Young marketers elite grand test thuytien


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Young marketers elite grand test thuytien

  1. 1. Grand Test – TEA assignment
  2. 2. AGENDA Background Analysis Brand Ideation Launching Campaign Rollout 1 2 4
  3. 3. Background Analysis Inspiring, promisingline of product with FIERCEcompetition
  4. 4. Vietnam is the home of tea. Vietnam has been a traditional tea-drinking country, with many people drinking tea regularly and the best ranked resources. Yet the advantages of Vietnamese tea is not properly exploited. RTD tea is expected to grow with constant off- trade value CAGR of 9% over the forecast period. RTD tea will remain the most sought-after type of soft drinks for its health benefits, benefiting from the rising health and wellness trend in the country. More consumers will be attracted to naturally healthy thirst- quenching options like RTD tea, instead of other choices like carbonates. Vietnamese tea overview Inspiring, promisingline of product …
  5. 5. RTD tea remained the most consumed type of soft drinks in Vietnam. RTD tea attracts consumers for its naturally healthy image. Thus, RTD tea provides a convenient, cooling and thirst-quenching format that most people can enjoy, which is more suitable for the hot weather compared to hot tea. Many RTD tea players also focus on its health benefits in their advertisement and promotion campaigns, continuously putting RTD tea on top of consumer choices for a soft drink. NGK market – Tea segment overview Tan Hiep Phat Group remained the leading player in RTD tea with 41% off-trade value share. The company has a few highly successful brands, such as Zero Degree Green Tea and Dr Thanh. Tan Hiep Phat was one of the first to launch RTD green tea and RTD herbal tea in Vietnam, both accompanied by very strong marketing and advertising campaigns to raise awareness of the brands and their health benefits. As such, it gained share quickly during the review period. In fact, the booming growth of RTD tea during that period was attributed partially to Tan Hiep Phat’s efforts. …with FIERCEcompetition Market growth Market share
  6. 6. Generating Brand Idea through Consumer insight, Category Truth and Product Truth Brand Ideation
  7. 7. CATEGORY truth Purifier, healthy, stability
  8. 8. TARGET customer Male and female (mostly female) aged 27-35, ABC, mostly in big cities Appreciate cultureand deep perception
  9. 9. SEGMEN- TATION First experiementer First soldier Real soldier Social Climber OUTLOOK Attraction Fear/weakness Being out-of-date EXPLORATION Try and error Fear/weakness Being narrow minded PERFORMANCE Progressive Fear/weakness Being left- behind BALANCE Successful Fear/weakness Being unbalanced 18-22 22-25 26-29 30-35
  10. 10. Their interests shifted towards family Most of their time is spent on WORK, FAMILY, their own at the lowest Their objectives starts with WE not I Less time is spent on personal care, but they appreciate valued premium products They get swallowed by the social race, withour realizing they are losing balance – their deepest fear – between WE and I. Their own selves are not treasured enough anymore, yet at this stage of life, they deserve indulgence and calm.
  11. 11. CONSUMER truth I get carried away by my ambition that I tend to lose my balance. BUT I got used to the speed and can not slow down. I wish there was a mean to calm me down to treasure myself.
  12. 12. Instictive benetifit of white tea to create mental stability PRODUCT Truth Only white tea has the biggest amount of catechin, the atioxidant that create mental stability, reducing cholesterol, anti-aging.
  13. 13. CONSUMER truth PRODUCT Truth CATEGORY truth I wish there was a mean to calm me down to treasure myself. Instictive benetifit of white tea to create mental stability Natural Stabilizer Treasure you with stability BRAND IDEA
  14. 14. Packaging Product Price Proposition Place People Dominant color is light green and white. Premium with 2 lines: glass and plastic Bottled White tea with falavoured variants High, premium Mental stabilizer that treasure your mind and body Showroom, supermarket, minimart, instore Calm, friendly, progressive staff TREASURE tea
  15. 15. BRAND Positioning statement Provide what need To whom Different by Reason to Believe Calmness to treasure oneself Male and female (mostly female) aged 27-35, ABC, mostly in big cities Being the first bottled white tea on the market, attacking the self- indulgence need Oringinal white tea with instictive effect of mental stabilizer
  16. 16. Communication Big idea KEEP CALM and LOVE YOURSELF
  18. 18. Launching Campaign Rollout
  19. 19. CAMPAIGN Background TREASURE is a newcomer in bottled tea market with a unique selling proposition and product. (white tea with oringinal taste) Current market it overwhelmed by many brands that mostly focus on young people.
