To highlight the soft power to enhance the culture


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To highlight the soft

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To highlight the soft power to enhance the culture

  1. 1. to highlight the soft power to enhance thecultureInternational exchange and cooperation more closely. Successful completionof the tasks involved in the Shanghai World Expo, the Canton Fair, the fair, theInternational Advisory Council, the Fair, to stay fair, outside the Expo, China(Zhuhai) Air Show, Fair and other international events overseas innovation anddevelopment. Increased to 39 in Guangzhou consular institutions, internationalfriendship cities exceeded 10 pairs. Comprehensive development with ASEAN,Northeast Asia, European Union, North America, the Middle East regionsstrategic partnership with Singapore and other countries to establishcooperation or dialogue and coordination mechanism. The new (Guangzhou)knowledge of the city to speed up construction.(E) to improve peoples livelihood and strengthening the social construction ofa harmonious construction of a new step in Guangdong.Peoples lives improved significantly. Lead in developing the implementation ofthe provincial equalization of basic public services planning framework.Invested a total of five years to improve peoples livelihood and basic publicservices funds 967.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 22.3%,financial investment accounted for the livelihood of the general budgetexpenditures increased from 40% to 57.2%. Income of urban and ruralresidents in 2010 reached 23,898 yuan and 7890 yuan, up 10.8% over theprevious year and 14.2%, average annual double-digit growth. Urban-ruralincome gap narrowed by a 3.15:1 to 3.03:1. Increase the minimum wage levelwas 73.3%. Carsand other high-end consumer durables penetration greatly improved.Employment continues to grow, five-year 986 million new urban jobs,registered urban unemployment rate within 3%. Humane care business hasbeen strengthened to maintain harmonious and stable labor relations.Urban and rural basic social security system established. Urban basic old-agepension, unemployment, medical, work injury, maternity insurance, thenumber of participants ranked first in the country, the social security fundaccumulated surplus 355.3 billion yuan, accounting for about 1 / 7 2.246million urban and rural residents meet the minimal conditions to achieve thecities . Provincial pension transfers and budget management to achieve acombination of the provincial level, the smooth transfer of pension insurance
  2. 2. relationship in the province. 36 counties in the new rural social pensioninsurance pilot, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Meizhou City, 7 to achieve full coverageof agricultural insurance system. Further improve the social assistance system,social welfare and charity to accelerate development. Implementation ofhousing security of nearly 20 million, and towns, "double-poor" level of newresidential housing to improve security.Culture with remarkable results. Basic form of public cultural service network,built with a certain amount of more than 5,000 cultural square, Farm House 12000 urban and rural community culture room 16000. Radio and television,"villages", film works effectively to promote the rural, urban film distribution andscreening industry in the country. Provincial New Museum, Maritime Silk RoadMuseum of Guangdong, the Guangdong Science Center, Guangzhou OperaHouse and other landmark cultural facilities are open. The emergence of anumber of important influence in quality work, at home and abroad every yearby more than 100 major art awards. Successfully held International TourismCulture Festival, Fair, International Comics Festival, the ninth China ArtFestival and other major cultural festivals. Cultural exchange activity. "KaipingWatchtower and villages", "China Danxia" successfully apply for world heritage,the United Nations Human Cantonese selected intangible cultural heritagedirectory innovative complete "the South China Sea I," the overall salvageproject. Create a group of national, provincial historical and cultural city, town,village, named China Meizhou Hakka Cultural Ecological Reserve area.Philosophy and social sciences, journalism, publishing, radio, television andthe great development of minority culture.Education, health, sports, family planning and other business prosperity anddevelopment. Optimize pre-, three-year admission rate of 82.5%. Fullimplementation of free compulsory education in rural primary and middleschool-age children enrollment rate reached 100 percent gross enrollment rate.A year ahead of the basic goal of universal high school education, grossenrollment rate of 86.2%, 28.7 percentage points five years to improve.Modern vocational education system and building a solid base in the PearlRiver Delta to promote vocational education, secondary vocational schools,technical colleges in enrollment and the number of students in the nation.Higher education gross enrollment rate from 22% to 28%. Basically solved theproblem of primary and secondary supply teachers, teachers salaries andbenefits, "two very" steady progress. Moderate growth in total health resources,service levels improved significantly. Residents of the main health indicatorsand the overall level of health services highest in the country, life expectancyreached 75.3 years residents. Started deepening health system reform,primary care health service system better. Accelerate the pace of universalhealth care, basic health care coverage of 92%, the new rural cooperativemedical participation rate of 99.2%. Implementation of the basic and vitalpublic health services, primary health care institutions to gradually implementthe basic drug system, public hospitals, pharmaceutical sales slip Zero pilot
