strengthen the social and livelihoodconstruction(Viii) strengthen the social and livelihood construction. Promote the welf...
demonstration vocational colleges, training and structural adjustment to adaptto the industrial reserve army. Promote Univ...
foreign affairs. To strengthen national defense mobilization, education, andreserve forces, to deepen mutual support to bu...
affairs and government and the market intermediary organizations.Transformation of government economic management, compreh...
Fourth, resolutely punishing and effectively preventing corruption.Strengthen anti-corruption, improve the system for puni...
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Strengthen the social and livelihood construction


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Strengthen the social

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Strengthen the social and livelihood construction

  1. 1. strengthen the social and livelihoodconstruction(Viii) strengthen the social and livelihood construction. Promote the welfare ofthe people adhere to the government work on the first, to expand and improvepublic services, accelerate the development of social undertakings, andenhance the coordination of economic and social development. To expand employment and improve peoples livelihood as security a toppriority. Implement a more active employment policy, 24 million new urban jobs.Sound public investment driven by employment growth mechanisms, trainingand business incubator building, improve the business service system, tosupport their own businesses and self-employment. Advance small loans pilotuniversities, to encourage grass-roots employment of college graduates andtheir own businesses, to encourage talented people to the business flow, toensure that the employment rate of graduates of not less than 85%.Development of public service jobs, strengthen employment assistance,dynamic cities and towns to eliminate zero-employment families. Propersettlement of labor disputes, and promote harmonious labor relations. Comprehensively improve the level of social security. Improve the urbanand rural social endowment insurance system, some state-owned enterprises" doublesolution" difficult problem of pension insurance, pension insurance system topromote the reform of public institutions. Continue to raise standards of basicpensions for enterprise retirees, urban and rural residents in health insurancebenefits and the level of urban and rural low. Gradually expand the basicmedical insurance for urban workers, the scope of municipal co-ordination.Strengthen the basic old-age insurance for urban enterprise workers workingrelationship between the transfer continue. Standardized management ofurban and rural low, improve the urban and rural medical assistance system, asound system of low-income groups, temporary relief. Development charity.Adopt preferential policies to promote the development of elderly services. Insist on giving priority to education development. Preparation andimplementation of long-term development plan for education reform andimprove the modernization level of education. Substantial improvements inschool conditions in rural and poor areas, primary and secondary schoolstandardized rate of 60%, to promote balanced development of compulsoryeducation. School graduates entered junior high school account for more than90%, the basic realization of universal high school education. High schoolstarted a new course experiment. Start vocational education, the infrastructureconstruction of the second phase, to run a number of national and municipal
  2. 2. demonstration vocational colleges, training and structural adjustment to adaptto the industrial reserve army. Promote University City "five integration"construction. Content development to support colleges and universities tostrengthen key disciplines, key laboratories and the construction of finecourses, higher education gross enrollment rate of 30%. Preschool education,special education, old-age education and continuing education, focusing onfamily education. Strengthen teacher training for teachers especially in ruralareas, promote the rational flow of teachers and balanced configuration. Builda peaceful, healthy, green, digital humanities campus, promote education,comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Promote cultural development and prosperity, cultivate and enhance the softpower of culture in Chongqing. Carry out the "sing read about transfer"activities. Run the first week of the Western symphony, the second WesternAnimation Festival, the Fourth China Sichuan Opera Festival, activelypreparing for the 2011 Asian Arts Festival and the Sixth World Chinese MediaForum. Started the International Circus, Heroine Park, public art, archives,accelerate the construction of Cathay Pacific Arts Center, Chongqing NaturalHistory Museum, Three Gorges Museum and the "Top Ten Book City," startedconstruction in Chongqing three-line museums and industrial museum,complete special garden display Museum expansion project. Acceleration ofpublic cultural services to rural and primary tilt to achieve the township culturalstations, villages radio and television, and cultural