A Nielsen Company Case Study: Accelerating Innovation with Collaboration


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Learn how Nielsen is leading a cultural revolution towards collaboration among its tens of thousands of employees worldwide. See how they’re gaining social adoption and regular platform use, resulting in increased collaboration and the generation of over 5500 new ideas — one of which has already led to the creation of their first, and hugely successful, B2C product.

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  • Why an ESN? What lead to the decision?
  • Updated number of downloads?
  • Screenshot of TOPTEN conversation or SS of app?
  • Metrics for decline of helpdesk tickets?
  • List of additional use cases.
  • A Nielsen Company Case Study: Accelerating Innovation with Collaboration

    1. 1. Accelerating Innovation with Collaboration: A Nielsen Company Case Study Welcome to today’s webinar! There will be silence until we begin today’s presentation. Today’s twitter hashtag is #tibbr
    2. 2. Ann Marie Dumais Leandro Perez SVP, New Product Introductions The Nielsen Company Head of Product Marketing, tibbr TIBCO Software Inc.
    3. 3. TIBCO Software Founded in 1997 $1.1B revenue in 2013 70 offices, 25 countries 4000 customers 200 partners 3500 employees Company Overview tibbr Millions of subscription users 100+ countries Experienced implementation team Customer success program 24 x7 x 365 global support
    4. 4. What does Nielsen measure?
    5. 5. From data to information.
    6. 6. The path to performance.
    7. 7. The challenge?
    8. 8. A company of acquisitions. 90 acquisitions, with 35,000 full-time associates across 103 countries.
    9. 9. 90 year-old company continuously reinvents itself. Nielsen wanted to stay relevant and up-to-date but they needed a tool that could not only accelerate innovation but also encourage collaboration. 11
    10. 10. Why an enterprise social network?
    11. 11. The power of tapping into collective intelligence.
    12. 12. Use Cases
    13. 13. Nielsen uses tibbr to accelerate innovation.
    14. 14. Innovate anywhere, innovate anytime, innovate anything. Sustainable New Solutions Products Product Employee Enhancement Engagement Process Improvement
    15. 15. 18,795 innovators and 5,777 new ideas. Abby Parnes Bedford-Billington The “Innovate” button is an entry point to the ideation pipeline where users discuss, build on, and vote for ideas.
    16. 16. Innovation Life Cycle Recognize Capture visibility to innovative ideas ideas anywhere, any time Drive Track your innovation progression of ideas
    17. 17. Nielsen turns innovative ideas into reality.
    18. 18. Introducing TOPTEN, our first B2C application. 50,000+ downloads Best New App in the Apple Store Nielsen employees in geographically disparate parts of the world, leveraged tibbr to create the application.
    19. 19. TOPTEN.
    20. 20. Nielsen crowd-sources questions and turns it into reusable information.
    21. 21. Helpdesk tickets have significantly decreased. Employees are helping each other, on tibbr, significantly decreasing helpdesk tickets. IT has even leveraged the platform to improve the quality of their scripts when helping employees.
    22. 22. and here’s a few more. • Corporate Social Responsibility • Bangkok Office Community • Measurement Science Community • PowerPoint Master Class • Big Data Practitioners
    23. 23. The Rollout
    24. 24. 35,000 people on Nielsen Now Connections. 1. Subject Hierarchy 2. Nielsen Now Connections Introduction Video 3. Printed/online user guide that covered tibbr features and benefits along with Nielsen specific content. 4. tibbr was rolled out to 250 Nielsen executives at a Global Leadership Meeting – a live event where users were guided through the technology. 5. An email blast to 40,000 employees went out the very next day.
    25. 25. Why tibbr?
    26. 26. Nielsen evaluates tech partners by… • Product capability • Innovation Pipeline • Trusted Partnership TIBCO has a stellar track record. Demonstrated commitment to our success and that of our clients.
    27. 27. Here are some tips and recommendations.
    28. 28. Building up to 1,000 followers. Invite 941 Chat 1041 801 397 439 541 628 Line Mgmt Engagement June 4th June 14th June 24th July 4th TAM Effor t Spanish Subject July 14th July 24th Aug 1st
    29. 29. What’s next for Nielsen Now Connections. • tibbr and SharePoint • Continued education for specific business roles - Sharing of best practices - Helping employees improve work style
    30. 30. Take tibbr for a test drive.
    31. 31. Q&A
    32. 32. Find customer stories, whitepapers, and more at www.tibbr.com Follow us on Twitter @tibbr Or Like our Facebook page! facebook.com/tibbr.live