Portobello. notting hill, covent garden, chelsea


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Portobello. notting hill, covent garden, chelsea

  1. 1. Portobello marketis possibly one ofthe largest marketsin the worldantiquarian. It is tothe West ofLondon.
  2. 2. The market sellfood, antiques anddo portraits to thetourists.Open on Saturdaywhile the rest ofthe week there aremany shops whereto buy fruit andvegetables.
  3. 3. In its origin, Portobello Road was afresh fruit market in the s.XIX. It was not until 1960 that began to settlethe antique shops that today fill the street.
  4. 4. Notting Hill is an area in London, England, close to the north-western corner of Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is a cosmopolitan district known as the location for the annual Notting Hill Carnival, and for being home to the Portobello Road Market.Notting Hill has a contemporary reputation as an affluent and fashionable area; known for attractive terraces of large Victorian townhouses, and high-end shopping and restaurants (particularly around Westbourne Grove and Clarendon Cross).
  5. 5. Notting hill carnivalNotting Hill Carnival is an annualevent which since 1964 has takenplace on the streets of NottingHill, Royal Borough of Kensingtonand Chelsea ,London, UK eachAugust, over two days (theAugust bank holiday Monday andthe day beforehand). It is led bymembers of the West Indiancommunity, particularlythe. The carnival has attracted upto 2 million people in the past,making it the secondlargest street festival in theworld after the Rio Carnival heldin Brazil
  6. 6. The history began inXVII when the areahappened from handsof the monks ofWestminster to beproperty of the countsof Bedford. In 1631began the works forconvert the growingarea in a publicsquare.
  7. 7. • Now Covent Garden is an area in Central London in the oriental part of the city of Westminster. It is the heart of the tourism of London. Covent Garden is one of the most popular attractions in London. The area has a lot of shops, pubs, street artist, and restaurant.• Every day Covent Garden is full of shoppers and tourist, they come to see the fashionable shops and the street theatre. On a typical day you can see a group of African drummers in one street, a magician in front of the church or a comedian in one of the restaurant.
  8. 8. CHELSEA PHYSIC GARDENEast garden was foundedin 1673 by ApotecariossCompany for the culture ofplants for the medicalstudy. In 1,5 hectares ofgarden they coexistquantity of classes of treesand exotic plants.Nowadays it continuesbeing a center ofeducation and easing thatcontinues with hisinvestigations of theproperties, origin andconservation of more than5000 species.
  9. 9. ROYAL HOSPITAL CHELSEAThe Royal Hospital wasconstructed by ChristopherWren in 1692 for the kingCarlos II, with the purposeof receiving veterans of thearmy. Nowadays it is thePensioners Home ofChelsea. In the gardensthere takes place Chelseasfloral exhibition, every yearat the end of May.
  10. 10. NATIONAL ARMYMUSEUMEast museum, very near,shows the history of theBritish navy to the RoyalHospital, from when menand women were fightingin the first line for the king,up to the currentimportance. Weapon,artillery, military tacticsappear … And up to theskeleton of NapoleonsBonaparte favorite horse.
  11. 11. (The city of the market) The city of camden town is famous for its markets in the city streets
  12. 12. • variety of racesIn the city It is also characterized by numerous alternative lifestyles can beCamden Town is a districtof Camden neighborhood. Is one of the found in London, from punks to goths. In thismost multicultural place there is always something thatacross London, with a market where you surprises evensometimes you can watch orcan find almost anything:all styles of clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, participate in some kind of demonstration ormusic and lots of things, even protest. Nobody here discriminate againstsemi-legal drugs. The market is divided anyone by their appearance, since the fusion ofinto different parts, there are both jobsmobile shops, on both sides of the cultureschannel. Some of the positions are within is the order of the day. Although sometimes youenclosures that are usually fixed, andother jobs are outdoors. there are have to be careful where you walk in, becausedifferent not all places are neutral.tents with posts, but usually do not have This neighborhood is known asa differentiation of styles. in theseplaces you can bargain to get a better the rock capital of Britain and, by extension, allprice or simply let go and the world.admire all items you can find. Thepremises are located on bothsides of the channel are verydifferent. There areshops gothic Jamaican Celtic shopslibraries, and a little of everything. Thereare also many placeswhere piercings or maketattoos, which also have an area tobuy souvenirs.
  13. 13. AtractionAnother of the mainattractions of thisdistrict isthe RegentsCanal, which runsacross the north ofCamden Town. Thepipeline passesthrough the LondonZoo,is a nice walk.