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A slideshare about how not to do Powerpoint.

A slideshare about how not to do Powerpoint.

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  • 1. Bad powerpoints Don’t be a part of the problem
  • 2. A bad powerpoint is one that substitutes good design and dynamic content with poor design and exhaustive content. I mean really do I need to stand here in my cool cargo shorts and read all this text to you aloud? It reminds me of my seventh grade science teacher that we always followed in the book as he read aloud. What is the point?! I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now. Mr. Flemmer you were not a good teacher but you are an excellent metaphor for bad power point rule number one. ( I will not be numbering all of them )
  • 3.
    • Another thing that happens is too many bullets
    • I mean bullets are great and all but at least don’t have each one
    • Have it’s own
    • Separate
    • Animation
    • When we want to talk about all of them
    • At once
    • That’s annoying
  • 4. Then there’s “too many different transitions man”
  • 5. That gets pretty distracting
  • 6. Pretty quickly
  • 7. Then there’s changing slide designs repeatedly
  • 8. For no apparent reason
  • 9. So, what’s good powerpoint?
    • A comfortable amount of information.
    • Relative information.
    • Appealing look (no garish colors)
    • Not distracting (too many transitions/animations)
    If you don’t end up needing the presenter, why didn’t you just make a movie? Or a podcast?
  • 10. Okay let’s make something. We’re going to make a simple powerpoint on animals. We’re going to go to the website linked to “click here” And grab two or three images of one type of animal. Also glean two or three facts about your animal. Click here Next we’ll create a new presentation Add some new slides Enter some text (our facts) Insert the pictures Insert a hyperlink to our animal web page Fancify our slide design Fancify our font look Add any other emblishments Add animation and transitions No, this isn’t an example of good powerpoint, (the old do as I say, not as I do routine).