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I may not have a Series 7 license... but when a Sr. Account Manager storms in my office and says, "Come with me" I comply.

Luck of the draw?
The client needed an email blast and the sr. copywriter was on vacation. Since I had been copyediting the mail magalogs, there was plenty of research at my fingertips.

I whipped up some fresh concepts ... a down 'n dirty copywriter's layout ... and held my breath.

Wasn't sure our agency CEO would approve the 'homeless and cell phones' mention and my P.S.*

But he did.

Gotta love the client's (QPC Laser's Inc.) website address (no doubt written by CDMG).

*He did nix the paragraph 2 reference to 'electricity'. :-D

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Tia dobi portfolio piece bob flaherty financial email blast

  1. 1. QPC5232 Email Blast RC2 070108TD Page 1 of 5 Copywriter: Tia Dobi [SUBJECT LINE] From Bob Flaherty: A stock like no other From Bob Flaherty: My #1 bargain pick for 2008 [EMAIL] Award-winning retired Forbes senior editor announces his #1 bargain pick for the year—a select high-tech micro cap. Bob sees 50% to 100% gains or more in just 12 to 24 months. That’s why he calls it… “A Recession-Proof Triple-Play of 2008” Dear Smart Investor, You already know that what makes certain micro caps immune to the slowing market is their lock on technology that no other company in the world can provide. This kind of exclusivity is what makes any product prosper. But today I want to introduce you to a bargain microcap like no other. In fact, if I had to compare the impact of its technology on the world as we know it, I would say it has the power to transform society parallel only to the discovery of electricity. Its usage is that needed, important and widespread. The stock I’m speaking of has already captured the military, medical and consumer media marketplace. And after four decades of presenting you with other Cinderella-story micro caps like Xerox, FedEx, Teledyne, Pre-Paid Legal, Allied Waste and more…this is the first time I’ve ever introduced a stock that has cross- over in at least three titan industries. What’s more, these industries are flourishing despite the U.S. economy. Meet Bob Flaherty, former senior editor of Forbes and America’s legendary special situation micro cap bargain hunter. PHOTO HERE For more than 4 decades, financial newsletter writer Bob Flaherty has made his name finding overlooked special situation bargains months before Wall Street caught on. Bob sharpened his legendary skills during 20 years at Forbes and 26 years at Equities Magazine covering emerging and promising companies…and racking up stunning gains. Wall Street’s micro cap bargain hunter He not only recommended household names like Xerox, Teledyne and FedEx back when they barely had earnings…he’s found winners like… • Avatech Solutions skyrocketed $0.37 to $2.48 in 15 months— a gain of 570% • Ravenswood Winery soared from $10.50 to $29.47 for a 181% gain in 16 months • Harris & Harris soared 258% from $2.26 to $8.10 in 12
  2. 2. QPC5232 Email Blast RC2 070108TD Page 2 of 5 Copywriter: Tia Dobi [alt picture Pilot.jpg] Let me outline for you precisely what makes this high-tech micro cap my “Recession-Proof Play of 2008” and why you should care. PLAY #1 In war or peace, signed military contracts are recession-proof insurance The Pentagon is hot for a new and deadly laser technology that can easily be mounted on fighter jets, tanks and even Humvees—a sci-fi technology created by one pioneering laser company. Already this little-known-to-the-public company is quietly holding and increasing their number of contracts with military departments like the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army Research Lab, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and even the Israeli Ministry of Defense. These rock-solid agreements could provide growing revenue even through a recession. Battlefield Breakthrough: What micro cap could dramatically change warfare and the War on Terror? Plus make commercial flights more safe for everyone? www.WealthFromLasers.com The United States government has never defaulted on paying its contracts…great news for investors to this micro cap. Known as the “Holy Grail of weapons systems” the government has already provided $5 million in development funding.
