Promoting the speed and quality and cultural development.


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Promoting the speed and quality and

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Promoting the speed and quality and cultural development.

  1. 1. promoting the speed and quality andcultural development.F) promoting the speed and quality and cultural development. The constructionof urban and rural development around the city and the Yangtze River cultureand strong regional cultural center goal to accelerate the development ofcultural undertakings and cultural industries, cultural investment growth of18.7%. "Sing read about Biography" activities have flourished, the passioninvolved in the general public, which greatly enhanced the penetration ofadvanced culture and influence, boosting officer cadres and the masses startManner. Urban and rural public cultural service system continue to improve,Chongqing Grand Theatre, Science and Technology Museum, NamsanBotanical Garden Greenhouse House completed and put into use, the newdistrict, cultural centers and libraries 10, township cultural stations 235, thestandard Farm House 1350, radio and television coverage communication,and cultural information resources sharing, free museums and monuments,rural film screenings and other cultural projects that benefit the powerfulforward. 60th anniversary of the brilliant series of activities, of the EleventhChinese elderly Choir Festival, the Seventh Chinese Golden Bell Award forChoral Music Competition, the second Chongqing Culture and Art Festival asuccess. Sichuan Opera "gold", the drama "Three people," drama "Zhou Enlaiin Chongqing", books "Panda epic" won the national award. Further promotethe cultural system, national digital publishing base in Chongqing, radio andtelevision, publishing, animation, rapiddevelopment of the performing arts industry. Purify the social and culturalenvironment of special campaigns marked success. (G) efforts to protect and improve peoples livelihood. Livelihood of the citysfiscal spending $ 68.2 billion the largest in history. To stabilize and expandemployment, employment difficulties to implement social insurance, vocationaltraining, subsidies for 670 million yuan, the new grant small loans $ 1.4 billion.Universities and vocational graduate employment rate reached 90%, 97%, bythe financial crisis of 367 million migrant workers return to the basic realizationof re-transfer of employment. Urban and rural social security systemframework initially established, the original land of Peasants and urbanuninsured employer pension insurance overage fully resolved, the basicpension for enterprise retirees per capita than the national average. 15 districtsand counties to carry out urban and rural social pension insurance pilot, urbanand rural cooperative medical insurance to achieve county-wide coverage.Expand the coverage of rural residents, improve medical care, five guarantees,the level of preferential allowances, 2.1 million urban and rural areas to protectthe basic living problems. Integrated urban and rural areas in the West the lead
  2. 2. in establishing mechanisms to ensure funding for compulsory education,student public funding to achieve the national standard. The full realization offree compulsory education in urban and rural areas, benefiting 3.6 millionstudents. Poor Families in rural and urban high school students to theexemption of all tuition fees. 317,000 compulsory education teacherperformance pay in full cash. School graduates entered junior high school theproportion of 88%. Vocational education advantage is more prominent. Highereducation gross enrollment rate of 27%. A major breakthrough in teaching andresearch universities, 53 have won national achievement award. Strengthenrelated to agriculture, education, health care and other livelihood of pricemanagement, price remained stable overall. Over the past year, we strive to protect the peoples legitimate rights andinterests, and actively resolve social conflicts. Visits to carry out large solidtackling action, grassroots organizations, 200,000 cadres investigation andresolve the petition backlog, 890,000 people visited the people, invested 4.88billion yuan to solve various problems 85000, party-masses relations closer.According to the central deployment, in accordance with law "anti-crime"struggle to get peoples support and genuine support. Total of 3339 personsarrested evil people involved in gangs, a group of evil gang is punishable bylaw, a group of evil forces "umbrella" was removed. Urban and rural socialsecurity continued to improve, eight categories of violent criminal cases sharedeclined, markedly enhanced the peoples