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  • 1. Manufacturing VP : Nguyen Thuy Oanh 440540 Members: Le Thu Trang 435375 Cu Ngoc Quynh Cham 440538 Doan Thi Thai Hang 435364 Dao Thi Dieu Linh 436006 Nguyen Tuan Hung Nguyen Thi Quynh Loan
  • 2. Outline 1. Type of Operation and Reasons: Hung 2. Team Member’s Tasks: c linh 3. Push Inventory System: hang 4. The Measurement of Manufacturing Operation.( time: trang, quality: loan) 5. Process Flow Chart: cham 6. Time log: oanh
  • 3. 2. Team Member’s Tasks Members Tasks VP: Oanh Receives raw material from Purchasing department, fills colors, collect s finished bags Linh Draws basic line of painting, collects finished bags Cham Draws basic line of painting, collects finished bags Loan Fills color, collects finished bags Trang Fills color, collects finished bags Hang Fills color, collects finished bags, dry bags Hung Dries bags, collects finished bags
  • 4. 3. Pull Inventory System R &D Purchasing Manufacturing Sales and Marketing Push
  • 5. 5. Process Flow Chart Receive bag, painting color and design modern Check the quality of raw material Division of works Members Identify Works Draw line style Fill painting color Dry bags
  • 6. 5. Process Flow Chart Preserve bags Check the quality of finished bag Collect and clean painting tools Deliver to sale department
  • 7. Date Keuka ID# Family & Middle Name Given Name Hours Worked Notes: 12/7/2012 Nguyen thi thuy Doan thi thai Nguyen thi quynh Le thu Nguyen tuan oanh Hang Lloan Trang Hung 14:00:00-15:00:00 making sample products: two chain key, two seals, two pens cu ngoc quynh cham 14:00:00-15:00:00 making sample product: two eco bags 13/7/2012 nguyen thi thuy oanh 8:00:00 trasfer the sample product to Sale & Maketing department 20/7/2012 nguyen thi thuy oanh 9:00:00 receiving the raw material from R&D and Purchasing department: bags, tools, painting color and design modern Nguyen thi thuy Doan thi thai Nguyen tuan Oanh Ưhang hung 9:10:00 Cheking the raw material 6. Time Log
  • 8. nguyen thi thuy Doan thi thai Nguyen tuan oanh Hang Hung 9:10:00 checking the raw material dao thi dieu Nguyen thi quynh Le tthu linh Loan trang 11:00:00 classifying the raw materials dao thi dieu Cu ngoc quynh linh cham 11:10:00-14:00:00 drawing line nguyen thi quynh Nguyen thi thuy Le thu Doan thi thai loan Oanh Trang hang 11:10:00-14:00:00 filling color nguyen tuan hung 11:10:00-14:00:00 cleaning the tools nguyen thi quynh loan 14:10:00 drying the products 21/7/2012 Nguyen thi thuy Oanh 14:20:00 Stasistic and checking the quantity and quality of finishing products Cu ngoc quynh Dao thi dieu Cham linh 14:00:00-19:00:00 Drawing line Nguyen thi thuy Le thu Doan thi thai Nguyen thi quynh Oanh Trang Hang loan 14:00:00-19:00:00 Filling color