Making the Most Out of Your Company's Expertise


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In the professional services industry, expertise is one of your most valuable resources. Yet it's often fragmented and distributed haphazardly around your whole organization. And, since it's impractical to have all your employees working on one client all the time, your company's ability to grow depends on making expertise available to more clients more often by tapping into the collective knowledge of the organization.

HLB Mann Judd, the fast growing, dynamic network of professional accounting firms and business advisors, is no exception to this rule. They recognized that endless email chains and phone-tag aren't the best way to communicate and share information. So they turned to an Enterprise Social Network because the research firm, McKinsey Global Institute, estimated that an ESN can streamline the internal search for experts and information by 35 percent.

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  • Making the Most Out of Your Company's Expertise

    1. 1. Making the Most of Your Company’s Untapped Expertise Welcome to today’s webinar! There will be silence until we begin today’s presentation. Today’s twitter hashtag is #tibbr
    2. 2. Speakers Jacqui Walford Director of Marketing & Business Development HLB Mann Judd Leandro Perez @leandro_perez Head of Product Marketing, tibbr TIBCO Software Inc. #tibbr
    3. 3. Company Overview TIBCO Software • • • • • • Founded in 1997 $1.1B revenue in 2012 70 offices, 25 countries 4000 customers 200 partners 3500 employees tibbr • • • • • Millions of subscription users 100+ countries Experienced implementation team Customer success program 24x7x365 global support
    4. 4. Mid-tier Australasian Accounting Network 12 Member Firms 600 Staff Brisbane Gold Coast Lismore Perth Perth Insolvency WA Adelaide Sydney Wollongong Melbourne Hobart Member firms in over 100 countries 1,900 partners and 14,500 staff Auckland
    5. 5. What Will I Cover?  Our challenge  What to look for in an ESN?  The business case for the Executive Committee  Use cases
    6. 6. Our Business Challenge  Connecting independent firms  Too many systems, intranets and internal communications practices  Rapid growth, new national Vision, new leadership team and external brand project  Lack of collaboration and finding expertise across the network
    7. 7. Our Vision – developed in 2008 To be the most highly regarded mid-tier accounting firm, through the growth of our people and of our clients
    8. 8. HLB Brand Promise Great people delivering great results
    9. 9. External Branding
    10. 10. Who delivers on the brand promise?
    11. 11. Employee Engagement  An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization's interests.
    12. 12. Created Team HLB – Our Symbol
    13. 13. Internal Brand Strategies  Build internal brand awareness and pride through national initiatives and national communication  Align HR practices, incorporating ‘Team HLB’ and the Vision and Team Values into recruitment, induction, performance management, and team building activities etc.
    14. 14. Team Handbook Vision, Values, What it Means to be Part of Team HLB
    15. 15. Team HLB Imagery
    16. 16. Internal Communications Tools  We developed a Team HLB template in our email marketing system, to be used for internal staff alerts and newsletters
    17. 17. Why an Enterprise Social Network?  Multiple intranets; no single organization wide destination  Document repositories not accessible to all employees
    18. 18. Why an Enterprise Social Network?  One of the Association’s major goals is: – Fostering Improved Collegiality & Knowledge Sharing.  A system to enable collaboration and open communication across the Association.
    19. 19. Why tibbr?  Met all business requirements  Relationship and trust established with TIBCO staff  Customisation and Branding
    20. 20. Use Case #1 – Employee On-boarding  New Employee On-boarding – Quickly and easily setup new employees – Self-branding – Find and source the communities and people they need – Mobile
    21. 21. Use Case #2 – Finding Expertise  Finding Expertise – – – – Profile page Search for people, subjects, conversations No national CRM system, store referral source information in tibbr. Integration with LinkedIn
    22. 22. Use Case #3 – Collaboration  Communities of Practice  Document Sharing and Management  Break down geographic and time barriers
    23. 23. Use Case #4 – Corporate Communications
    24. 24. Other Use Cases  Crowdsourcing Ideas  Event Collaboration – National conference  Personal Interest Groups – National Triathlon
    25. 25. Building the Business Case  Aligned to the Association’s major goal: – Fostering Improved Collegiality & Knowledge Sharing.  Established the ability to foster internal collaboration and communication between Member Firms, Divisional and Industry Groups.
    26. 26. Conclusion  Challenge of different systems and practices and the need to align strategic planning, external branding and internal branding.  The need to increase communication across the network – and to Find Each Other!  The business case was aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation.
    27. 27. Take tibbr for a test drive. Visit #tibbr
    28. 28. Q&A #tibbr
    29. 29. Customer Stories, Whitepapers and more @ Follow us on Twitter @tibbr Or Like our facebook page at #tibbr