  20. 20. Campaign Objective Business objective Introduce TREASURE to the market, Drive trial and purchase Communication objective Deliver TREASURE’s unique product and the inspiring proposition
  21. 21. TARGET audience Male and female (mostly female) aged 27-35, ABC, mostly in big cities Unbalancing life, not caring for themselves enough
  22. 22. Communication Big idea I consider sacrificing my self indulgence to take care of my work and family an obvious responsibility. Yet I feel self-pity and appreciate people who care for me.
  23. 23. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST Big idea
  24. 24. I consider sacrificing my self indulgence to take care of my work and family an obvious responsibility. Yet I feel self- pity and appreciate people who care for me. TREASURE you with balance, for you to love yourself Trigger women’s awareness of their sacrifice by a social debate of women’s responsibility Let them experience being taken care of by TREASURE and their inspiring effect Celebrate the amazing effect of TREASURE by WOMEN TREASURE concert Insight Storyline Brand Role Stragegic approach
  25. 25. Trigger women’s self-pity Let them experience being taken care of by TREASURE Amplify the meaningful accomplishment of TREASURE Women has sacrificed too much for work and family, it’s time for them to be treasured Let’s calm down and treasure yourself with TREASURE Let’s celebrate the meaningful effect of TREASURE Social debate WHITE BREAK SAMPLING TOUR WHITE TREASURE CONCERT Objective Key message Key hook Advertorials, editorials Viral clip Social stunt Press conference Sampling tour Influencer sharing Advertorial, Editorials TVC SEO, SEM Event Promotion Influencer sharing Advertorial, Editorials SEO, SEM Social tactics Get to know Engage Get to love
  26. 26. MEDIA TOUCHPOINTS Analyse to choose channels to approach
  27. 27. KEY MEDIA CHANNELS Online Print Influencers Social Media
  28. 28. PHASE 1 Did you forget to treasure yourself?
  29. 29. A letter of an anonymous girl feeling pity being a woman - addressing women in her house as obvious maids. Stating universal facts that women don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. Influencers to jump in share their own experience being a woman in demanding modern life. A woman can’t help but fight for her ambition and lose time to take care of herself. Stunt Peak Storyline TREASURE jumps in through a press conference introducing our product and sampling tour that is about to give women a break with its unique functionality, and spend time to treasure herself Solve
  30. 30. Modern life has rewarded us with more opportunities, yet challenge us to balance between our ambition and the instinctive vulnerability of women. They say we are born to be loved, but we work 9 to 5 as much as any man, and still have to clean the house, to cook… We can feel our skin getting dry, our face getting more and more creases I pity myself being a woman. Social stunt with pitiful letter
  31. 31. They say I am blessed being a tycoon’s wife. Yet I have to sacrifice my time proving that I deserve that blessing. I gradually skip my exercises, my spa days, my going out with friends. I do feel a bit of pity as the letter stated. I get tired trying to be a perfect wife. I want to dance, to live my days as youthful as they was. I wish to be taken care of. Being a strong woman has taken away from me the right to be vulnerable, to be taken care of… Influencers sharing
  32. 32. Press Conference Venue: Ly’s club/ White Palace / It happens to be a closet / Anamandara Dalat Participants: Treasure representatives, Linh Nga, Ngo Thanh Van, Tang Thanh Ha, media Concept: tea party for women to treasure themselves Content: product introducing, sampling tour launching, concert introducing
  33. 33. Storyline A rich banner on media channels. Interactions are rewarded with indulgence Wet sampling at supermarkets, malls, offices and minimarts in special white tea party booth Influencers’ sharing about good taste and meaningful proposition. Digital sampling Traditional sampling Virality Corporate PR: white tea story, special processing technology to preserve
  34. 34. CLICK IF YOU LOVE YOU Rich banner Do you want a real TREASURE white cup? Click THE BOTTLE
  35. 35. Our booth is a tea party where women calm down, enjoy good white tea and indulge themselves Sampling booth
  36. 36. Social seeding I’ve just had good white tea at WHITE BREAK Just had white tea, feel so calm  I feel loved sharing with women friends at WHITE booth
  37. 37. Storyline Promotion runs as the campaign begins to give ticket to the special WHITE CONCERT to celebrate the indulgence of women. Teasing about the event as the sampling tour goes Special concert celebrating women’ s self indulgence with special performance of female celebrities Amplify the amazing concert dedicated for women. Pre In Post
  38. 38. Find ticket to WHITEconcert under our caps Promotion
  39. 39. • Amazing performances of our ambassadors • Special white tea party • Spa experts sharing A day for women to feel loved Event highlights