information resourcessharing project full coverage, the new standard Farm House 2000. Do a goodjob sending the exhibition game to send the film to send to the countryside, arich cultural life of the grassroots people. Strengthen the cultural heritageprotection and use of rescue a group of revolutionary sites to maintain, warrelics. Intensify and accelerate the progress, to deepen cultural restructuring,to further enhance the development of cultural industries and cultural strengthand vitality. Attention and support of private cultural enterprise development.Prosperity of philosophy and social sciences and literature and art, theintroduction of a number of quality work. Strengthen the construction andmanagement of the cultural market, and cultivate civilized and healthy networkculture. The socialist core value system into the national education and thewhole process of spiritual civilization, strengthen social morality, professionalethics, family values and personal qualities construction, so that the earth isimbued with Bayu civilized new. Overall strengthening of social management. The sixth national censuswork to do. Strengthen the management of the population live. Implement andimprove the "four proposed two open" as the main content of the village(neighborhood) people self-government, to expand grassroots democracy.Strengthen urban and rural community development, urban street town built 30community service centers and 240 community service centers. Norms ofsocial organizations, social workers to promote team building. Promotenational unity, manage religious affairs according to law, good arms, Overseas,
  3. 3. foreign affairs. To strengthen national defense mobilization, education, andreserve forces, to deepen mutual support to build, and harmoniouscivil-military close as fish. Delegates! Peoples expectations that the Government efforts. Improve thelivelihood of more than a solid job in a major work, plans to increaseinvestment 7.5 billion yuan this year, highlighting the good livelihood of 10practical things: (1) into low-rent housing 2.2 million square meters,construction of public rental housing, 5,000,000 square meters, Bayu new30000 new homes, renovation 30,000 rural inhabitable. (2) urban and ruralcooperative medical insurance subsidy standards per person per yearincreased to $ 120. State-owned enterprises "double solution" and collectiveenterprises retiree health insurance benefits extended to the city. (3) to ensureold-age insurance pilot county urban and rural residents over the age of 60personnel as the cities, the new reconstruction county social welfare center 5,township 94 nursing home, day care centers in urban communities 100, thenew rural pension service beds 12000. (4) of rural women, "two cancer" freecensus, the urban and rural maternal and newborn range to achieve fullcoverage insurance subsidy. (5) to continue the implementation of childhoodimmunization vaccination free of charge. The urban and rural standards ofrelief to orphans and disabled children $ 600 a month per person. (6) new 120model community rehabilitation of the disabled and transform the dilapidated3000 poor rural people with disabilities, free of charge for poor cataractpatients sight restoring 6000 cases. (7) expand the scope of legal aid poor anddisadvantaged groups, to ensure that aid should make aid. (8) primary andsecondary school buildings are safe for 60%, 400 new boarding school,primary and secondary plastic playground 414. Exempt from economicallydisadvantaged families and students in vocational agriculture-relatedprofessional fees. (9) fully completed the task of building village-level publicservice centers. Improve the community (village) office expenses minimumsecurity standards organizations and village cadres lost income subsidystandards. (10) transformation of 100 new town waterworks. Solve two millionurban and rural drinking water safety. Construction of rural access roads10,000 km. 150,000 new rural biogas digesters, large biogas 35. Completion of100 farmers markets, standardization markets 50. Third, government efforts to build peoples satisfaction Implementation of the "314" overall plan to promote scientific development,people have high hopes, the government responsibility. The transformation ofgovernment functions to the core, the system construction as the fundamentalguarantee of work style, accelerate the construction of government by law,government service, responsible government and clean government. First, strengthen the functions of government services. Deepen the reform ofgovernment institutions and institutions classification reform, continue topromote the government and enterprises, government funded, government
