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Sematools #TiEBootcamp Demo Day Pitch
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Sematools #TiEBootcamp Demo Day Pitch


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This deck was presented by Ashish Ghanu at the #TiEBootcamp demo day

This deck was presented by Ashish Ghanu at the #TiEBootcamp demo day

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. TiE-­‐IQ  Bootcamp   TiE  Mumbai  ini3a3ve     Sponsored  by     Nexus  Venture  Partners   India  Quo3ent   #TiEBootcamp   Paytm  
  • 2. Advisor and SME – Prof. Uday Athavankar IDC, IIT Bombay – 20+ years of research in cognitive psychology and product semantics Founder – Ashish Ganu M.Des - IDC, IIT Bombay 15 years of design experience Founder of Sapling Design Solutions #TiEBootcamp
  • 3. Scenario: Client wants a quick perception survey Individualistic? Stylish? Youthful? Aspirational? #TiEBootcamp
  • 4. Traditional methods are limited Focus groups and personal interviews (logistics, time, resources, reach) Web based survey tools (comparative inputs, data correlation) #TiEBootcamp
  • 5. Enter Sematools… A web-based visual survey platform to capture consumer perceptions, that is: Comparative Image based Correlated reporting #TiEBootcamp
  • 6. Client creates a Sematools survey with 18 cars #TiEBootcamp
  • 7. Respondents take the survey on the web #TiEBootcamp
  • 8. Results: Target is seen as a typical small car… Very typical Very atypical #TiEBootcamp
  • 9. …that needs work on looking youthful and stylish “No youth can ever like a muscle less car. Again, it's not made for that purpose.” “coz of the downturned fender” Very youthful Not at all youthful “no sexy curves at all.” “The design and styling is pathetic.” Very stylish Not at all stylish #TiEBootcamp
  • 10. Advanced reports… Comments Expression Scores Expression Chart #TiEBootcamp
  • 11. Advanced reports… Expression Scores Confidence of Perception Comments Partial Auto Analysis Expression Chart #TiEBootcamp
  • 12. Sematools is not just another survey platform… Emotional Perceptual Complex Easy Factual Eyetracking   Eyetracking  soAware   Personal  interviews   Focus  groups   #TiEBootcamp
  • 13. We focus on… Easy Factual Emotional Perceptual Perceptions Complex Ease of Use Eyetracking   Expanding Reach Eyetracking  soAware   Personal  interviews   Focus  groups   #TiEBootcamp
  • 14. Target market in India and abroad Consumer product manufacturers and designers (automobiles, white goods, brown goods, lifestyle products, brand identity) TVS, Bajaj and Hero R&D budget Rs 700 crore in FY12 ($127 million) Tata Elxsi revenues Rs. 539 crore in 2012 #TiEBootcamp
  • 15. Finding customers through… Product Semantics Training Story Direct Sales Address the Problem Online Design Communities Core77, Product Design Hub #TiEBootcamp
  • 16. Achieved in 6 months Web interface ready 2 prospects 2 pilot customers in past 3 weeks #TiEBootcamp
  • 17. The roadmap Turnkey projects For development funding and feedback SaaS Model Companies use platform on pay per response model lling e 1.  Get their own respondents Comp ∧ Story A 2.  Use respondent panel available with us Address the Problem #TiEBootcamp
  • 18. The roadmap Working on mobile interface Working on advanced statistical reports Get a few paying customers Raise funds #TiEBootcamp
  • 19. Summing it up Sematools makes product design analytics fast and easy with web-based visual surveys. Aimed at consumer product manufacturers and g designers mpellin o C ∧ Story Currently 2 pilot projects and 2 prospects A #TiEBootcamp
  • 20. Thank you lin ompel C g ∧ A Address the Problem |  +91  9969078134   #TiEBootcamp