sense of security. Over the past year, we carry out in-depth study and practice the scientificoutlook on development as an opportunity to focus on strengthening thegovernment itself. Change the concept of development, innovation anddevelopment model, solve development problems, to carry out a majorresearch project, developed and implemented to promote the restructuring anddevelopment related systems, to establish a scientific mechanism for thedevelopment of evaluation, the initial formation of policies conducive toscientific development-oriented and interest-oriented. According to the law,and consciously accept the NPC and CPPCC supervision, serious suggestionsfor the implementation of NPC deputies and CPPCC proposals. MunicipalStanding Committee drew 10 local laws and regulations, enact, amend andrepeal a number of administrative regulations. City and county governmentagencies basically completed the reform, institution classification reform andsteadily push forward. Cancellation and change the administrative examinationand approval items 21, 64 administrative fees, administrative examination andapproval of electronic surveillance system into operation. Expansion ofdomestic demand to increase the projects supervision and special audit effortsto detect and correct the problem. Leading cadres of economic responsibilityaudit and special audits to further strengthen. Unremitting efforts to struggleagainst corruption and political popularity of wind development, and severelypunish law and discipline violations and dereliction of duty to punish thecorrupt elements. National defense mobilization and reserve force has been
  3. 3. strengthened, mutual support activities to build depth, military and civiliansmore united. Population and family planning, women and children, the elderly,the disabled, ethnic, religious, Taiwan, Overseas, foreign affairs, statistics, civildefense, fire fighting, files, Local Records, literature and history, counselors,security, weather, geological survey, earthquake, etc. made new results. Delegates! In 2009 a very unusual, in very difficult circumstances, weachieved satisfactory economic and social development, to the 60thanniversary of New China, presented a gift. Hard-won achievements, full of theCPC Central Committee and State Councils deep concern, the trend andshow the people into the city, cut off narrow wins the heroic spirit, calmly,turning crises into opportunities for intelligence, one mind, to overcome thedifficulties of a powerful force! Practice has proved that as long as weresolutely implement the central policies and arrangements, closely rely on thecitys people, we will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve thedevelopment of Chongqing, a large leap! Here, on behalf of MunicipalGovernment, the citys people of all nationalities, to NPC deputies and CPPCCmembers, all democratic parties, mass organizations and all walks of life, tothe troops stationed in Chongqing, police officers, the central ministries,provinces brothers, to support the reform and development of all our friends inChongqing, said the high respect and sincere thanks! We also clearly see that the economic recovery of the intrinsic motivation ofChongqing is still insufficient, and effective social investment has not yetactivated, the consumer potential to be further explored, external power needsto be enhanced. The international financial crisis of some long-termaccumulation of structural and institutional contradiction is more prominent,advanced manufacturing and modern service industry is low, independentinnovation ability; resources, energy, environmental constraints increase, thecompletion of energy-saving emission reduction targets need to pay very hard;need to overcome urban and rural reform and development, farmers incomeare more difficult, arduous task to get rich reservoir resettlement stable; fiscalbalance pressures, part of the county government debt too heavy; labor andemployment, social security, income distribution, housing, education, medicalcare, there are still many problems to be solved; still more safety risks,geological disaster prevention task is still arduous. Governments ownconstruction and management of innovation needs to increase efforts, somegovernment staff lack of innovative capacity, sense of public service is notstrong, some key work to promote not ideal, individual areas of corruption stillexists. We highly responsible to the people a sense of mission andresponsibility, continue to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems, asolid job in government work, and never live up to the city peoples trust andexpectations.2, 2010, the objectives and major tasks This year is the accelerated implementation of the "314" and the countrydeploy three more general document, complete the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan,
