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The preso presented in Bangkok at a seminar invited by Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), on 3rd Aug 2011

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Joget workflow v3 - Software Business Made Easy

  1. 1. Joget Workflow v3 Software Business Made Easy Tien Soon. Law VP of Technical Consultancy, Open Dynamics© 2010 Open Dynamics 1
  2. 2. sawadee krap, pom chue Tiensoon krap• From Malaysia• Responsible for consulting, training, enterprise support and community building for Joget Workflow• BP Group Certified Process Master• MIM Certified Professional Trainer• @tiensoon @jogetworkflow
  3. 3. AgendaBuild Business Application, The Codeless Way i. Challenges in building business applications ii. Introduction to Joget Workflow iii. Demo iv. How open source model benefits the ecosystem
  4. 4. Business Application Consists ofProcess Flows Business Rules Approved == ‘Yes’ Approved == ‘No’CRUD Forms Reports Create Read Update Delete
  5. 5. And No Matter Which SoftwareDevelopment Methodology We Adopt …
  6. 6. Requirement Changes are Inevitable
  7. 7. Requirement Changes are Inevitable• After Functional Specification sign-off• During development• During User Acceptance Test• After deployment• .• ..• …• During maintenance phase
  8. 8. No One Likes ChangesCustomer Software Developer• Timeline affected • Timeline affected• May cost $ for change request • May lead to project scope creep • May hurt software quality • . • .. • May even lead to software developer leaving the company!
  9. 9. The Challenge is Not How We Can BestAvoid Changes,but …How We Can Quickly Adapt Our Softwareto Requirement Changes
  10. 10. With Joget Workflow, we can save atleast 35% of our time spent on softwaredevelopment
  11. 11. What is Joget Workflow ?
  12. 12. Open Source Software
  13. 13. Workflow Application Builder • Workflow Engine • Workflow Designer • Form Builder • Datalist Builder • Userview Builder
  14. 14. Focuses on Simplicity
  15. 15. A demo is worth a thousand words
  16. 16. Supports Product Extensibility withComprehensive Plugin Architecture
  17. 17. Supports Integration with ExternalSystems via RESTful JSON APIs &JavaScript AJAX APIs JSON / JavaScript
  18. 18. Rapid Growth From 19 downloads in Oct 2009, to 40,000 total downloads recorded in Jul 2011
  19. 19. Supports i18n Community-driven translation projects:
  20. 20. Strong Traction 800 adopter sites 600 community members 19 partners
  21. 21. Community Engagement Highlights• Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2011: – Open311 Center, USA • Joget Workflow is a platform component in the implementation of Open311 Center – a project accepted into GSoC 2011, led by Code for America.• Google Apps, Drupal, WordPress, Twillio: – Community Plugins • Various community plugins to integrate Joget Workflow with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Drupal, WordPress, and Twillio’s cloud community API.
  22. 22. Why BPM ?
  23. 23. Business Process Management (BPM)Software Market Size• Gartner: – Gartner estimates that the size of the BPMS market in 2009 totaled $1.9 billion in revenue, compared with $1.6 billion in 2008 — an increase of 15%. (Oct 18, 2010) – In Asia/Pacific, respondents expected strong increases in BPM spending, with 25% of respondents indicating that spending growth was likely to exceed 10%. (July 8, 2011)
  24. 24. Business Process Management (BPM)Software Market Size• Forrester: – Business process management (BPM) license, services, and maintenance revenue from software vendors will grow from approximately $1.6 billion in 2006 to $6.3 billion by 2011. (July 30, 2007)
  25. 25. How Much Did Companies Spend on BPMin 2009?• BPTrends: – 53% of the respondents reported that their companies spent under $500,000 on process work. (2010)
  26. 26. BPM software has a huge marketpotential; but more than half spent lessthan US$ 500,000 on implementation.This is a very good fit for open sourceBPM software!
  27. 27. ?Why Open Source
  28. 28. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs areshallow• Source code is one of the deliverables• 600 community members• Beta release is tested in use cases of multiple localities
  29. 29. All users benefit from everyone’scontributions• Translated into a number of popular languages in the world• Community-driven knowledge base and forums
  30. 30. You only pay for what you need, andwhen you need to.
  31. 31. Viral and rapid growth• 40,000 downloads and 800 adopter sites in less than 2 years.• In other words, 800 sales funnels in less than 2 years! And this is the real values for local partners collaborating with us.
  32. 32. How is software business made easy withJoget Workflow ?
  33. 33. There is no clear leader (yet) in the BPMSmarket for this gap:• Open source• Simplicity-driven• InexpensiveAnd Joget Workflow is gunning for thisposition.
  34. 34. You, as system integrator (SI) orindependent software vendor (ISV), focuson:• Creating web apps with Joget Workflow• Integrating Joget Workflow into your solution
  35. 35. We, Joget Workflow developers, will takecare on the product enhancements, andmaking sure you save 35% of your time!
  36. 36. Implementation Highlights• Government: – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia • Implemented in the eHuman Capital Development (eHCD) portal • Automate 7 types of grant scheme • Each grant scheme is made up of 11 modules• Education: – Institut Teknologi Telkom, Indonesia • Automate administrative processes for student intake and enrollment
  37. 37. MOSTI’s eHCD
  38. 38. Implementation Highlights• Finance & Investment: – Cradle Investment Programme, Malaysia • Implemented in the management system of CIP500 grant, a funding scheme for Malaysian technology entrepreneurs • Automate the grant application, fund disbursements, and tracking of more than 800 companies – OSK Nusadana Securities, Indonesia • Automate Trading Limit Adjustment process • 7 branches
  39. 39. Implementation Highlights• Oil & Gas: – Society of Petroleum Engineers, USA • Automate conference registration process, integrated with e-payment gateway – Gas Malaysia, Malaysia • Automate operational processes – IT service request, vehicle service request, office equipment request• Construction: – Saudi Binladen Group, Saudi Arabia • Automate HR processes for construction sites that have 20 over thousands employees each
  40. 40. Implementation Highlights• Human Resource: – BrightMove, USA • Integrate with SaaS-based recruiting and staffing products• Hotels & Resorts: – Mikie Holiday Resort and Hotel, Indonesia • Automate leave application and approval process for more than 200 staffs
  41. 41. Services Provided by Open Dynamics• Training – Basic (for non-technical business process owners) – Advanced (for technical business analyst) – Developer (for software developers)• Consultancy – Integration – Business processes• Product implementation• Partner support and development• Enterprise support
  42. 42. 4-Day Training Programme• 2 days Basic Training + 2 days Advanced Training (hands- on)• For business analyst to design and automate business processes using proven methodology• Create a complete workflow application (processes, forms, tabular reports) using Joget Workflow• 4,000 THB / pax / day (min 6 pax), for ATSI Seminar attendees
  43. 43. Links•••••