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Australian Real Estate Agency Compton Green Uses Enterprise Social Networking to Connect its Mobile Workforce


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Compton Green is the largest independent real estate agency in western Melbourne. With a growing workforce of young sales associates who often work remotely in the field, it needed a modern and very …

Compton Green is the largest independent real estate agency in western Melbourne. With a growing workforce of young sales associates who often work remotely in the field, it needed a modern and very simple way to more efficiently execute on projects and collaborate on activities surrounding the marketing and sale of properties. Compton Green selected tibbr for its intuitive mobile applications and subject-based approach, which ensures the right information, is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Published in: Technology
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  • Give an intro to Compton Green
  • Your business is all about people, including the ones that work for you
  • The demographic is Gen-Y avg 31, so they expect tools to be easy, simple and like their personal apps
  • A little bit of landscape to the real estate businessTime is precious, providing accurate information is of the utmost importance
  • Our team is usually on the go, being able to access our tools is of utmost importance for them to be of any use
  • Without any other communication or collaboration tool, email became the catch all. Making it very ineffective.
  • We found over 20 Enterprise Social Networks. We through thorough online research we brought the number down to 3. Once we had a smaller group ESN to consider a few of our team began to investigate on line, registering to test sites, watching videos and reading blogs. It then came down to Yammer and Tibbr. I made the final decision based on the conversations I had with the providers.
  • Sales leaders continually reaching out to sales team, giving them tips, motivating them, sharing success
  • Team shares new listings, building awareness and opening up to assistance from across the organization
  • Team members can ask for assistance and receive responses, not 1 but 2 in this example within minutes!
  • Letting the team know about new capabilities that they can use in their listings to help them sell more. New employees would be able to find this in the sales subject after the fact also.
  • Co-ordinating all the activities around a property in a managed subject. Everything from the listing agreement, advertising listing, offers submitted, questions asked, contracts, photos, etc.
  • Single channel now to reach all employees for the most important of matters.
  • We also allow the softer side of business, encouraging team building through the sharing of outside work activities.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Workspace for a New Workforce Sydney, Australia - 2014
    • 2. • Founded by Thomas Duncan Compton & Edgar Charles Green in the 1920’s • Specialist in residential and commercial property • Largest independent real estate office in western Melbourne
    • 3. Our Work Environment
    • 4. The average Compton Green employee is 29 years old.
    • 5. Time is of the essence, information should be timely and accurate.
    • 6. Agents are away from their desk 70% of the time.
    • 7. Our Business Challenge o We needed a place where our agents: - could ask questions - have real-time conversations - share important updates - share files & multimedia: images, video, links, etc. o Required some structure to remain organized o Mobile Friendly
    • 8. Email was the catch all. Highly inefficient: conversations were cluttered and difficult to find.
    • 9. Why ?
    • 10. Reviewed twenty platforms, shortlisted three, selected one.
    • 11. How we’re benefiting from tibbr.
    • 12. Continual Executive Mentoring
    • 13. Sharing New Listings
    • 14. Reaching Out for Help
    • 15. Promoting New Sales Tools
    • 16. Coordinating Property Listings
    • 17. Two-way Corporate Comms
    • 18. Team Building
    • 19. Future plans with tibbr.
    • 20. o Integration with property management software o Embedding additional workflows o Geo-tagging for mobile tracking and auctioning