Institutional mechanisms will be harmonious


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Institutional mechanisms will be harmonious

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Institutional mechanisms will be harmonious

  1. 1. Institutional mechanisms will beharmoniousDeepen the cooperation between Guangdong and promote regional economicdevelopment. Implementation of more active, more active strategy of opening up, improvethe quality of foreign investment and "going out" level, to further promote regional andinternational cooperation, and enhance international competitiveness.Delegates! Province "five" development blueprint has been drawn, the scientificdevelopment of the new range has been open. People of the province of one mind, unitedstruggle, certainly in the big strides on the road of scientific development, to create abetter tomorrow!Third, the 2011 workThis year is the "five-second" the first year. Governments general requirements are:thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, fully implement the Partys 17th, the central economic work conference and eight Plenary Session of the TenthProvincial, speed up transformation and upgrading closely around the building thishappiness Guangdong core, in-depth implementation of the Pearl River Delta "Plan",adhere to scientific development, pilot and implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudentmonetary policy, promote transformation, to improve the livelihood of the people, deepeningreform three points, and effectively improve the cultural infrastructure, efforts to developsocial undertakings, as the "second five" development good beginning, a good start.Economic and social development of the main targets are: 9% GDP growth and per capitaGDP growth of 8 percent; total fixed asset investment up 16%, total retail sales of socialconsumer goods up 16%, imports and exports grew 7.3%, local general budget revenuegrew 10%; per capita disposable income of urban residents increased by 10%, per capitanet income of rural residents increased by 10.5%; control consumer prices rose about 4%;the proportion of value-added services accounted for 46% of GDP ; research anddevelopment expenditures accounted for the proportion of GDP increased to 1.9%; theregistered urban unemployment rate of 3.5% or less; binding emission reduction targetsassigned to complete the annual state plan.Achieve these goals, we must grasp the following 10 tasks:(A) the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand, promote stableand rapid economic growth.Actively expand consumption demand. Expansion of new consumer services, foster newconsumption patterns, the implementation of energy-saving products that benefit. Fullimplementation of the national tourism and leisure scheme to accelerate the
  2. 2. comprehensive reform of the national demonstration area of tourism and tourism provincebuild, integrate tourism resources, development of major projects to promote tourism.Continue to do household appliances and motorcycles to the countryside, trade work.Summary enhance the "broad goods the country" activities, accelerate the GuangdongTrade City, the construction of exhibition center, Canton province. To rely on individualproducts, international procurement center to create products to enhance the internationalvisibility of products in Guangdong.Strengthen regulation of the economy. Efforts to maintain price stability, and effectivelycontrol commodity prices, especially agricultural prices rising too fast. Implementation ofthe "rice bag" responsibility system of provincial governors and the "vegetable basket"Mayor responsibility to promote the cities to establish a "food basket" base supportgreenhouses, cold storage facilities and the construction of affordable stores. Increase theprice supervision and inspection, focus on strengthening the circulation of agriculturalprice regulation. Levied according to the price adjustment fund. Improve the subsidysystem to protect the basic livelihood of low-income people. Strengthen the regulation ofreal estate, a reasonable guide housing demand and curb speculative investment demand,resolutely curb housing prices. Strengthen the comprehensive coordination of coal oil andgas transportation. Full taxation in promoting economic development mode shift inregulation, adhere to the law collection, the applicant collected.More channels to increase income. Gradually improve and strictly enforce the minimumwage, improve the labor market guidance wage levels for the system. Actively promotethe business of collective wage negotiations, and guide enterprises to normal growth inwages. Institutions to promote the accelerated implementation of the pay for performance.Implementation of food subsidies, comprehensive agricultural subsidies, subsidies forimproved varieties of crops, purchase of agricultural subsidies, benefiting the agriculturepolicy, to encourage farmers to optimize the planting structure, improving efficiency.Promote the steady growth of investment and structural optimization. Arrangements for280 provincial key construction projects, investment 430 billion yuan. Kuotai of newindustries, modern services, modern agriculture, technological innovation andinfrastructure, livelihood and other key areas of