  3. 3. and achieved initial results. Start reform of public hospitals. Accelerate thedevelopment of private medical institutions. Rural drug supply network andmonitoring network generally established. Women, children, work to furtherstrengthen the maternal and child well-being smooth implementation ofprojects. Medicine province building with remarkable results. Public healthemergency response mechanism and gradually the sound and effectiveprevention and control of avian influenza, H1N1 influenza and other epidemics.Family planning has made significant progress, complete state-assignedpopulation control program, natural population growth rate in less than 8 ‰,continued low fertility levels remain stable. Sports industry to grow, theprovince athletes in Beijing Olympic Games, the Guangzhou Asian Games,Asian Paralympic were given on 7, 41, 20 gold medals, mass sportsextensively. Successfully host the 2008 Conference of Bioko, the 13thProvincial Games and Paralympic 6th province. Overseas, statistics, civildefense, geology, meteorology, seismology, files, counselors, literature andhistory, gazetteers and other undertakings made new achievements.Democracy and the rule of law and government to speed up the process ofbuilding their own. Consciously accept the supervision of Provincial PeoplesCongress and its Standing Committee and the CPPCCs democraticsupervision, for a total of 77 proposals from NPC deputies, CPPCC proposals85; Provincial Peoples Congress proposed 2867, 省政协提案 2995.Provincial Standing Committee to draw 61 local laws and regulations, thedevelopment of government regulations to modify 47. Legislation to establishgovernment regulations and government regulations after assessment systemclean system, the network asked the government to carry out an orderly,scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism according to continuousimprovement. Strengthen the unity government regulation and administrativelaw enforcement inspectors review the work of administrative reconsiderationand administrative responding firmly and effectively. Full completion of the"Fifth Franco-Prussian," the rule of law cities, the rule of law counties (cities,districts) to create activities to accelerate. Chief Executive to focus on a soundadministrative accountability system. Monitoring, audit solid progress,punishment and prevention system has achieved new progress.Maintain social harmony and stability. Further promote the resolution of socialconflicts, social management, innovation, fair and honest law enforcement andsocial security comprehensive management. Efforts to make petition, toeffectively prevent and resolve social conflicts. Tight to prevent and combat allsorts of criminal, hostile forces against national security and social and politicalstability of criminal activity, the masses of the social order satisfaction hasimproved significantly. Smuggling, prison, detention has been strengthened.Full implementation of the residence permit as the carrier of the floatingpopulation service management, "one card pass" system. Ongoing productquality and food and drug safety special rectification, continue to regulatemarket order. Emergency management system continues to improve, prevent
  4. 4. and respond to emergencies capacity building. Improved production safetysituation is stable, the number of accidents, casualties continued to decline.Fully implement the ethnic and religious policies and regulations, push forwardthe cause of national unity and progress, urban ethnic and religious work toserve the community marked success. National defense and militia reservehas been strengthened, to build military and civilian, to further promote mutualsupport special care and placement, military and civilians more united.Last year, we successfully held in Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Gamesfor the Disabled, a comprehensive practice "Thrilling Games • HarmoniousAsia" and "gather, share, and win-win" concept, the harvest of the "meet theAsian Games, to create a new life" and the synchronization A Good activitiesto promote the fruitful results achieved to do next with "Chinese characteristics,Guangdong style, Guangzhou style" Asian Games, Asian Paralympic goals,demonstrating achievement of Chinas reform and opening up our provinceand a good international image, with Asian countries to promote regionalunderstanding and friendship.Delegates! "Eleventh Five-Year" period since the reform and opening up ourprovince to achieve a new leap in comprehensive economic strength,structural adjustment made significant progress, the people get more benefitsfor five years. five years of successful practice, we deepened the understanding ofthe law of development, enrich the experience of promoting scientificdevelopment. We deeply appreciate, emancipate our minds, reform andinnovation is important to promote the scientific development of the magic.Extensive in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of developmentactivities, study and discuss the activities of emancipating the mind, stimulatethe people of the province to effectively pilot, pragmatic and enterprisinginitiative. Further promote the reform and tackling, innovative institutionalmechanisms for promoting scientific development of system security. Wedeeply appreciate, uphold the grasp centers to promote the development ofthe most important task is to promote scientific development. Resolutelyimplement the central authorities of the decision-making arrangements, withthe actual creative work, in response to difficulties in the international financialcrisis, turning adversity into opportunity, into danger in order to maintain stableand rapid economic growth, scientific development for the full transfer track laya solid foundation. We deeply appreciate, uphold the adjustment of structure,change the way the only way is to promote scientific development. Firmlygrasp the international financial crisis Forced pressure and taking it hard tobuild modern industrial system, enhance independent innovation capability,and needs to adjust the structure of urban and rural areas, efforts to cope withthe international financial crisis, a process of promoting scientific developmentof the process . We deeply appreciate that, to put people first and governingfor the people is the fundamental purpose of promoting scientific development.
