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Global Law Enforcement Agency InterPortPolice Uses Enterprise Social Networking to Get Trusted Information to the People Who Need It


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InterPortPolice is a global law enforcement association. Its officers at airports and seaports all over the country are out in the field 90% of the day, so InterPortPolice uses the tibbr Mobile app to …

InterPortPolice is a global law enforcement association. Its officers at airports and seaports all over the country are out in the field 90% of the day, so InterPortPolice uses the tibbr Mobile app to push critical, location-based information to the right officer at the right time.

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Getting the right information into the right hands at the right time. Welcome to today’s webinar! There will be silence until we begin today’s presentation. Today’s twitter hashtag is #tibbr
    • 2. Jay Grant Leandro Perez Secretary General and Director InterPortPolice Head of Product Marketing, tibbr TIBCO Software Inc.
    • 3. TIBCO Software Founded in 1997 $1.1B revenue in 2013 70 offices, 25 countries 4000 customers 200 partners 3500 employees Company Overview tibbr Millions of subscription users 100+ countries Experienced implementation team Customer success program 24 x7 x 365 global support
    • 4. For more than 45 years, promoting inter-agency communication, cooperation and information sharing among air and seaport police, transportation and public safety agencies.
    • 5. 225 jurisdictions throughout 37 countries. Police, public safety, security, and emergency management officials along with their private security stakeholders share various responsibilities for airports, seaports and transit protection, crime and emergency preparedness.
    • 6. Why a collaboration platform?
    • 7. In a time of crisis. Intelligence failures around September 11th attacks forced law enforcement agencies to rethink their strategies around interagency communications.
    • 8. We needed to improve communication… we just didn’t know how. We weren’t familiar with the newest technologies our entire employee base communicated via BlackBerry devices.
    • 9. How can we distribute information?
    • 10. After several attempts, we knew what we were looking for. InterPortPolice hosted several portals and platforms to facilitate inter-agency collaboration, but none were really successful.
    • 11. Requirements as a government agency.
    • 12. TIBCO is a multi-billion dollar company Experience working with other government agencies TIBCO understands security Clients include large reputable corporations
    • 13. Use Cases
    • 14. The right information at the right time.
    • 15. 90% of field agents work away from their desks 90% of the time. The delivery of critical information where and when it is needed. tibbr geo-location features increase situational awareness by making use of location associated information.
    • 16. Important information always at your fingertips.
    • 17. Information gets to the right people.
    • 18. Share information with specific groups or everyone on tibbr. With tibbr information is secure, private, and can be restricted by group, role, geography or any other defined aspect.
    • 19. Crowdsourcing expertise across jurisdictions worldwide.
    • 20. Our agents can tap into the collective intelligence. It is crucial that our agents be able to collaborate within their units, outside their jurisdictions, and even across continents.
    • 21. The power of knowledge retention.
    • 22. Retain information even after employees move on. Now we can retain valuable knowledge when our agents move on to special assignments.
    • 23. Here are some tips and recommendations.
    • 24. Take tibbr for a test drive.
    • 25. Q&A
    • 26. Find customer stories, whitepapers, and more at Follow us on Twitter @tibbr Or Like our Facebook page!