social investment firm control of the "twohigh" and industries with excess capacity investment, ensure that industrial investment isnot lower than investment in fixed assets increase. Department of Provincial andaccelerating cooperation in the construction of the railway, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen andthe Pearl River Delta along the other outer ring highway, the backbone of the province thepower, industrial park together for thermoelectric cooling and gas construction projects.Zhanjiang, Guangzhou Iron and Steel to promote environmental relocation project.Promote the construction of the Guangzhou Nansha heavy equipment, Longgang,Shenzhen, research, Jiangmen Taishan nuclear power facilities and equipment IndustrialPark and Lufeng three nuclear power project a project. Mao Zhan, etc. to speed up railwayconstruction. Shenzhen to start construction in Maoming Railway (west coast railway),Buddha and Guan Guang-Qing intercity rail, upgrade the quality of Maoming oil expansion,FAW Volkswagen 300,000 vehicles, the Division integrated refining joint venture in SouthChina Sea Commission (Jieyang ) Sinopec, CNOOC Huizhou refinery integration of twoprojects. Do cross the Pearl River estuary channel, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Mei Ying
  3. 3. railway, Mei Hui high-speed rail, intercity rail Guangfo Pearl River, including theGuangdong section of highway projects such as Mao preliminary work. Guangdong topromote inter-city rail transit network planning and construction. To do major projectsreserve.Improve the level of urbanization. Implementation of the urban system planning, promotethe transport, communications, electricity, drainage and other infrastructure integrationand network development. Strengthen the integrated urban transport hub, and improvenetwork and the Pearl River Delta city of Green Road slow traffic system. Improving basicpublic services, small and medium cities, and vigorously promote the construction of thetown center. Deepening the reform of household registration system, improving systemintegration of migrant workers home town system. Speed up "the town of one hundredthousand villages" remediation construction, beginning this year the county as a unit of10% per year improvement of the villages, green and beautify the urban environment,focus on creating a group of town, village.Enhance the vitality of private economic development and competitiveness. Improve andimplement policies and measures to optimize the environment for private economicdevelopment. Introduced to encourage and guide private investment guidelines, thepreparation of private investment in key projects. Broaden the financing channels forprivate economy and improve the service system for SME financing. Support thedevelopment of a number of private enterprises to innovate industrializationdemonstration base, superior products export base and small and medium public(technical) service demonstration platform. Implementation of the gradient listed privateenterprises and entrepreneurs to enhance the quality of training engineering projects.(B) vigorously promote independent innovation, accelerate the optimization and upgradingof industrial structure.Enhance the capability of independent innovation. Promoting the national technologyinnovation pilot province construction. Deepen the provincial provincial hospital andresearch cooperation, organization and implementation of demonstration bases forproduction and research and demonstration projects to enhance the corporate action plan.In-depth implementation of engineering hundred foster innovative enterprises. Improvethe business and technology correspondent, Innovation Alliance, model base system,create a group of academicians workstation. Accelerate the implementation of majorscience and technology. Deepen the scientific research system, the formation of a numberof innovations of the main research institutions. Strengthen engineering technologydevelopment center, technology center, industry, public innovation and platformconstruction. Cultivate innovative talent, accelerate the introduction of innovative researchand technology team leader. Innovative technology investment and financing system, thedevelopment of venture capital. Implementation of the "hundreds of billions" brand training,enterprise training and intellectual superiority, "one hundred one thousand enterprisesintellectual property rights docking project. Province of quality depth activities, theprovincial government to play a guiding role of quality awards to promote advanced qualitymanagement techniques and methods. National Organization for Standardization for moresettled in our province.Speed up the 500 projects of modern industry. Improve the overall planning of the
