Yukti 2009 Prelude


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Yukti 2009 Prelude

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Yukti 2009 Prelude

  1. 1. Presents Business Quiz 4th & 5th April 2009Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai http://www.tsm.ac.in/yukti09.htm
  2. 2. Prelude1. Which Bollywood celebrity is associated with the brand TIMOND ? Answer Karan Johar
  3. 3. Prelude2. Identify this logo. Answer
  4. 4. Prelude3. They are the sole importer for an Indian product in USA. What do they import ? Answer
  5. 5. Prelude4. Unscramble these words to get a famous business book . So Left Third Law Answer The World is Flat
  6. 6. Prelude5. Connect the following.
  7. 7. Prelude AnswerAll are brand ambassadors of RBS.Sachin Tendulkar – Indian Cricket LegendZara Phillips – Rider & Grand daughter of QueenJack Nicklaus – GolferSir Jackie Stewart – Motor racing champion
  8. 8. Prelude6. Established in 1996, WNS is the Captive BPO unit of which organisation ? Answer
  9. 9. Prelude7. What is the significance of this telegram ? Answer A message sent by the Viceroy to the Governor, Osborne Smith when the Reserve Bank of India commenced its operations on 1st April, 1935
  10. 10. Prelude8. Which bank’s headquarters is this ? Answer ING Bank, Amsterdam (As a headquarters building, it represents the ideals of the company, which are transparency, innovation, eco-friendliness, and openness. The shape of the building has earned a few nicknames for it - “shoe”, “space ship”.)
  11. 11. Prelude9. Identify this logo. Answer
  12. 12. Prelude10. Identify this gentleman who heads a global investment arm. Answer Suppiah Dhanabalan ( Chariman – DBS Bank & Temasek Holdings )
  13. 13. Prelude11. Connect the following .
  14. 14. Prelude Answer Dell( Recent campaign : Take Your Own Path )
  15. 15. Prelude12. Identify this personality. Clue 1: He once resigned from ministry owning moral responsibility for investing in Fairgrowth, a company allegedly involved in securities scamClue 2: He represented the bankrupt American energy giant Enron, as a senior lawyer in India, and is again set to revive its Dhabol power projectClue 3: His son is one of the founders of Public Opinion forum named "Karuthu"Clue 4: He had been accused of holding office of profit at the time of elections by being a board member of Rajiv Gandhi Trust Foundation. Clue 5: VDIS
  16. 16. Prelude AnswerP. Chidambaram
  17. 17. Prelude13. His New York residence was the first private residence to be lit by electricity, proof of his abiding interest in new technologies. He rescued the American economy at least twice, and played a pivotal role in the reorganisation of railroads across the country. He also had interests in transatlantic shipping. Whom are we talking about ?
  18. 18. PreludeAnswerJP Morgan
  19. 19. Prelude14. Married to model Saritha in April 1999, hereportedly drove to the church in a Landcruiser 4-wheeldrive weating a tracksuit. He owns a restaurant by thename of Curry Leaves.Who is this ex-cricketer ? Answer Aravinda De Silva
  20. 20. Prelude15. Connect.
  21. 21. Prelude AnswerAll are brand ambassadors of LevisDeepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Akshay KumarFlat Beat - The music video features Flat Eric, a puppet, head bangingto the track. Widely publicized by Flat Erics appearance in manycommercials for Levis.
  22. 22. Rules • This quiz event is open to all (Students & Corporates ) • 2 members per team • No limitations on number of teams per college* • Participants should produce the Identity Cards • No registration fee • Visit : http://www.tsm.ac.in/yukti09.htm for details (91) 98437 62832 yuktitsm2009@gmail.com (91) 97878 82259* - Applicable only for business quiz event
  23. 23. What are you waiting for ? Go.. Get.. Set.. Attractive cash prizes Register now Also win Kodak Digital Cameras & Accessories Open for all Send your entries to: yuktitsm2009@gmail.com onSee U il4th Apr 2009 Produced by : prasadnram@gmail.com Ramp & Vivek herculesvivek@gmail.com