  5. 5. Pay close attention to economic development while in employment, socialsecurity, education, health and other social undertakings and concentrate alarge number of good solid work to do, so that the results of reform anddevelopment to better benefit the masses. We deeply appreciate, uphold thestyle of work, solid work is an important guarantee for promoting scientificdevelopment. Depth work style carry it out theme of practical activities, adhereto the "dry" character at the head, to strengthen guidance, slice-by-city studyand solve the outstanding problems, improve incentives, pay close attention tosupervision and inspection, to promote the effective and orderly workeffectively.Delegates! CPC Central Committee and State Council have attached greatimportance to Guangdong, loving care, especially in Guangdong, Hu Jintaoexplicitly requires a good effort to promote scientific development, promotesocial harmony and the vanguard, to the people of the province with greatinspiration and encouragement. Each made a success of our province, are theState Council, the right leadership, hard work is the result of the commonpeople of the province, is also inseparable from the care and support fromhome and abroad. Here, on behalf of Provincial Government, the provincesworkers, peasants, intellectuals, cadres and workers, the Guangdong PeoplesLiberation Army, armed police officers and soldiers, police and people of alldemocratic parties, mass organizations, the community paid tribute! Long-termcare and support to the reform and development in our province in Hong Kongand Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, overseas compatriotsand international friends to express my sincere thanks!We also see clearly the development of the provinces total long-termaccumulation of large per capita is not high, the economic structure is irrational,a big gap between urban and rural development, institutional mechanisms areinadequate and so the problem still exists. After the international financial crisis,the provinces economic development mode shift in the face to further highlightthe outstanding issues: internal and external needs for economic developmentstimulus is still coordination; industrial level is still the worlds low-end chain,the core technology and high end the shortage of talent; resource andenvironmental constraints outstanding, energy conservation situation is stillgrim; the heavy task of improving peoples livelihood, population, education,health care, social security and other aspects of the pressures. Meanwhile, thetransformation of government functions not yet fully in place, the work-styleneeds to be strengthened. We should attach great importance to take effectivemeasures to solve them.Second, "1025" period goals and major tasks"1025" period is building a moderately prosperous society in our province,taking the lead in a crucial period for achieving socialist modernization, butalso deepen the reform and opening up our province to speed up thetransformation of economic development in the crucial period. Looking at thedomestic and international situation, the history of our province is facing new
  6. 6. opportunities and challenges facing the whole, still much can be done topromote the scientific development of important strategic opportunities. Intothe world economic structure readjustment phase, a new round of innovationand industrial restructuring in the gestation period; long-term economicdevelopment trend has not changed for the better, industrialization andurbanization in-depth development of overall social and political stability;accumulated since the reform and opening up our province strong economicstrength, industrial base, market advantages and successful experience,which are to provide good conditions for further development and theenvironment. At the same time, tortuous and complicated global economicrecovery, trade protectionism and continue to heat up; Chinas economy hasentered a transition, macroeconomic uncertainties are still large; domesticcooperation presents a new pattern of regional competition, the gradualweakening of the original advantage of our province. We must accuratelygrasp the situation at home and abroad, full use of favorable conditions, effortsto overcome various unfavorable factors, to forge ahead, work in a scientificdevelopment efforts to create a new situation.According to the partys 17 th Plenary Session and Party on the "second FiveYear Plan" proposal, the provincial government organized the preparation of"Guangdong Provincial Economic and Social Development Twelfth Five-YearPlan (Draft)." "Plan (Draft)" and its description has been issued the GeneralAssembly. "1025" period of the general requirements for government work:hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, takeDeng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughlyimplement the scientific concept of development, the theme of scientificdevelopment, to speed up transformation of economic development as themain line, speed up transformation and upgrading to seize the building beingthe core of Guangdong, emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, pilot, anactive strategy of expanding domestic demand, independent innovationstrategy, talent strategy province, regional development strategy, the greendevelopment strategy, harmony-sharing strategy, the full implementation of thePearl River Delta "Plan" to promote the first-round well-off society, basicallyrealize socialist modernization decisive progress toward the construction toenhance the international competitiveness of Chinas main provinces, toexplore the scientific development model test area, the development ofsocialism with Chinese characteristics to the first significant steps towards thegoal, really a good promotion of scientific development, promote socialharmony in recent years."1025" period of economic and social development in our province the mainobjectives are: average annual GDP growth of 8%, and GDP per capitaaverage annual growth rate of 7% or more, change the mode of economicdevelopment has made significant progress, significant soft power to enhancethe social, significantly improve peoples livelihood and well-being, thescientific development of increasingly sophisticated institutional mechanisms.
