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Create concept, product name (Syndication Domination) and direct marketing landing page for high-end SEO service. Piece contains large amount of fascinators (bullets).

Create concept, product name (Syndication Domination) and direct marketing landing page for high-end SEO service. Piece contains large amount of fascinators (bullets).

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  • 1. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net There’s a new type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can help your company increase its profits, get positive news press and spread like wildfire across the never-ending landscape of social media. The secret is called Syndication Domination™. Syndication Domination goes beyond traditional search engine optimization, keyword rankings, analytics and website usability. Syndication Domination is all that with ONE major component that simply cannot be ignored. Think about it. Every SEO company is going to promise you they can than beat out fierce competition for top rankings. (They have to say this to get your business!) But what puts more money in your pocket (even while you’re sleeping) than being at the top of the list?  How Your Company or Product is Being Branded Making sure that your company isn’t just being found—but that it’s also being spoon-fed—everywhere your prospect is . . . so that you’re on the top of the list AND the tip of her tongue as the most important and the most well-known product or service in its category.  It’s All About Image You see, winning at SEO isn’t just about where you show up online. It’s about how you get there and what you look and sound like when you do. With Syndication Domination, your products and services become MORE in demand. However . . . Syndication Domination is not for everyone. Let me explain…….
  • 2. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net My name is Mark Deming. I am the president of BlueSEO. What I want you to know is that I’m not a miracle worker. I don’t have any pixie dust. And there are conditions that must be met before the magic of Syndication Domination can happen for your business. There exists a certain type of business wisdom that knows what it wants and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to make it happen. In other words, to work with us, we need you to be the best in your industry… or at least have the desire to be. The exciting news is that, with Syndication Domination, the bigger your potential market, the more cut-throat your industry and the more competitive your keyword phrases, the more you stand to gain from an online audience searching 24/7 for content on demand. Which means that stand-alone traditional marketing (or push marketing) like TV, radio, print advertising, direct mail, yellow pages and billboards is losing its grip every day. Therefore, if your business model does not allow you to profit from our proven online marketing expertise, then understandably, not only is your business not a match for us, we will not be a match for you. One easy way to tell is to answer this question: Are you a highly competitive online brand that wants to focus only on what you do best, while partnering with companies that can help you achieve the rest? …Or are you trying to do it all yourself, hiring the cheapest, most convenient, or neophyte SEO talent around? Look, constantly changing algorithms, competing search engine technology and integrating SEO with social media and website usability in a volatile economy is not always fun, easy, or even appealing for most people. (Many of our client’s chief marketing officers, vice presidents of marketing, brand managers and creative directors find it overwhelming—and come to us with problems that other SEO companies, link building experts, web design companies, online marketing agencies or public relations firms say they can solve, but somehow never do.) But here’s the kicker.
  • 3. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net We want Syndication Domination to win for you — create immediate trust, get flocks of free traffic, gain more brand name recognition, convert more sales — and that’s why we take all the risk! The first step is for you to allow BlueSEO to review your brand and audit your SEO practices free of charge. This way, we determine mutual suitability. Plus, there’s nothing more immediately valuable to your business than a specialized, scientific second opinion about your online marketing. Otherwise, you’ll always be stuck where you are right now. For Syndication Domination Call 310-899-3943 or…. Click Here Now To Do Well in the Search Engine Rankings, you Need to know the marketing effectiveness of your website Getting a Syndication Domination Audit reveals answers to the critical questions you need to make your site useful and visible. For instance, are you . . .  Getting the most sales conversion from the 3 main elements of search positioning?  Squeezing every penny out of how search engines think (i.e. do you know what “indexing” really means and how it’s actually done)?  Using the right key phrases wrapped in benefits—placed where the engines can see them?  Copywriting your page titles, descriptions, headings and subheadings to pull the most ROI?  Ensuring that everything on your site is problem free—from the copy on the home page to the basic back-end code—or is it depressing search engine and customer response?  Zeroing in on the right words to use on each page so people can find and use your site?  Utilizing all forms of social media outreach (not just profiles and video) to their utmost profitability? (How do you know?)  Syndicating content that gets readers to do exactly what you want them to (no matter where they are in the buying process)?