  3. 3. QPC5232 Email Blast RC2 070108TD Page 3 of 5 Copywriter: Tia Dobi [alt picture: Doctor.jpg] PLAY #2 The need for healthcare doesn’t go away—even in a recession This micro-cap’s breakthrough micro laser technology also saves lives. In fact, they’re one of the world’s largest suppliers of handheld surgical lasers. They were the first to create this amazing micro laser technology that is in growing demand in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices worldwide. Not only are these cutting-edge lasers being used to treat skin cancer, lung cancer, varicose veins and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional lasers. It’s no wonder this company has seen revenue increase in 8 of the last 8 quarters—an annual revenue increase of 156%. Plus there’s tremendous advantage why being first with this technology has married this company to potential profit. [Could be fodder/reason why for 2nd email. – TD] With patents to cutting- edge lazers that fit in the palm of the hand, this micro cap has entry into the $23.8 billion personal hygiene industry and so much more…with the potential to become as common in day clinics, skin spas and hospitals as Tylenol, needles and bandaids. Under The Radar: What micro cap is quietly making advanced laser surgery affordable to doctors and patients alike? www.WealthFromLasers.com
  4. 4. QPC5232 Email Blast RC2 070108TD Page 4 of 5 Copywriter: Tia Dobi PLAY #3 The must-have technology for the $100B consumer electronics market Imagine this high-powered laser technology to create home entertainment color and resolution never before possible…video projections the size of a pen…and dozens of applications with cell phones, laptops and more. Already this micro cap is gaining ground in the consumer electronics industry with contracts for 100,000 units of their advanced micro laser. This is just the beginning of what could be an avalanche of orders from electronics giants like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung and other consumer media giants. Their patented, first-of-its-kind pico projector could be in 10% of the 3.3 billion cell phones worldwide (Have you also noticed that almost everyone on the planet— including some people who are homeless—carries a cell phone?) As I write this letter to you, my predictions are coming true… Business Wire announced today, July 1, 2008, our micro cap just signed another $3.5 Million contract to develop and deliver “RGB” lasers to be used in projection systems for a domestic company in the video gaming-- entertainment industry. The Next Big Thing: What micro cap is captivating the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers while holding 20-year virtually reverse-engineering proof patents? www.WealthFromLasers.com
  5. 5. QPC5232 Email Blast RC2 070108TD Page 5 of 5 Copywriter: Tia Dobi Why you should care For decades I’ve been helping smart investors like you find overlooked special situation performers months before Wall Street caught on. Most of you know me as the former senior editor of Forbes, as well as the spear-head to Hulbert’s top-ranked publications Equities Special Situations and Equities Magazine…stomping the S&P 500 for 15 years with winning stocks like Rick’s Cabaret (+476%) and PHC Inc. (+185%). And what I know for sure about this micro cap is this: QPC Lasers has the potential to make gains of 50% to 100%--and most likely more—over the next 12-24 months! So while the “ol familiar blue chips make ho-hum gains, special situation stocks like this one could be helping you turn $10,000 into $20,000—or even $54,400—in as little as 12 months—regardless of recessionary fears, monetary crises or home market bubble bursts. And I haven’t even gotten started. There are way too many reasons why QPC is a bargain hunter’s dream to list here. I’ve put together a comprehensive report entitled QPC Lasers: My #1 Special Situation Bargain for 2008. In this Special Report, you’ll discover even more details about QPC Lasers, Inc. and why I believe it has the potential to deliver dramatic returns in the next 12 to 24 months. It’s yours FREE. But you must act now. Grab this opportunity by visiting www.WealthFromLasers.com. Sincerely, Bob Flaherty, Editor and Publisher The Flaherty Financial News Flaherty Special Situations P.S. Remember, every moment you delay is a penny less in your pocket. Go to www.WealthFromLasers.com now. My #1 Special Situation Stock for 2008 QPC Lasers, Inc. Stock symbol: OTCBB: QPCI Current price $0.65 (as of 7/1/2008) Recent price: $0.51 (as of 6/3/2008) Low Projection: $1.12 High Projection: $2.55 Please note: This is an aggressive recommendation with a strong potential for rich returns. To minimize risk, I recommend limiting your investment to no more than 5% of your portfolio. Recommendation: STRONG SPECULATIVE BUY My Special Report QPC Lasers: My #1 Special Situation Bargain for 2008 contains even more reasons QPC is a triple-play opportunity you should read about now. www.WealthFromLasers. com DON’T MISS THIS