  4. 4. construction of a modern industrial system, the establishment of the provinces jointconference system for the development of modern industrial system. 500 projects todevelop assessment methods, assessment of project progress tracking. 500 project asthe basis to build a number of advanced manufacturing base and modern service area.Transform and upgrade traditional industries advantage. Promote the digitaltransformation of traditional industries, equipment manufacturing digital, informationtechnology, clean production and energy saving applications such as informationtechnology, "4 100" demonstration project. Rolling plan and implement technologicaltransformation of industrial enterprises focus on "double one thousand works."Construction of the Pearl River Delta integration of national information technology andindustrialization pilot area. To foster regional industrial clusters based on internationalbrands in hardware appliances, construction materials, food and beverage, textile andother fields to cultivate a group of leading conglomerates. Take "a town of a policy" inorder to promote transformation and upgrading of professional town. Encourage theindustries leading enterprises to participate in international, national, industry-standard tobe developed.Positive development of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. Promote theprovinces to build an advanced manufacturing base in the nuclear power equipment, windpower equipment, power transmission major equipment, numerical control machine toolsand systems, marine engineering equipment in five key areas to achieve majorbreakthroughs. Enhance the development of software, integrated circuit design and otherhigh-tech industries. Promote TCL Huaxing Power 8.5 generation LCD panel, theRainbow Group, two other projects to speed up production, to support CMO, LGD, HinaHeyuan, Shanwei Truly 4.5 generation of AM-OLED and other projects. Accelerate theconstruction of software, biotechnology, aviation and other national high-tech industrialbase, promoting high-tech zones second venture. "Accelerate the development of modern service industry. To promote the financial, logistics,information services, technology services, business and exhibition, distribution and othermodern service industry bigger and stronger production, the development of headquarterseconomy. Guangzhou to build national service to promote comprehensive reform pilotcities. Support Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan building regional financial centerbuilding high-tech financial services area of Guangdong. To develop industrial design,industrial design to speed up the construction of the city, Guangdong, GuangdongIndustrial Design to create the corridor. Developing e-commerce, networking, promotingthe "triple play" pilot, building national information service industry base. Speed digitalpublishing, culture, media, animation and creative, fun games and other cultural industries.Copyright Industrial Demonstration Base training. Actively and steadily promote theopening up of service.Fostering the growth of strategic new industries. Enhancing the strategic investment andconstruction projects in emerging industries, concentration of superior resources topromote new high-end electronic information, new energy vehicles and the firstsemiconductor lighting industry, three major breakthroughs for bio-pharmaceuticals, newmaterials, new energy, aerospace, environmental protection, marine accelerate thedevelopment of other industries. To deepen cooperation to build cities, strategic focus on
  5. 5. promoting the building of 100 new industrial projects. To promote the green manufacturingtechnology breakthroughs, and standardization. Construction of strategic and emergingindustry technology standards patent system, data systems, a major new industry toaccelerate the strategic industrial and technological achievements.(C) urban and rural development, accelerate the building of new socialist countryside.Basic public services to promote the integration of urban and rural areas. Implementationof the equalization of basic public services, planning framework, fiscal spending prioritiesto agriculture, rural areas, to ensure that the total for agriculture and rural areas, theproportion has increased. Accelerate the coverage of basic public services to rural areas,strengthening the rural grass-roots cultural facilities, strong development of ruraleducation and health care industry. Cover all urban and rural planning to promote andstrengthen the village Planning, to encourage farmers to build a centralized apartment,optimizing urban and rural production and living, ecological and infrastructure spacelayout.Vigorously modern agriculture. Implementation of the national increase agriculturalproduction subsidies, raise the minimum grain purchase price and other policies toincrease food production capacity. Strengthen the agricultural technology innovation andpromotion, construction of modern agriculture and modern agricultural demonstrationzone 100 projects. Strengthen standards of farmland, fish ponds and standard fishing portconstruction standards. Comprehensively improve the level of material and technicalequipment of modern agriculture, the development of large-scale agricultural production,industrial management and social services. Improve the quality of agricultural productssafety, quality management and traceability standards, training of specialized agriculturebrands. Development of farmer cooperatives and other economic cooperationorganizations. The development of modern forestry, and focus on developing precioustree species, forestry, tea and other characteristics. National Marine pilot to promoteeconomic development, development of fishing facilities, brand fishing, foreign