Social media for charities


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An overview of how charities can use Social Media to drive awareness, engagement and revenues. www.tictocfamily com

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Social media for charities

  1. 1. Introduction to tictoc.‣ Started in 1999‣ 24 staff‣ Offices in Glasgow & London‣ Straight talking‣ Award winning
  2. 2. Charity experience.
  3. 3. Social media for charities.
  4. 4. Overview of today’s presentation.‣ Is social media appropriate for you?‣ How to create effective social campaigns‣ How to measure and monitor social campaigns‣ Overview of successful charity/non-profit campaigns
  5. 5. Is social media appropriate for you?
  6. 6. Is social media appropriate?‣ Yes if you want to sustain operations through digital campaigns‣ Yes if you want to implement long-lasting relationships online‣ Yes if you want to engage build organic and lasting engagement‣ Yes if you want to deliver your message to your target audience‣ Yes if you want to increase activity on donations, sign-ups and registrations
  7. 7. Social platforms, how can they help me?‣ Social platforms can facilitate rapid campaign messaging‣ Social platforms can create seamless users experiences‣ Social platforms embrace openness‣ Social platforms are compelling and experimental‣ Socials platforms have purpose beyond profit.
  8. 8. How do we manage social media platforms?‣ Social media manager?‣ The digital team?‣ Certain users are trained to use it?‣ Everyone uses social media?‣ The marketing and communications team?‣ Different departments driving their own social efforts?
  9. 9. What platforms are available?‣ Facebook‣ Twitter‣ Pinterest‣ Google+‣ Linkedin‣ Instagram‣ Foursquare‣ Flickr‣ Tumblr‣ Vimeo‣ Wordpressand many more.......
  10. 10. How to create effective social campaigns.
  11. 11. Implementing a social campaign.‣ Availability to moderate and manage‣ Availability to generate content‣ How can this impact our business goals‣ What platforms can help us achieve these goals? What How can Availability Availability platforms? we benefit? to generate to moderate content? & manage?
  12. 12. Social Listening.‣ Who is talking about your organisation or cause?‣ What are they talking about?‣ What content gets most reactions?‣ What channels are used?‣ What are the most important social media channels?‣ What is the volume of conversations?‣ Who are the key influences within each channel?‣ Use tools such as Social mention, BoardReader, Addictomatic
  13. 13. Resource and creation of content.‣ Running your campaign across multiple channels‣ Creating a single voice on one channel‣ Level of engagement‣ Posting frequency‣ Posting content‣ Campaign moderation‣ Proliferation of content‣ Integration with other digital platforms
  14. 14. Campaign goals and objectives.‣ Listen to your supporters‣ Driver traffic to your website‣ Improve online search results‣ Increase donation levels‣ Inform about your case‣ Let your supporters do the talking‣ Mobilise grassroot support‣ Generate two way conversations‣ Gain new supporters‣ Increase trust and loyalty
  15. 15. Do you know who your supporters are?‣ Fans/brand advocates‣ Loyal, repeat actions‣ They have interacted with you‣ They know your organisation‣ Never heard of you
  16. 16. Reaching a new audience.‣ Those who care about your cause‣ Those willing to donate, register or sign-up‣ Those wanting to be part of cause through volunteering‣ Those willing to invest in your cause‣ Those willing to spread your messages‣ Those who want to engage long-term with your cause
  17. 17. How are you going to encourage interaction?‣ User-led perspective - Sharing stories, user experiences‣ Resourceful Content - links to guidance, relevant support or articles‣ Interactive Content – questions for your audience, polls, fill-in-the-blanks,‣ Visual Media - videos, images, infographics, presentations‣ Charity news - blog posts, links to press mentions, events, focus groups
  18. 18. Campaign scheduling and delivery.‣ Content schedule - daily weekly outlines of content delivery‣ Interactions - How often will you interact with your audience‣ Content planning - deciding what content is appropriate for when‣ Campaign duration - 1 week, 1 month, open-ended
  19. 19. Measuring & monitoring social campaigns.
