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Thyke Presentation

  1. 1. PROJECT CARGO LOGISTICS AND FORWARDINGYour Local Partner with Global Presence
  2. 2. Freight Forwarding SEA FREIGHT AIR FREIGHT ROAD FREIGHTThyke Logistics offers the customers FCL Thyke Logistics, through global partners(Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Thyke Logistics offers full range of all over the world, can provide diversified trucking and intermodal services throughContainer Load) solutions worldwide. air freight solutions. Whether your cargoService range is not limited to import and selected and qualified sub contractors. is going across an ocean or around the Thyke Logistics has set up strong andexport only, but also covers cross trades world, you will enjoy the benefits ofworldwide, overseeing all steps of long term relationships based on mutual Thyke’s long term partnership with global reliability with trucking companiestransportation from loading to sea network.transportation, unloading, warehousing,customs clearance and inland trucking. Your Local Partner with Global Presence
  3. 3. Freight Forwarding WAREHOUSING CUSTOMS BROKERING CONTAINER SALE & PURCHASEThyke Logistics offer value added Thyke Logistics provides customs Thyke Logistics sells new and usedlogistics solutions covering warehousing clearance services in all Turkish ports shipping containers throughout Turkey,and distribution as well as a wide range and borders. Our qualified team will single unit or multiples, usually all sizesof other related services including assist and support you in every and types in stock, 11 depots in 6 regionslabelling, paking and unpacking etc. administrative procedure related to the importing and exporting of your merchandise Your Local Partner with Global Presence
  4. 4. Freight Forwarding TRANSIT TRAFFICSSince the geographical location ofTurkey has a very important role asgateway to various locations, ThykeLogistics can provide combinedtransport solutions for the countries withthe highest standarts. Thyke Logisticshas special focus on following trades; Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Iran Iraq Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Your Local Partner with Global Presence Turkish Rep. of Northern Cyprus
  5. 5. Project Cargo LogisticsThyke Logistics has the experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and can help you analyze importantproject requirements. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported. Thyke Logistics is specializedin turnkey project cargo logistics solutions covering numerous destinations all over the world with the valued support of a globalnetwork as well as domestic partners.Within the scope of project cargo logistics, Thyke Logistics offers Heavy Lift and Oversize Transportation Crane and Lifting operations Port operations Route planning and road survey Escort and permit servicesOur success in handling logistical challenges in the industry lies on our relationships and open communication with clients sothat we can provide a successful project experience. Your Local Partner with Global Presence
  6. 6. Project Cargo Logistics PORT OPERATIONS HEAVY LIFT AND OVERSIZE CRANE AND LIFTING OPERATIONS TRANSPORTATIONClose relationships with local authorities, With the wide range of equipments ,reliability and experienced hands adds With various kind of special equipments Thyke Logistics can provide upto 500value to our operations. like low loaders and modular trailers, tons capacity of cranes at any point not Thyke Logistics is experienced to handle only in the country, but also worldwide any oversize and heavy lift requirement. through valued support of partners. Route planning and road surveys are important parts of this service as well as providing necessary permits and organizing escort throughout the voyage. Your Local Partner with Global Presence
  7. 7. Project Cargo Logistics ROUTE PLANNING & ROAD SURVEY PILOT CAR & PERMIT SERVICES LASHING & SECURINGTo provide the highest safety measures Thyke Logistics can provide pilot car Thyke Logistics can provide lashing &with optimum costs, Thyke Logistics services for oversize and heavylift securing services at any place,studies the options and plans the best shipments not only nationwide but also regardless of shape and weight of thepossible route between origin and international scale with the supports of cargo in comply with the highestdestination. valued partners worldwide. To have standarts meet requirements of necessary permits from local authorities international regulations , proven with is also a part of Thyke’s regular business. official survey reports. Your Local Partner with Global Presence
  8. 8. CharteringThyke Logistics can offer vessel and aircraft charter at requested size and specifications through the solution partners at anypoint in the world. Advantages of using our chartering service;Confidentiality From point A to point B Availability No limitation of aircraft or Capability Almost no limit in weight orwith no interventions during vessel type. We have the right sources size, aircrafts can carry from as low as 1transshipment to secure the right aircraft / vessel in a ton up to more than 200 tons in one liftFlexibility “Tailor - Made” solutions for timely manner operating from any origin and vessels up to thousands ofproduce Freedom To think, create, plan, tonsany commodity from dangerous to any destination and market almost anything you desiregoods to perishables and ship it safely to your customers Your Local Partner with Global Presence
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  16. 16. Head OfficeCumhuriyet Bulvarı Sevil 1 Is Merkezi No:300/207 35220 Alsancak,Izmir,TR +90 (232) 464 8250 +90 (232) 464 8251 ANKARA ISTANBUL IZMIR MERSIN