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the game about sharing stories

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  • User groups  needsHoned in on elderly people
  • What do old people need? have? Treasure torve of stories, but the problem is that nobody is available to hear them. They need a way to tell their stories.Inter-generational anxiety - disconnect between old and young people…Come up with game that … a fun way for people of diff. generations to share stories where it’s not just the old person saying, well back in my day…Eventually EXPANDEDExpand to families and friends
  • Our hope that INSPIRES Less of thisMeaningful conversationSharingBuilding relationships
  • Elements we wanted to include…Chronological
  • Different level of familiAIRityDifferent age level
  • Refining our gameLeft we have feedback from usersOn the right, changes we made to the game, evolving rulesBack and forth…user evaluations, tweaking
  • People had a lot of funGame took on life of its own…a lot of story-telling
  • Detales

    1. 1. =<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />everybody has great stories...<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />everybody likes to hear great stories...<br />
    2. 2. Everybody has stories<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />
    3. 3. =<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />How do we encourage<br />People to share their stories?<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />=<br />
    4. 4. detales<br />The game about sharing stories<br />Jennifer Chong & Andrew Kim<br />
    5. 5. our design process<br />
    6. 6. our design process<br />users<br />
    7. 7. our design process<br />
    8. 8. our design process<br />
    9. 9. our design process<br /> Old people telling stories<br /> Freedom to tell stories<br /> Element of chance<br /> Mash-up component<br /> Forcing connections between stories<br /> Prompts to write stories <br /> Rewards for sharing stories<br />
    10. 10. Iterative Prototyping<br />5 test groups in class<br />4 test groups outside of class<br />Different user groups:<br />Classmates, families, friends<br />Ages 17-55<br />our design process<br />
    11. 11. base model<br />I don’t understand how <br />you win this game. - DP<br />Created point cards<br />Made topic cards more evocative <br />How can you elicit more personal stories? - JZ<br />evolving rules<br />Made topic cards more vague<br />The topic cards are too <br />restrictive. -CK<br />Added rules<br />How can you incorporate an element of chance? - PR<br />Took away rules<br />How can you pull everybody’s stories together? - PR<br />Thought long and hard, but to no avail.<br />final version<br />
    12. 12. the game<br />
    13. 13. detales<br />
    14. 14. Picture of everything spread out, physical description<br />detales<br />adjective cards<br />story cards<br />topic cards<br />point cards<br />
    15. 15. Chia pet<br />Prized possession<br />Silver flute<br />Bunnybear<br />
    16. 16. Mrs. Edwards<br />Stealing DDS food<br />1983 Mercedes<br />Boatrace at SigmaDelt<br />Helicopter crash in Bermuda<br />Hitchhiking in NZ<br />Limitless potential<br />Tofu<br />Bunnybear<br />Ledyard challenge<br />
    17. 17. dainty<br />
    18. 18. Mrs. Edwards<br />Tofu<br />1983 Mercedes<br />dainty<br />Limitless potential<br />Bunnybear<br />
    19. 19. repeat.<br />
    20. 20. our findings<br />
    21. 21. detales<br />Sound bites<br />“I really want to play this with my family! Can we play again?” – HK<br />“This game is baller!” – BM<br />“Okay, I don’t tell many people this, but…” – SH-K<br /> “I crashed my friends’ wedding… in a helicopter.” – GK<br /> “I love hearing people’s personal stories.The game is a great way to connect with other people.” – MA<br />
    22. 22. detales<br />The game about sharing stories<br />Jennifer Chong & Andrew Kim<br />