change in your architecture
  6. 6. Process-Driven Application Design • Software is coded based on process requirements translated from business stakeholders • When a process flow is changed, the flowchart presented by business users is also modified to reflect the latest business rules • So WHY NOT we automate a process from the flowchart?
  7. 7. Joget Workflow • Open source (GPLv3) • Workflow management system (process automation) • Designed for people-driven human workflow • Key components (but there are more): – Workflow Designer – Form Builder – Workflow Engine • Current latest release-version is v2.0.0 • Focused on usability simplicity • 14k downloads in the first year • Anything else? Tell you MORE after the demo ;)
  8. 8. Thailand Rocks Thailand is ranked #1 Joget Worklflow downloads by country
  9. 9. DEMO Automate Leave Approval Process in 10 Minutes
  10. 10. Just a Few Simple Steps 1. Design the Leave Approval Process using Workflow Designer 2. Configure participant mapping 3. Design data forms using Form Builder 4. Map system activities to relevant plugins
  11. 11. The Built-in Sample Organization Structure
  12. 12. What Have You Seen in The Demo? • System is automated based on process design • The business rule / flow changes can be easily applied (there’s also a versioning control mechanism) • Data can be captured using forms designed with Form Builder • Plugin-oriented architecture allows automation of system activities and integration
  13. 13. LET ME READ YOUR MIND I’ll Answer Some Questions That I’m Seeing in Your Eyes
  14. 14. Mobile Support
  15. 15. What Kind of Process Can I Automate with Joget Workflow? • Any process that you can illustrate using flowchart • One or more datelines can be defined on a workflow activity, and a series of other activities / actions could be triggered when the “timed-bomb” is hit • A workflow participant (use case actor) can be defined as user(s), group(s) of users, performer of an activity, organization chart, workflow variable or even a plugin
  16. 16. Can I Develop the Forms in Other Platforms? • YES, you can build advanced forms in any web platform, such as Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails and Python, and map the form URL to a workflow activity running in Joget Workflow • For example, we can call credit card payment form running in external system from a process designed in Joget Workflow
  17. 17. Is Joget Workflow a Document Management System? • NO. Joget Workflow itself is not any specific vertical solution. • But, you can use Joget Workflow as the workflow engine of a solution (eg DMS, HR, Sales, CRM), to automate processes / flows
  18. 18. How Can I Integrate a Solution with Joget Workflow? • Using Joget Workflow as the workflow engine of a vertical solution, integration can be achieved using JavaScript AJAX and JSON APIs readily available in Joget Workflow. – Task inbox embedding – Single Sign On (SSO) – Start a process, retrieve pending tasks, accept or complete a task, get workflow variable values, and more … from external system • JSON API can be called from any platform
  19. 19. How Can I Integrate a Solution with Joget Workflow?
  20. 20. How Long Has Joget Workflow Been Around? • Celebrating 1st anniversary on 30th Oct • Top 10 countries of Joget Workflow adoption (19th Sep – 19th Oct 2010)
  21. 21. The Global Enterprise IT is Putting Attention on Open Source Adoption • Accenture survey from 300 large organizations in both the private and public sector (5th Aug 2010) finds: – 69% anticipate increased investment in 2010 – 38% expecting to migrate mission-critical software to open source in the next 12 months – 50% are fully committed to open source in their business
  22. 22. Q&A