  4. 4. plan "five" key to the development of the year. Looking at the domestic andinternational situation, the world economy is expected to resume growth,Chinas economic turnaround is based on the gradual consolidation of thestates macroeconomic policies to maintain continuity and stability, improve therelevance and flexibility, the development environment will be better than lastyear. Current Chongqing, directly under development since the potentialenergy savings are constantly released, "314" overall deployment and NationalDevelopment 3 documents further show the effect of policies, a new round ofwestern development and the Three Gorges Project follow-up work started inturn give new impetus to our conditions, have emboldened the development ofbetter and faster. At the same time to see a world economic recovery will beslow and tortuous process, the international market demand is still weak, there-emergence of trade protectionism, commodity prices may be highervolatility. problem of excess capacity in some industries outside the casehighlights the need to shrink, with the coastal areas to speed up restructuring,domestic market competition more fierce. We must deeply understand thecomplexity of the situation at home and abroad, and enhance the sense of riskawareness, good situation and the courage to tough tackling, more active inseizing the opportunity to plan the development of a more scientific, moreeffectively solve problems, promote the development level of Chongqing ,increase stamina, and sustainable. Guiding this years government work is: hold high the great banner ofsocialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory and "ThreeRepresents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientific concept ofdevelopment, conscientiously implement the Partys 17 large and 17 sessionsof three, the Fourth Plenary Session, in accordance with the "314" and thecountry deploy three more general documentation requirements, speedforward, crucial breakthroughs, the overall development and give prominenceto the "five Chongqing", urban and rural, inland open, deepen the reform,revitalization of area County, to improve peoples livelihood priorities, firm tonestructure, down to earth and promote change, complete the "Eleventh FiveYear Plan", in the construction of the western region is an important growthpole in the center of Yangtze River regions economic development and urbanand rural municipalities has taken the journey greater pace. Comprehensive consideration of various factors, economic and socialdevelopment this year, the main targets are: the citys GDP increased by 13%.Local general budget revenue grew 13%. Total fixed asset investment andretail sales were up 18%. Import and export volume reached U.S. $ 12 billionin foreign direct investment rose 25 percent, domestic capital increase of 25%.Unit GDP energy consumption fell 4.6%, chemical oxygen demand of thewhole society, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 0.5% and 1.5%, forestcoverage rate to 36%, the main urban air quality days reached 300 days or
  5. 5. more. The natural population growth rate does not exceed 4%. . Disposableincome of urban residents, rural residents per capita net income grew 11% and12% of the registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent, consumerprices rose at 3 percent. Achieve these goals, we must develop ways to accelerate thetransformation of implementing the scientific concept of development as amajor move, persist in promoting change in the expansion of opening up andpromote change, reform and innovation and promote change, to improve thelivelihood of the people in promoting change, and promote economic andsocial sound and rapid development. This year, we should conscientiously doa good job eight areas: (A) consolidate and develop the good momentum of economic recovery.Expansion of domestic demand, especially consumer demand approaches toimprove the ratio between investment and consumption, consumption andinvestment gradually formed to promote economic growth of the newcoordination pattern. Resolutely implement the central macro-control policies and measures, toconnect with the National Development and the Ministry of Municipal File No. 3cooperation agreements, docking national investment and credit schemes, forgreater support. Continue to implement the citys response to the financialcrisis, a series of measures to boost, to re-introduce support for district urbandevelopment, reduce social security rates, increase urban and rural socialsecurity