  • 4. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net  Observing if your back links (you do have backlinks exponentially increasing, correct?) are converting sales by increasing organic rankings and attracting your target audience? (Or are they just dead ends, leading to nowhere?)  Cashing in on web design, site architecture, website usability, and readability tactics (a la Jakob Nielsen and Danny Sullivan) that pull readers through your pages and your shopping cart?  Propagating article content into the search engines, blogosphere and world of social media that simultaneously feeds your sales and public relations efforts?  Naming products and choosing domains that bulk up sales?  Getting analytics data that pinpoints where your money is going—as up to date as every 20 minutes? I didn’t want to create some run-of-the-mill audit. At BlueSEO, we give you information with real examples instead of throwing a bunch of SEO jargon at you. We’re known for presenting SEO feedback in language your team can understand as easily as if I were sitting with you one-on-one. The results of this audit are likely to shake up what you thought you knew about SEO and how the search engines look at your website. For Syndication Domination Call 310-899-3943 or…. Click Here Now To think solely SEO is to chase vastly diminishing returns It’s business naiveté to believe that simply buying traditional SEO services (keyword research and search engine optimization to rank in the #1, #2 or #3 position on Google, Yahoo and Bing) is enough to make your business profitable. Far from it. Not as Google Caffeine (launched June 2010) is serving up search engine query results based on processing thousands of Web pages in parallel every second. Up until now, traditional SEO was all any brand needed because traditional Google only indexed homepages for search engine rank.
  • 5. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net But with the proliferation of blogs, emails, YouTube videos, SEO optimized press releases, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and way too many forms of online content to mention here, Google Caffeine scans everything posted on the web. Why should you care about Google’s latest algorithm? The world of SEO is fluctuating at breakneck speed. Google Caffeine changes:  How search results are ordered  Which search results are delivered to the user  How deeply your web pages are indexed (based on new loading speed criteria)  How the new social media content mix (i.e. blogs, video, images, profiles) affects results  The need for constant, “refreshed” content (i.e. catalog, product, blog and news updates)  The more competitive your keywords, the more you stand to gain That’s just a peek inside the technical world of SEO. If you don’t see the emerging bigger role of SEO, your business will suffer. It’s not enough to be found, seen and heard online. To make a profit, your brand has to be bought. Other SEO companies are afraid to say it, but not BlueSEO. More traffic, more recognition, more branding, more lead generation and more effective public relations doesn’t mean squat if you don’t get more sales. You want it and so do we. So why would you trust us to be your online marketing partner?
  • 6. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net Advertising agencies don’t hire business developers and direct response copywriters. They build images. But they don’t build sales. We do both. Perhaps the biggest myth about SEO is that it’s all technical. (It never was.) Now more than ever, SEO success is exactly what Google, Yahoo and Bing have been telling us since the beginning: providing high-quality compelling content that can be recognized as relevant to the reader as well as the search engine. For Syndication Domination Call 310-899-3943 or…. Click Here Now At BlueSEO, our hands-on approach to our clients’ short and long term sales success is why many choose to stay with us even after their initial contracts expire. Our small team has over 22 years of collective marketing and organic SEO experience with over 100 successful SEO projects under our belt. We develop win/win relationships by providing our clients with month-over-month results and a service that is as transparent as possible. Every member of our team knows about your project and likely touches it on a weekly basis (unlike the typical “big name” SEO companies where your account may be on the backburner). We don’t hide behind our sales team and you can call to speak with any of our technicians directly. Companies that our employees have worked for include firms of every size and shape in industries from entertainment to manufacturing.
  • 7. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net We are competent in psychological marketing strategies, branding, competitive market research, lead generation, sales and customer retention strategies, guerilla marketing, online and offline advertising strategy, direct response and persuasive copywriting, journalism and news writing, editorial content creation and publishing, public relations, crisis management, analytics, web design, site architecture and all phases of web development (XHTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, CMS platforms). No automated computer programs or outsourced overseas contracts with people trained in English as a second language. When you take advantage of Syndication Domination as your online marketing partner, you can be sure that your brand is being worked on by scientific internet marketers who are knowledgeable, personable, and available to speak with you anytime, anyplace. What is a truly effective search engine optimization campaign, consisting of content creation, social media, reputation management, website architecture and usability really worth to your business? For one of our clients, Syndication Domination helped land them an agreement for a $15 million sale! Another client followed our advice and let us go full throttle with link building, content syndication, dynamic content creation and site architecture. They’re now enjoying a 244% increase in Google organic traffic and a 181% increase of unique visitors across all search engines (that’s over 13,200 new visitors each month!) Then there’s the Hollywood shoe company that’s been using Syndication Domination to outrank Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, and Vans on page 1 of Google for a rival keyword phrase! You could be getting similar or even better results for your brand by using our secrets for creating SEO that’s packed with massive selling power. For Syndication Domination Call 310-899-3943 or…. Click Here Now