  7. 7. According to the above general requirements, to achieve "five-second"planning objectives, we must pay more attention to scientific development,pilot pay more attention to innovation-driven, endogenous growth, moreemphasis on urban-rural integration, regional coordination and more focus ongreen development, ecological civilization, and more focus on peopleslivelihood priorities and harmonious sharing. Focus on the "six outstanding"efforts:(A) to highlight the speed up economic restructuring. Strategy of expandingdomestic demand, accelerate the strategic transformation of foreign trade,improve internal and external coordination required to pull each other topromote the growth of consumption and investment pattern. Adhere tomanufacture and promote the creation phase, the integration of informationtechnology and industrialization, the development of modern service industries,advanced manufacturing, high-tech industry and strategic new industries,transform and upgrade traditional industries, accelerate the construction of amodern industrial system. Pilot province to promote the national low-carbon,enhance environmental protection and ecological construction, strengtheningenergy saving and resource conservation.(B) to highlight the improved capability of independent innovation. In-depthimplementation of the province of independent innovation and talent strategyto speed up construction of an innovative Guangdong. Insist on theintroduction of absorption and innovation, integrated innovation, both theoriginal innovation, build a business-oriented, market-oriented research withan open regional innovation systems and to capture the core and keytechnologies, promote economic development to innovation-driven change.Accelerate the construction of intellectual province, province-depth qualityactivities to vigorously implement the strategy and technical standards ofintellectual property strategy. Sound scientific and technological innovationsystem and mechanism, improve the venture capital, government subsidies,tax relief system. Lead only to talent recruitment and enhance personnelexchanges at home and abroad, to build multi-level training system.(C) to highlight the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.Advance of the main functional areas. Coordination of rural urbanization andagricultural modernization, and improve in order to promote agriculture, thecities with rural long-term mechanism, the formation of urban and ruraldevelopment pattern. Province to speed up the construction of modernagriculture, increasing the level of new rural construction. Co-ordinatedevelopment of land and sea, the development of marine economy. In-depthimplementation of the strategy to enhance the North East led the Pearl RiverDelta, Pearl River Delta to speed up regional economic integration, to furtherpromote the "double shift."(D) to highlight in order to improve peoples livelihood and strengthening thesocial construction. Focus on development results of Pratt & Whitney, promotesocial fairness and justice, harmony and sharing of Guangdong, and
  8. 8. continuously improve the peoples happiness. Accelerate the development ofvarious social undertakings, and gradually improve the urban and rural,functional, rational distribution of effective management, appropriate level ofbasic public service system. Deepen the reform of the income distributionsystem, gradually narrowing the urban-rural, regional, industry and the incomegap between members of society. Speed up and improve housing securitysystem. And innovation to strengthen social management and safeguardsocial harmony and stability.(E) tohighlight the soft power to enhance the culture. Speed up the construction ofcultural province. Priority to education and to promote education at all levels toenhance the level of growth and career development, lifelong educationsystem, building education province. Improve the public cultural servicesystem, to accelerate the development of cultural industries, nurturing thehuman spirit in Guangdong, to create a strong culture, strong culturalindustries, cultural radiation and influence, cultural development and culturalimage of the good new pattern. Comprehensively promote the provinceaccording to law, to speed up the construction of the rule of law in Guangdong.(F) to highlight the deepening of reform and opening up. Further promote thereform of key areas, efforts to promote market mechanisms, governmentmanagement, finance and financial sector reform, improve the promotion ofscientific development, promote social