benefits and other new initiatives to promote stable and rapideconomic development. Efforts to expand consumer demand. Adjust the income distributionstructure, increase the Government to improve peoples livelihood, expandconsumption expenditure, consumption and gradually eliminate the factors ofinstitutional barriers, improve peoples consumption capacity. Relying on thecentral city to build the western edge of both consumer and accelerate theconstruction exhibition, shopping and good food, nurture and build a batch often billion business district, billion market, billions of commercial enterprises,start construction of the Western International Convention and ExhibitionCenter, planning and construction of the Chongqing International FoodParadise, and enhance the surrounding areas in Chongqing and the influenceof radiation. And actively promote the rational distribution of urban and ruralcommercial network construction, new commercial facilities 1,000,000 squaremeters. Accelerate the improvement of "Ten Thousand Villages" MarketingProject, to promote the township farmers market expansion, active urban andrural markets. Increase household appliances, automobile efforts to implementthe countryside and other policies to encourage the development of consumercredit, for the establishment of consumer finance companies. Steadyexpansion of automobile, housing and other big-ticket purchases, propertydevelopment, home economics, pension and other consumer services,development of cultural entertainment, leisure and tourism, sports, fitness and
  6. 6. other new spending, promote upgrading of consumption structure. Rectify andstandardize market order, depth of product quality and food drug safety, strictproduct quality and traceability and recall systems, to create a safe and secureenvironment for consumption. Expansion of investment in both demand and optimize the investmentstructure, consolidate industrial, infrastructure, real estate and other tertiaryindustry investment patterns go hand in hand. Study the development ofprivate capital project approval, financing, taxation and other specificmeasures to support and broaden the channels for private investment.Government investment is mainly used for "five Chongqing" livelihood projectsand the construction of the "three rural" independent innovation, energy savingand other key areas. Supervision throughout the project to strengthengovernment investment, and resolutely put an end to "uncompleted" works.Strict new projects and approval, to prevent redundant construction. Ability to improve resource protection elements. Enhance coal oil and gastransportation scheduling, ease the power, gas supply and demand, efforts toprotect the economy and peoples production and living needs. Key areas andincrease credit support to weak links, carried out between banks andenterprises, and to promote the steady growth of loans. Adhere to maintainpressure, give priority to the "five Chongqing" key project construction and landuse requirements, prohibited area of law, extensive land. Strengthen pricemonitoring and early warning, choose to promote resource price reform andenvironmental protection charges. (B) the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Implementation ofthe light industries, good job big projects, big industry, big bases, thepromotion of industrial high-end, high-quality, high-tech oriented. Focus on thedevelopment of electronic information, machinery and equipmentmanufacturing, heavy industry three plates, to build Asias largest notebookcomputer base, the countrys major modern manufacturing base and animportant heavy chemical industry base in the Midwest. Efforts to promote HPand Foxconn, Quanta, Inventec notebook computers and other items, to speedup Changan fish head base, comprehensive vehicle proving ground,Changzheng Heavy rail locomotives and other projects to foster wind power,ultra-high voltage transmission and distribution, rail transport, etc. equipmentmanufacturing industry chain, re-built 6 million tons of steel and quality steelbase material SWA large aircraft supporting base, started MDI integrationprojects, complete industrial investment 200 billion yuan of industrial outputvalue of 1 trillion yuan. Promoting industrial clustering, foster a number of onehundred billion, ten billion park, planning starts south industrial corridor. Speedup the information technology, the telecommunications network, radionetworks and Internet convergence. Active against the new industrialrevolution, new technology, efforts to develop new energy vehicles, networking,solar wind power, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, toseize the commanding heights of industry.
