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Tia dobi portfolio piece fx transfers press release p3 r

  1. 1. Tia Dobi portfolio piece: Writer (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW 3D FX TRANSFERS WILL STOP YOU DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS THIS HALLOWEEN As Seen On American Horror Story: Academy-Award Winning Tinsley Transfers Now Available To Consumers Los Angeles, CA (October 8, 2012) – Want to make your worst nightmares come to life and evoke bloodcurdling screams from even the bravest of souls this Halloween? An expert at “scarring” people out of their wits, special effects makeup artist to the stars Christien Tinsley of Tinsley Studio and Tinsley Transfers releases 3D FX Transfers — making his Academy Award winning 3-dimensional temporary tattoos available for consumers to wear on the spookiest night of the year. Perfect Protrusion 3D FX Transfers are the revolutionary prosthetic that blends seamlessly with even the most sensitive skin. From gashes to gun wounds, whether you want to snarl or ooze, 3D FX Transfers guarantee you’ll stand out from the rest of the Trick or Treat pack. Their eerily realistic “wound protrusions” last well past midnight— without icky glue. “Using my 3D FX Transfers is like having your own personal Hollywood special effects makeup artist totally transform your Halloween,” says Christien Tinsley, recent Emmy-award nominee for his prosthetic work on FX’s American Horror Story. “They’re uncannily scary, yet easy enough to apply with water.” As Seen On TV True Blood, Twilight, Frankenweenie, and gore fanatics everywhere will delight their inner zombie recreating Christien’s monster look as seen on TV. (Over, please) Bring Hollywood home this Halloween with Tinsley 3D FX Transfers
  2. 2. Tia Dobi portfolio piece: Writer (310) 839-2468 tiad@earthlink.net The temporary tattoos come in small, medium and large. Shoppers can choose from: “Decomposed”, “Mauled”, “Cut Throat”, “Smiley”, “Engraved”, “Shanked”, “Lil Horns”, “Point Blank”, “Capped”, and “Vampire Bites”. The Safest Unlike other market products, Tinsley Transfers are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic (water and latex-free). Retail prices range from $10.99 to $16.99. Free shipping with $20 minimum order. For 3-D carnage that would make Vincent Price scream, all you need is water, scissors and your imagination. Go to Hhttp://www.TinsleyTransfers.com now to see a short video tutorial on how to apply Tinsley 3D FX Transfers… without shedding a drop of blood—or sweat. About Tinsley Transfers Academy-Award Winning Tinsley Transfers is a retail line of affordable, easy-to- apply 2-D and 3-D temporary tattoo transfers. Tagged as “The Most Realistic Tattoos Available,” Hollywood make-up and SFX artist Christien Tinsley started the company in 1999 as a way for consumers to enjoy the exquisite “look and feel” benefits of tattoo transfers achieved by big screen filmmakers. Some of Hollywood’s hottest stars name Tinsley Transfers as their #1 choice for custom-made temporary tattoo and makeup effects. Tinsley Transfers tattoo art is worn by Brad Pitt in the Ocean Films, Gary Oldman in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, Justin Timberlake in AlphaDog, and Vin Diesel in XXX just to name a few. History Working under tight deadlines on the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, Christien’s ingenuity had him applying multiple wound and burn effects to 40 extras at a rapid-fire pace. The results were stunning. His unusual timesaving techniques were further enhanced in 2004 on The Passion of the Christ. There, he developed a 3-D prosthetic transferrable to the skin. The artist’s patented “Prosthetic Transfer” earned him a 2008 Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. With a stellar reputation for quality and service, Tinsley Transfers Inc. has enjoyed steady growth as a leading provider of temporary tattoos and makeup effects to the retail, film, and television production industries. For Halloween, Hollywood style, please visit Hhttp://www.TinsleyTransfers.comH — The Most Realistic Tattoos Available. # # #