exchangefisheries.Focus on strengthening the rural water conservancy infrastructure construction.Accelerate the construction of water conservancy projects livelihood. Promotewater-saving irrigation area and transformation of rural water conservancy facilities, thecentral focus of the county finance small-scale irrigation, the optimal allocation of waterresources protection and conservation, creek remediation restoration, reservoirresettlement housing construction. Accelerate the improvement of rural roads, powerfacilities network. Good job, "Ten Thousand Villages" Marketing Project.Deepen the rural reform. Uphold and improve the rural basic management systems, ruralorderly transfer of land contract and management rights. Deepening the reform of landexpropriation system, rural collective land ownership validation work, a soundmanagement system in rural homestead. Deepen the reform of property rights in ruralareas, rural collective economic institutionalized, standardized management andcorporate reform. Fully complete the reform of collective forest rights. Actively promotepolicy-oriented agricultural insurance.(D) vigorously promote the integration of the Pearl River Delta, driven by North East
  6. 6. regions.The introduction of implementation of the main functional area planning. Specificallyoptimized development, key development, eco-development and development of fourmain functional areas prohibit the scope and function. Gradually improve thecompensation for the use of natural resources and eco-compensation mechanism.Promote urban and rural planning, land use planning and integration of the mainfunctional area planning. Explore the establishment of the main marine function zoningsystem.Promote the integration of the Pearl River Delta. Accelerate the implementation of fiveintegrated planning, the construction of ten projects to promote promote Guang Zhao,deep Wan Hui and Pearl River economic circle of the three-depth cooperation. Strengthenthe national center of Guangzhou city, integrated gateway city, regional national andcultural education center and economic center of Shenzhen city, the role of nationalinnovation-oriented city, accelerate the heart of the West Bank city of Zhuhai constructionof the Pearl River estuary. Vigorously promote the transport, energy, water resources,information integration, improve inter-city rail transport network the Pearl River Delta tospeed up mutual recognition and realization of regional highway network in ticket fees.Build an integrated industrial system layout. Zhongshan and other urban and ruraldevelopment to promote comprehensive reform. Accelerate regional equalization of basicpublic services. Improve the regional environmental pollution, natural disasters jointprevention mechanism.Improve the "double shift" level. The transfer of the provincial industrial park relegationsystem. From the existing 34 provinces in the industrial transfer park for the selection of10 major support. Improve the transfer, roll-out benefit sharing mechanism to guide andencourage enterprises to transfer. Public service facilities to speed up the construction ofthe park to promote the park development, testing, certification and other resource sharing.Promote industrial agglomeration and professional park park construction, investment andindustry chain grasp the investment industry. Shift towards the northwest region to preventpollution. Grasp of national and provincial rural labor employment demonstration counties,depth mechanic institutions "one hundred Rotary Baixian County school" activities.North East region to promote leapfrog development. Implementation of the North Eastregional economic and social development plan. Increasing infrastructure construction,transportation construction of the General Assembly to carry out war, efforts to promotethe county highway. Optimize the industrial layout, professional development and growthof the county economy and the town, form a distinctive cluster. The development ofeco-incentive fiscal policies to promote the development of mountain ecosystems innorthern Guangdong, the rise of the green. To promote the eastern, western regionalintegration, support ring Zhu Sanjiao neighboring provinces to strengthen closercooperation and progressive integration into the Pearl River Delta region. Guangdong topromote the enjoyment of the Hercynian Northeast Economic Zone policy, for westernGuangdong enjoy North Bay economic zone policies. Support and Shenzhen-Shantou,Shunde District, particularly the Anglo-German co-operation a new model of regionalcooperation zones. Dongqiao run fourth Guangdong Fair.Further promote poverty alleviation and development. Implementation of the "dual to"