  • 8. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net Are You Eager to Blast Through to 1.75B Internet Users and 4.5B Mobile Phone Users? Syndication Domination is our integrated online marketing system that gives your brand the best chance of getting exactly what you want-lots of free, qualified traffic to your web site, landing pages, blog, online articles, e-zine, online press releases, videos, and social media profiles. If your e-commerce, catalog, or membership site qualifies, BlueSEO will do a customized proof of concept integrating the one-of-a-kind offerings of Syndication Domination. Including:  Feeding the search engines BIGGEST need. Continuous fresh content that hits your prospect’s emotional hotspots, makes him fall in love with your product, loyal for life, and eager to tell his friends.  Online reputation management that responds in seconds, not days. Your best defense against the rise in social media, greater consumer skepticism toward corporations, increased brand engagement, more government relations and all-intrusive 24/7 media coverage!  Why keywords aren’t boosting your search engine rankings any more—and what to do instead.  The “mind-reading tool” that reveals what your prospects are thinking.  What really brings home the online “bacon”—and how that puts you in an enviable position.  Fixing the one line of copy that’s almost guaranteed to give you an instantaneous higher click-through rate.  Writing the #1 most overlooked Web 2.0 profile by SEO companies. (This one’s actually the most important!)  Branded search that makes your TV, radio and print ads return higher ROI than was possible before now, keeps your fiercest competitors from using your name for their sales, and practically guarantees your brand becomes a #1 household name—online and off!  Blog, article, press release, sales copy, and social media (2.0 and 3.0) writing that connects with your customers, calls them to action and asks for the sale.  Guerilla tactics to uncover those needle-in-a-haystack sites, blogs, journalists and influencers who can take you to the top quicker, faster, better.  Natural links that penetrate niche demographics not reachable by traditional marketing methods, returning greater ROI, increasing site traffic & search engine ranking while avoiding techniques that kill the deal.  How the wrong links can have an adverse effect on your SEO ranking – why we never use spamming, automated bots, or bogus exchanges (like some of our competitors!). These only serve to get you useless links. Dead weight.
  • 9. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net  Crisis intervention, online reputation management, and public relations that crushes the impact of negative stories, spreads positive, truthful information about your business, regains control of your priceless reputation and puts you back in charge of your #1 brand asset: your good name. That’s just the “basics”. Look what else Syndication Domination has in store for your business in this section…  How to take your $1,000,000 branding idea and blow it out onto an internet media empire by emoting and evoking the feelings of your brand with every online message, graphic, video, ad and communication.  A custom content management system easy enough for any employee to use—from the receptionist to the CEO. Stop paying $50, $100, $200 or more every time you need to make a slight tweak or update content on your website pages.  Business consulting that lets you know why the best benefit of SEO may not be what you think, why social media is the new ‘Holy Grail’ of SEO and why writing in 6th grade English may be the best thing for your sales.  Help targeting your advertising so it finds the specific people online looking for what you sell, and takes prospects directly to a page where they can learn more about — and buy — your products.  Ways to expand your email marketing through the use of autoresponders, regular newsletters, and up-sell and cross-sell offers to past customers.  How to use social media to build a fan base in addition to a customer base.  Help with building a separate “informational” website on various product categories and on important problems and questions their customers have — one that has links and advertisements throughout to drive people to your main catalog website.  Plus, the 5 places you need to check every day to see Syndication Domination at work while you sleep! Syndication Domination never rests—much like your customers or your competition. For Syndication Domination Call 310-899-3943 or…. Click Here Now That’s Why The Deal’s Not Complete Until Syndication Domination Turns Your Business Into An Everywhere, All The Time, Story Telling and Brand Selling Machine! Consider this: Not being everywhere online that your customers are—and your competitors aren’t—may be the single biggest factor keeping you from being the #1 brand in your industry with unprecedented consistency.
  • 10. © Tia Dobi All rights reserved (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net Take a minute and calculate what a 100%, 200% or even 300% increase to your web sales would mean for your business. Then call us at 310.899.3943 and say “Show me Syndication Domination!” That’s how easy it is to set up your free website consultation. The result – you accomplish more with your SEO than you ever dreamed in the shortest period of time expertly (creatively and technologically) possible.  It makes zero difference whether you have achieved partial SEO success in the past or failed miserably with multiple SEO companies time after time after time.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve started and stopped search engine optimization projects dozens of times or have been so bogged down you don’t know where to begin to undo the damage of under-performing SEO. All that is history because today, with Syndication Domination, everything changes for you. Mark Deming President BlueSEO 310.899.3943 P.S. – Give us a call now so we can explain how Syndication Domination can get working for your business ASAP. Every moment you delay is a penny less in your pocket.