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Realwealth247 Workshop   Unlimited Sales Leads
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Realwealth247 Workshop Unlimited Sales Leads


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Crazy Thomas presenting Realwealth247 Workshop - unlimited sales leads. Featuring iContact, Wordpress and other email marketing methods and tips.

Crazy Thomas presenting Realwealth247 Workshop - unlimited sales leads. Featuring iContact, Wordpress and other email marketing methods and tips.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Realwealth247 Workshop
    • Unlimited Sales Leads Oct. 8, 2009
    • Why, What, How
    • Thomas Wong, Lease Option Specialist
  • 2. Welcome!
    • Congratulation!
    • You are on your way to be a successful in generating lots of sales leads!
  • 3. Who am I?
    • Thomas Wong – The Crazy Lease Option Guy in Brampton
    • A real estate investor focuses on Lease Option projects in Brampton …Kitchener/Waterloo (done over 30 projects)
    • Have done fix and flip projects
    • Have rental properties
    • Have been a process/quality improvement professional in my previous life
  • 4. What can you expect?
    • Explore the WHY’s for using the tools we shared
    • See some examples of what can be done
    • A few quick practices of what we share with you, see your own results
    • Share our Bag of Tricks – some practical tips
  • 5. Why are you here?
    • Attract interest in, build desire for and generates sales of your products or services
    • Want to grow your potential customer base
      • (e.g. get more investors to participate in rent-to-own projects, get more potential rent-to-own client, or get more mentoring
    • Want your potential customers do more business with you
      • Who you know is important. However, who knows you is critical.
      • Need to keep in touch with your customer base
    • Build CONTACT LIST, Market to the CONTACT LIST
  • 6. What are the lists you want to build?
    • Thomas’s example lists:
      • Potential investors for rent-to-own projects
      • Potential rent-to-own tenants
      • Potential rent-to-own mentoring clients
    • What are your lists?
      • In the 3 minutes think about your business and identify 3 lists of contacts that you want to build and write them down
  • 7. Why, Using Email, Webpage & Social Media
    • Cost effective
      • Cost per mail/newsletter, traditional bulk postage mail (~$1 per letter) vs email (FREE)
      • Convention advertising cost $$
    • Systematic management of leads
    • Automation possibility
    • “Turning strangers into friends and friends into customers” says Seth Godlin
  • 8. No Spam!!
    • Have you received too much junk mails and spam emails? (we all do)
    • If you want my information and I email it to you regularly, is it spam? (NO)
      • Manage subscribes, unsubscribes bounces & view reporting statistics (opens & clickthroughs)
    • “ The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003”
  • 9. The Six Key Provisions of CAN-SPAM - emails
    • Must not have misleading or falsified header information
    • Must not have misleading subject line
    • Come from functioning return email address
    • Senders must remove all unsubscribe requests within 10 business days
    • Commercial email must display the physical postal address of the sender
    • Any unsolicited emails must clearly identify that it’s an advertising message, give the recipient the opportunity to decline further emails from you.
  • 10. Let’s Start Building Our Lists
    • Where do we get our contacts?
      • Networking, Trade shows, Seminars, Events, Point of Sales Sign-up forms, Customer calls, …
    • Let’s start here:
      • In the next 5 minutes, meet some new people around the room and find as many people to add to your 3 lists (identify earlier) as possible.
      • There will be a price for who gets the most contacts on their lists.
  • 11. Now What? – you got some contacts
    • Establish the first contact:
      • by email or by phone
      • then you need to remember to follow-up….
    • How about a more effective way?
      • A personalized email template
      • Once they opt-in your mailing list, we can use autoresponder to send out a series of email, newsletter..etc.
  • 12. Let’s Build One Personalized Email NOW!
    • One lucky winner who are not using iContact yet
    • We will work on it together
      • Setup a iContact trial account
      • Setup a list name
      • Setup customized field
      • Setup a personalized email template for first email to new contact
  • 13. Our Bag of Tricks
    • From Names & Subject Lines
    • When to send emails
    • Words to avoid using in email message
    • Getting people to join your list when you sleep
  • 14. From Names & Subject Lines
    • The “From” field, read or not read the email; do we recognize the name and email address
      • Well known person in the organization
      • Be consistent
    • Subject Lines:
      • Be brief (20-50 characters)
      • No ALL CAPs
      • Provide information on what’s it about
      • Don’t use $$ & !!! (block by content based spam filter)
  • 15. Some Sample Subject Lines
    • Next rent-to-own project for [fname]
      • (Next rent-to-own project for Jerry)
    • Monthly rent-to-own tips, Nov. 2009 – Building investor list
    • Special for rent-to-own mentoring – 30% off
  • 16. When to sent emails?
    • Business to Business:
      • Best to send email Tuesday thru Thursday, between 9:30 am and 3 pm.
        • Monday’s are generally reserved for meetings, organizing, and catching up …
        • emails sent Friday afternoons are often ignored or show up at the bottom of the list
    • Directly to consumers:
      • between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. of each day
      • Friday thru Sunday emails are the most effective,
        • generally because consumers are more likely to be online over the weekend and have more leisure time to ponder your offer.
  • 17. Words to Avoid
    • It is quite different from normal marketing experience
  • 18. Building Your List in Your Sleep
    • Twitter
      • Use Twitter to drive people to your landing page ( Thomas’ samples )
      • Grow your followers instantly ( )
    • Facebook
      • Use Facebook to drive people to your landing page ( Thomas’s samples )
    • Youtube
      • Upload a video, automatically appear on Twitter and Facebook
  • 19. Sample Landing Pages
    • Crossroads Cycling Club
    • Crossroads Hockey
    • Stratusmax Health - Medical and Dental Recovery Centre
    • Lease to Own Seminar with Crazy Thomas
    • Unlimited Sales Leads Workshop
    • EasyTaxCanada - Tax Reduction Workshop
  • 20. Questions & Answers
    • You are on your way to build unlimited Sales Leads