  4. 4. affairs and government and the market intermediary organizations.Transformation of government economic management, comprehensive use ofeconomic, legal and administrative measures to promote structural adjustmentand development patterns. Deepen the administrative examination andapproval system reform, improve the performance management system, andpromote the use of government information resources development andexchange and sharing, improve administrative efficiency, for investors,entrepreneurs as a good waiter, the main market to create a favorableenvironment for development. Improve social management, more emphasison grassroots organizations to improve the capabilities of the grassrootspeople. Implementation of sun-government, expanding government affairs.Integration of public resources, the municipal financial guarantee for thelivelihood of half the expenses, and strive to provide the public with more andbetter public services. Second, improve the administrative capacity and level. Thoroughly outlinethe implementation of administrative law, strictly in accordance with statutoryauthority and procedures to perform their duties. Good work supporting theimplementation of local laws and regulations, the implementation ofgovernment regulations, after the pilot assessment. Sound scientific anddemocratic decision-making mechanism, a major policy, major projects andlivelihood issues must adhere to the experts, public notice or public hearingsystem. Improve the rights and responsibilities consistent enforcementmechanism, strict evaluation of scientific development, to ensure that the workbeing effectively implemented. Regulate the discretion of the administrativepenalty, to strengthen the administrative reconsideration, administrativeorgans to implement the legal representative of respondent court system. Alllevels of government and its staff should consciously accept the supervision ofthe NPC and its Standing Committee of the law, work supervision anddemocratic supervision of the CPPCC, seriously listen to democratic parties,personages without party affiliation and peoples organizations. The initiative toaccept public supervision and the news media, to create conditions that allowpeople to more effectively monitor the government. Third, further promote the political style of work. Close to the people lovingthe people adhere to and carry out "three-three togethers" activities, with adeep affection for the masses to solve problems. Carrying out investigationand study, respect their pioneering spirit, and asked government to the people,ask for the people, asked to be the people. Streamline meetings anddocuments, will improve air style, strict control of all inspections and appraisalsand compliance activities. Advocate thrift, thrift building the city, public fundingagencies and institutions to implement zero growth. Build aconservation-oriented agencies, strict space agencies, the management ofofficial vehicles, official reception standards, travel reimbursement. Resolutelyovercome formalism and bureaucracy, firmly put an end hedonism,extravagance and waste of the wind.
  5. 5. Fourth, resolutely punishing and effectively preventing corruption.Strengthen anti-corruption, improve the system for punishing and preventingcorruption, education and job alerts depth anti-corruption education, keeping inmind the warning level self-discipline, discipline and state laws of high-voltagelines. Persist in using the system, right, steward, people, and to minimizesystem vulnerabilities. Independent strengthen risk prevention management,to strengthen key areas and key positions of power and supervision, strictaccountability of the executive leadership cadres, honest commitment to thesystem, administrative law enforcement responsibility and economicresponsibility audit system. Strengthen the financial resources, the audit majorinvestment projects and monitoring. Seriously investigate abuse of power,corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty, degenerate and other cases, the corruptelements and never let go, will not be tolerated. Construction of high-quality civil service is the key to strengthening thegovernment itself. Respect for all government staff to learn, innovative practice,and strengthen strategic thinking, creative thinking, dialectical thinking, andconstantly improve the level of work ethics and business; to our minds, goodgrasp opportunities, meet challenges, solve problems, keep enhance thepromotion of scientific development, promote social harmony skills; toremember the mission, hardworking people, remain upright, high spirit, vitality,and continue to create worthy of the times the people of the new results. "Five" is the implementation of the "314" overall plan, the first to build acomprehensive well-off society of a critical period. Governments at all levelsin-depth research, brainstorming, adhere to scientific development, promotesocial harmony, change the mode of development, innovation anddevelopment model, careful preparation of the "second Five Year Plan",painted on the Chongqing "speed up" "first" blueprint. Delegates! Nothing is difficult, who will try. Crisis, we calmly into thecontrarian; recovery on the road, we should Horses Swagger, fight hard. Let us rally closelywith Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee,hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the CPCChongqing Municipal Committee under the strong leadership to consolidateand develop the "heart Qi Qi Shun, the wind is fresh enough" good situationfully completed this year and the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goals and tasks forthe early realization of "314" overall plan and work hard!