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The ROI Global Forum on Enterprise Social Networking


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  • 1. tibbr | The Workspace for a New Workforce Leandro Perez Director, Product Marketing @leandro_perez
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Social Pillar of TIBCO Platform
  • 4. Source: fliickr Creative Commons Cross Duck The workplace has changed dramatically
  • 5. 100s Emails14 Calls 9 Apps 100s of Files3 Meetings A typical workday
  • 6. A single pane of glass
  • 7. VISIT OFFICE ONCE IN 5 YEARS? Engage 10,000+ crew members on their own mobile devices
  • 8. Live video streaming of monthly GM event Extending existing offline events to a broader, remote audience to enable them to participate equally and be heard Monthly gathering to ask the GM anything employees want to Live chat session in subject for remote users to post questions to the GM directly and have him post feedback instantly Live streaming video of the GM’s message viewed remotely via mobile
  • 9. Broadcasting new procedures, learning modules, safety information and news in Real Time Previously communicated through bi-weekly printed material to mailboxes Reminders on procedures with links to learning modules Critical news updates Procedure review documents to remind crew what to do in certain situations. Also applicable to new trainees
  • 10. Engaging rapid feedback from crew on new policy ideas Previously not possible using earlier communication channels Poll posted to all crew members asking for feedback on new scheduling system Over 500 votes and over 73 replies received within 1 Week - all via tibbr Mobile
  • 11. Responding to Feedback Direct feedback from crew members on flight operational issues / service shortages. Fast Acknowledgement and action from management on the reported issues
  • 12. Rostering System Integration Personalized roster sent directly to crew.
  • 13. Regular communications and photo sharing of social gatherings, new graduates, and other events to continuously develop the strength of their familial corporate culture
  • 14. Ease of use Scalability CloudOn Premise Security Entitlement No Training iPhone Blackberry Android Browser Support Everything Applications Docs LocationPeople Follow Everything Enterprise Ready Control Some Things Scale Choice Integration App Store Like Experience Leverage Existing Assets $ Platform Approach
  • 16. Source: Gartner (September 2013) TIBCO Software (tibbr) Jive Software (Jive) (Chatter) Microsoft (Yammer) IBM Connections NewsGator (Social Sites) SAP (Jam) Telligent (Zimbra) Google Apps for Business Microsoft (SharePoint) Atlassian (Confluence) VMware (Socialcast) 0.0 0 1.0 0 2.0 0 3.0 0 4.0 0 5.0 0 Worst Fit to Use Case Best Fit to Use Case OVERALL USE CASE Profiles User Experience Tooling: Groups Embedded Applications Activity Streams Tooling: Conversations Tooling: Control Filtering and Analytics Tooling Create and Share Integration GARTNER SOCIAL SOFTWARE CRITICAL CAPABILITIES score across ten social business use-cases. #1
  • 17. [tibbr] … sets a new standard for technical functionality in the space “ ”Alan Pelz Sharpe - 451 Research
  • 18. TIBCO’s made it. tibbr has risen above the the fray and sold very well “ ”Rob Koplowitz VP - Forrester
  • 19. TABBY AWARDS 2013 tibbr tablet app - Best business tool FROST & SULLIVAN Global Growth Excellence Leadership of the Year Award INFO TECH Champion Value Award Trend setter Award “Designed to enhance business awareness and agility”“Greatest bang for the buck”
  • 20. Thank you Leandro Perez Director, Product Marketing @leandro_perez