  7. 7. Accelerate the development of service economy, the promotion of advancedmanufacturing and modern service-depth integration. Bigger and strongerfinance and insurance, to create Jiefangbei Jiangbeizui financial core area.Construction of the main city of the "three base four port" and Wanzhou, Fulingand other logistics hub, to introduce and foster a number of competitivelogistics enterprises, the development of multimodal transport ande-commerce. The formation of exhibition enterprise alliance, fosteringwell-known show brand integration, and promote the rapid development ofexhibition industry. Training services in Hong Kong and Chongqing IndustrialScience and Technology Park wulidian industrial design. Build national digitalpublishing, animation industry, such as a large enough base for film andtelevision drama production, relocation bigger Shukan market. To develop theaccounting, legal, appraisal, design and other intermediary services. Speed upto tourism as a strategic pillar industry, strong implementation of touristprojects, big investment, big marketing. Planning and building of the ThreeGorges International Tourism with gold, and strive to build Baidicheng, SmallThree Gorges, Tiankengdefeng, Diaoyu and other scenic spots, tourist routesand introduced a number of quality tourism products. Complete withtransportation, hotels and focus on tourism infrastructure, training yachteconomic, ecological fitness, forest tourism, new tourism destination, rich hotspring theme years activities, run China Domestic Travel Fair. Touristreception times and the total revenue growth of 30%. Vigorously promote technological innovation. Highlight the dominantposition of enterprises, to promote research integration, and promote scienceand technology, standard, brand and the simultaneous development ofindustry, society as a whole R & D expenditure to GDP increased to 1.7%.Support scientific research institutes and key laboratories, engineering andtechnology research center, technology center, quality inspection center. Thecontinued implementation of major science and technology, industrialtechnology innovation to accelerate the formation of strategic alliances, majorscientific and technological achievements to improve the conversion rate.Promote new energy vehicles, LED lighting and other new productdemonstration. Speed up the construction of IPR protection model city, up25% of patents granted over trademark ownership increased by 15% or more.Overall strengthening of quality management, to encourage enterprises toparticipate in the development of national standards, industry standards,creating Union standards, the adoption of international standards andadvanced foreign standards. Implementation of the financial investment,science and technology venture capital and guarantee policy, science andtechnology venture investment reached 60 billion yuan. Dual-use technologyto run the fair-cum-exposition. Persist through human resource strategy, theimplementation of long-term talent development program. Co-ordinate all kindsof qualified personnel, and urban and rural human resources development,strengthening personnel exchange and cooperation, to create talent, expertise
  8. 8. and resources of the system environment for innovation and entrepreneurship,Chongqing became a paradise to show its mettle. Strengthen energy conservation, inhibition of excess production capacity,promote economic development to accelerate into the green track. Developclean energy, improve energy structure. Implementation of 100 keyenergy-saving projects, carry out a comprehensive energy audit business.Promotion of energy-saving common technology, strict implementation ofmandatory energy efficiency standards. Public agencies to vigorously promoteenergy conservation. Enhance resource utilization, improve solid waste andindustrial waste resource utilization. Implementation of the relocation of themain city of the fifth business environment, coal-fired facilities to complete themain city clean energy transformation. Strict control of high energyconsumption, high pollution and low output items, eliminate a number of smallcement, small coal mines, small thermal power, small steel mills. Good joblongevity Chemical Industrial Park, Bai Tao Industrial Park, Chongqing Iron &Steel Group, and circular economy pilot projects. Improve the emissionstrading and green credit schemes to promote environmental pollution liabilityinsurance. Statistical evaluation system to establish carbon emission,low-carbon economy to carry out pilot projects. (C) accelerate the construction of "five Chongqing." People-oriented,peoples livelihood priorities, respect for nature, follow the law, efforts to breakthe bottleneck in the development of urban transformation, comprehensiveapproach to improve the quality of urban development and competitiveness. Efforts to enhance the quality of living environment. To promote urbanredevelopment and upgrading of urban functions, maintenance of culturallandscape and the natural continuation of the historical context of organic unity,handed down a number of planning and construction of building products, highquality build the main city "Two Rivers and Four" waterfront area, highlightingthe mountain city of Chongqing, history Culture citys unique style and charm.According to "reduce, increase green, blank, plastic surgery," principles, thefull three years to complete demolition and renovation of the main cityinhabitable task, started Village Area, speed up the residential area and thecomprehensive improvement of urban environment. Reasonable control of thecity building height and density, effectively increase the open space, build anumber of squares, parks and community parks. Development and utilization of urbanunderground space. Expanding coverage of digital cities, to promote themodernization of urban management. Efforts to enhance the flow level. Into a "Ring 8 shooting" national highwaynetwork, promoting the "two shot of a joint part of the" local highway projects,start a new line of railway, Chongqing and Guizhou, Chongqing Wan intercityrail, intercity rail projects such as Chengdu-Chongqing, Jiangbei International
  9. 9. Airport to complete Qianjiang airport expansion and construction of three.Promote Cuntan three, leading Hill Fuling