  7. 7. policy, promote the industry, technology, tourism, health care, labor, employment trainingand transfer of poverty. Orderly conduct of the poor immigrants. Continue to implementthe "Yu Cup" landscape Tian Lin Road, comprehensive treatment. Increase of the formerCentral Soviet Area and other revolutionary base areas, ethnic areas, support for remotemountainous areas. Continue to run, "helping the poor Day". Their counterparts in Tibetand helping to increase collaborative efforts Yuan Jiang.(E) promote strategic restructuring of foreign trade, improve the level ofinternationalization of the economy.Optimize trade structure. Adhere to both exports and imports, accelerate thetransformation of foreign trade development. Stronger general trade, processing trade toenhance the development of trade in services. Focusing on intellectual property rights andbrands, self-marketing commodity exports. Consolidating traditional markets, exploringnew markets, commodity markets and the construction of professional foreign trade center.Expand energy resources, advanced technology, key equipment and spare parts imports.Promote foreign investment, domestic sales of processing trade enterprises to expand,extend the industrial chain, accelerate the construction of national transformation andupgrading of processing trade demonstration area. Response system and strengthen thetrade friction, "customs clearance" construction.Raise investment levels. Strengthen the developed countries, multinational corporations,large central enterprises private enterprises investment promotion, early run to the centralenterprises, private enterprises to the year 100, the second half of the Fortune 500companies to three major investment activities. Vigorously the introduction of offshorebanking, research and development, design, management, brand management and otherservices, accelerate the development of service outsourcing. Insist on the introduction ofthe project and the introduction of technology, management, human resources combine toattract international high-end talents.Accelerate the implementation of "going out" strategy. Adhere to both foreign investmentand foreign investment, improve the foreign investment and cooperation in developmentplanning and security system. To promote a product advantage and market-basedenterprises to invest overseas, overseas marketing network and the construction ofoverseas acquisitions. Strengthen the foreign contracted projects and labor cooperation,steady progress in economic and trade cooperation zones overseas. Multinationalcompanies to build local training platform.Deepen cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Implementation ofthe Hong Kong and Guangdong, the Guangdong-Macao cooperation frameworkagreement. In-depth implementation of CEPA and services open pilot policy, strengtheneconomic, trade, services, environmental protection, infrastructure, financial technology,education and training, livelihood and other fields. Shenzhen to promote the former sea,Hengqin Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Nansha and other key cooperation areas of developmentand construction.Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to implement the infrastructure and quality living areain two special plan to build. Strengthen cooperation with Taiwan in trade, science andtechnology, agriculture, culture and tourism exchanges and cooperation, to support theconstruction of Shantou City, Guangdong and Taiwan trade and economic cooperation
  8. 8. experimental zones of Taiwan and Dongguan Songshan Lake High-Tech Parkconstruction. Pan-PRD provinces and autonomous regions in with the brothers tostrengthen cooperation in various fields.Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. Enhance ASEAN investment, trade,culture, resources development cooperation level two-way interaction. Participate activelyin the free trade area. Do a good job in the new (Guangzhou) Knowledge City, Vietnam(Shenzhen - Haiphong) Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone and other projects. Pushforward exchanges and cooperation in international friendly city.(F) pay close attention to energy saving, conservation and intensive land use,environmental protection and ecological construction, efforts to promote resource-savingand environment-friendly society.Strengthen energy conservation. Improve energy conservation target responsibility andassessment and evaluation system, strengthen the energy monitoring. Strict accessthreshold energy saving, energy-saving evaluation and implementation of investmentprojects, the EIA system. Improve the exit mechanism behind the production. In-depthimplementation of key energy-saving projects and promote industrial, transportation,construction, hotel business, public bodies and other key areas of energy. Action plan toimplement energy saving technologies, strengthen supervision of energy measurement.Promote energy market, promoting energy management contract model. Optimize theenergy structure, promote low-carbon clean energy technology development and use.Vigorously develop the circular economy, implement clean production enterprise levelmanagement, the construction of renewable resources recycling system.To promotepollution control and abatement. Strengthen pollution reduction target responsibilitysystem, strictly implement the main pollutant emission control and pre-audit system.Stringent emission standards, improve environmental barriers to entry. Promote wastereduction and safe disposal, to speed up urban sewage and hazardous waste disposalfacilities and the effective operation of coal-fired power plants to actively promote thedesulfurization and denitrification. Strengthen the protection of drinking water quality,establish and improve the watershed, regional governance mechanism for joint preventionand pollution control, plus