Ym2 assignment 101 social media thuy tien phu cuong


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Ym2 assignment 101 social media thuy tien phu cuong

  2. 2. Social Media A social instrument of communication that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. A two-way street that gives audience the ability to communicate, INTERGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA What is SOCIAL MEDIA?
  3. 3. Grow Young Visual Keywords Vietnam SOCIAL MEDIA Lanscape Mobile
  4. 4. Vietnam SOCIAL MEDIA Lanscape Grow 17% Fastest growth in the region
  5. 5. Vietnam SOCIAL MEDIA Lanscape Young 96.5% 15-24 y.o accounts for the biggest part of social media consumers
  6. 6. Vietnam SOCIAL MEDIA Lanscape Visual 96.5% Photo sites are fast growing, best visual wins
  7. 7. Vietnam SOCIAL MEDIA Lanscape Mobile 15% more people are accessing internet via phone in comparision to 2009 The biggest trend globally, enhancing interactions
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA campaign Vietnam's beer market is becoming more exciting when there are big enough brewers present in the media and marketing activities, and make them become increasingly more frantic. New Year event (Countdown Party) in the past is almost Heineken solo events Back- ground Then in 2014, 2 more giants (Sapporo, Saigon) jump into the pool and create a “Three Kingdoms Fight” to win consumers’ choice. Not being able to held Countdown Party at Nguyen Hue Boulevard is a major loss for Heineken. However, Chal- lenge App- roach HEINEKEN Tưng bừng mùa lễ hội This is an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the social communication plan of each brand in a more objective way.
  9. 9. Joyfully celebrate Old-New moments with people from different cultures, different manners, different places BIG IDEA Concept Under the Master brand message ”Open your World”, Heineken wants (and has already done through series of Countdown previously) to create a special moment of get-together among community, leverage it into some kind of signature yearly event which closely attach with Brand equity. And Social Media will be the key expansion of this year 2014 by its nature to connect people across cultures, manners, places in one festive, epic moment of new year.
  10. 10. DEPLOYMENT Awareness Engagement Amplification Be aware of the epic count-down event of Heineken Join Heineken in the epic count-down event across cultures, manners, places Celebrate the most epic “get-together” moment of Heineken that opened the world Youtube teaser Count-down event Event reportage Youtube virality Forum seeding Fanpage sharing Live streaming Facebook Contest to get chance to co-perform with top artists Youtube virality Forum seeding Fanpage sharing Objective Key message Key hook Social tactics
  11. 11. CHANNEL SPECIFIC YOUTUBE FORUM SEEDING FANPAGE Viral, engage a great deal of youth to share & influence each other about the upcoming event Introductory & triggering articles about peak moment art event appeared on hot, high traffic forum & site Green color characteristic of premium beer brand Heineken widely available and is updated constantly 5,535 8,245,718 Subscribers Average views 280,000 15,000,000Fans Views on event live stream Zing me Yan mlog 9life
  12. 12. All 3 brand put certain effort investing in strategy on Social Media On Peak day of the event is (31/12), Heineken received the most interaction. Campaign OUTCOME Heineken is mentioned more than Sapporo and Saigon beer together.
  13. 13. The tops (peaks) of the chart clearly show the level of consumer interest in Heineken brand through a series of events called the "Heineken – Tưng bừng mùa lễ hội" in 5 cities and 31 / 12 is the highest peak of the campaign. This indicates the effectiveness of the campaign is properly implemented as plan Heineken PERFORMANCE