  20. 20. Measuring and monitoring campaigns.‣ Determine your goals‣ What are you measuring in accordance with those goals?‣ Segmenting your data‣ Methods of monitoring‣ Adjust and repeat
  21. 21. Your goals in social metrics.‣ Twitter - monitor follows, traffic levels‣ Blogs - tracking comments on blogs, or number of followers of RSS feeds‣ Facebook - tracking engagement, fan counts, traffic and reach‣ Google + - tracking follower counts, +1s and traffic‣ YouTube - tracking followers, comments and generating leads‣ Linkedin - tracking group numbers, networks and best answers‣ Website - donation integration, event registration, brand awareness
  22. 22. What are you measuring?‣ Twitter What to measure: Follower counts, traffic, reach, and conversations How to measure: Twitter specific via Connect & Discover, Monitter, Twistory,‣ Blogs What to measure: Traffic, citations, and links How to measure: Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Google Webmaster Tools‣ Facebook What to measure: Engagement, fan counts, traffic, and reach How to measure: Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Social Sprout‣ Google + What to measure: Follower counts, +1s, and traffic How to measure: Google Plus, Google Webmaster Tools‣ YouTube What to measure: Video progression, Where users click-off, subscribers How to measure: YouTube insights, YouTube Keyword tool
  23. 23. Segmenting and understanding your data.‣ Traffic vs. conversions. A lot of traffic looks great in your analytics, but it doesnt always deliver value. High volumes of traffic can be useful for‣ What is a "conversion"? These conversions will be determined by what the final goals and objectives‣ Followers vs. fans. This measurement should focus on quality over quantity
  24. 24. Social media monitoring tools.‣ Tools to use for monitoring‣ Social Sprout, Vizify, Google Analytics, plus hundreds more
  25. 25. Successful social campaigns for charities.
  26. 26. Wood Green, The Animals Charity / The Campaign.‣ This campaign was defined by two different sets of contexts and values, one to evoke empathy by highlighting the plight of abandoned cats, the other was the nature of abandonment within local area.‣ The latter relates to additional areas of interest such as environment and local sustainability with an open ended message - your donation can make good things happen‣ By making donations inspirational, we were able to access a new demographic on social sites with a particular interest in abandoned cats, but also capture that audience not so interested‣ In creating this campaign we were also able to build on chance encounters with by engaging with keyword searches
  27. 27. Wood Green, The Animals Charity / Campaign specifics.‣ Offline campaign with unique online URL for donation‣ Unique template and unique URL within‣ Integrated Facebook page to capture social audiences
  28. 28. Wood Green, The Animals Charity / The Results.
  29. 29. Wood Green, The Animals Charity / Social landscape.
  30. 30. What you must be doing if you’re a charity
  31. 31. Charity social musts / Geo-location integration.‣ Action for Children - Easter Egg hunt using Geo-location‣ Integration of Facebook API and Facebook Check-in‣ QR Codes.
  32. 32. Charity social musts / Geo-location integration.‣ Shelter Scotland - Check-in Reward Scheme‣ Integration with Foursquare‣ £2K budget, voted one of UK’s best Geo-location campaigns
  33. 33. Charity social musts / Instagram.‣ Robin Hood NYC - Using Instagram to encourage user generated content‣ Full integration with a microsite displaying key images for #CONCERT4NYC
  34. 34. Charity social musts / Pinterest.‣ WoodGreen - Integration of rehoming animals‣ Full integration with website to encourage re-pinning
  35. 35. Charity social musts / Google+.‣ Robin Hood NYC - Effectively use Google+ as a channel for driving content‣ Full integration with website as part of a multi-channel campaign
  36. 36. Charity social musts / Mobile.‣ MACMILLAN dedicated mobile site‣ Mobile optimised landing and conversion pages‣ 1/5th of all traffic generated from mobile devices
  37. 37. Charity social musts / 404pages.‣ 404 pages - often disregarded, but can be beneficial‣ Wood Green use integrated 404 to encourage users to continue their journey‣ uses 404 as posters for missing children in US
  38. 38. Questions?